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Our bodies are designed to greatly minimize the chances of us ever getting sick.   If we understand the science involved, we can all live a very healthy happy life.   I hope you will take the time to learn the real science involved in holistic health care.

Medical Mavericks:   This web site acknowledges the work of independent doctors and researchers from around the world whose combined work has the true potential of providing us with a world without disease.   I am sorry to report that politics is preventing their great achievements from reaching you.   However, this need not continue.   I have provided many tools at this site that you can personally use to improve your life.   And, with your help, we can share this technology with the rest of the world.

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It Is Your Responsibility

If you truly want to stay healthy and avoid disease, you will need to assume personal responsibility for your health and learn the science that makes good health possible.  You will then need to learn to practice your knowledge and fight for the things to make that happen.

You will also have to make it your responsibility to share "Health Knowledge" with your family and friends.  Because, if your parents or children should succumb to a serious illness, it will place a heavy burden on your time, emotions and pocketbooks.   My father’s medical bills total to more money than he earned throughout his entire life!  Most was covered by insurance, but if you think for moment, you will realize that all this money will somehow be collected from you and your children, in one way or another.  Additionally, my father had to endure a lot of needless pain and suffering because most doctors have an extremely poor knowledge of body chemistry.  A doctor’s mindset is focused on "double blind studies" – does this pill work better than a "sugar pill",  NOT does this pill work better than the body’s own way of providing a given function.

Our doctors are excellent surgeons, however we hear all too often that the operation was a success but the patient died because of this or that.  The true "this or that" is ignorance, on the part of the doctors, regarding the base science of our bio-system.  They are trying to fix something for which they do not have a complete understanding.

The "Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box" web site is dedicated to understanding the science of our bio-system.  Our goal is not to get sick in the first place.  By studying disease, we gain important insights in how we can stay healthy.  This web site was started to share Hydroculture information.  In Hydroculture you quickly learn that you can do 1,000 things correctly and just one thing wrong and your plants won’t grow.  Good health, for plants and people, involves doing ALL that is necessary ALL AT ONCE!!!

Basic Holistic Principles of Good Health

The basic principles of living a disease free life are really quite simple.  Lip service has been given them for many years.  However, the science behind them is a little more involved.  It is a tragic reality that there are many individuals who would be quite unhappy if you never got sick.  Today there is a multi-trillion dollar international business dedicated to treating the symptoms of disease even though the cure for most diseases has been well established.  These businesses spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually promoting their products without ever discussing the science involved.  And for sure, there is little profit in it for them, in teaching you how not to get sick in the first place.

Unless you want to be a guinea pig for synthetic solutions, it is imperative that you take the time to learn how Nature was designed to do things naturally.  It truly appears to me after decades of study, that Nature (God) has created a solution for all possible problems that we might ever encounter.

A Healthy Body Needs All The Right Parts

You wouldn't expect your car to perform properly with critical parts missing, and your body can't either.

Vitamin C:  Somewhere in the past our bodies lost a gene (gulono-lactone-oxidase, GLO) that produced an enzyme for our livers that was needed to convert sugar molecules (glucose) into vitamin C.  With few exceptions, animals produce vitamin C in their bodies. The daily amounts of vitamin C produced by animals vary between 1,000 mg and 20,000 mg, compared to human body weight.  If we really want to conquer disease, we need to focus our genetic engineers on this issue.

The number of functions that vitamin C provides in the body is enough to make any head spin.  There have been hundreds of studies that have determined the many roles that vitamin C plays in the body and yet most doctors have never reviewed them.  Many doctors have even fallen victim to various propaganda campaigns and have developed a totally erroneous mind set in regard to our need for ascorbic acid and the many functions it performs.

One of the biggest controversies today involves the amount of vitamin C that a human needs to stay healthy.  A rabbit makes one gram of vitamin C per twenty pounds of body weight per day.  That translates into ten grams per day for a two hundred pound human.  Since we are not rabbits, what is the correct amount for us?

One study involving our body's Lymphocytes – the brain cells of our blood's immune system – sets the standard for our minimum daily need.  The study sought to determine how much vitamin C was necessary to saturate our lymphocyte cells – provide them with all they wanted.  The study concluded that "4.5 grams were required by women and more was needed by men".  Here the range of the study was too low to provide a complete understanding.  It should be a "No Brainer" that it is impossible for us to stay healthy if our immune system doesn't have all its parts.  And, one of the most important parts is vitamin C !!!

I have experimented with various levels of vitamin C for more than twenty-five years.  I found that if my daily intake dropped below five grams per day on a weekly average, I would become susceptible to opportunistic infections such as colds, flu etc.  Because of these experiences, I have established for myself a daily minimum of seven grams (7,000 mg) – 1 gram per 25 pounds of body weight.  That may sound like a lot to most of you, but I have never come down with a cold or flu while on this regime even though most people around me are succumbing and spreading germs (bio-terrorism).  Occasionally, I can feel my body's immune system kick into high gear for a couple of days if I am greatly exposed to a virus, but I never develop any clinical symptoms.

Since vitamin C is known to help you absorb nutrients from the food you eat, it is appropriate to take it with meals.  Doing so will help prevent your system from becoming overly acid and will help control free radicals in your body.

Vitamin C lowers blood pressure, helps repair blood vessels, keeps blood cells separate, helps to normalize cholesterol ...   Read More ...

One technique that works well for me, and is also good for people, who don't like to take a lot of pills, is to add ascorbic acid to fruit juice.  When I prepare juice from frozen concentrate (12 ounce can), I add an extra can of water and three teaspoons – 5.25 grams – of ascorbic powder.  Remarkably this produces a very good mix that doesn't taste "watered down".  This is also a wonderful way to get vitamin C into children.  It is easy to control the amount you give them this way, which should be about one gram for each twenty-five pounds of body weight.  The added water also helps you stay properly hydrated.

Atoms As Building Blocks:  How many different atoms are needed for a healthy body?

On this subject I must say "we aren't there yet", "the jury is still out", "there is more work to be done" ...

I started addressing this subject in 1972 when I started my experiments with hydroculture.  At the time agricultural researchers believed that eighteen atoms were needed by our bio-system.  Doctors believed there were fourteen or even less.  I only needed to do a couple of experiments to determine that this number was way too low.

Today there are thirty-four atoms on my list of essential atoms.  More than sixty different atoms have been identified in plants and I suspect that we may find that many more of these are essential atoms rather than just "hitch-hikers".

When the white man came to this land there was over forty inches of topsoil covering most of the Great Plains.  There are still places today where you can document this.  However, because of poor farming practices most of this farmland today has less than five inches of topsoil remaining.  And, what does remain is dramatically deficient.  Until recently farmers typically only replaced four essential atoms intentionally.  These are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium (calcium usually has sulfur combined with it and potassium sometimes has chlorine).  A few farmers are starting to address the subject of trace elements and are adding several more atoms.  However, the topic of micronutrients is ignored by all but a few of the most advanced growers.  If you are wondering why farm plants get diseases – blights, rots, fungus, – why they are attacked by aphids or white flies, why they don't taste right anymore, why they don't have a good shelf life and rot soon after you bring them home, this is the main reason – lack of micronutrients.  I have personally done dozens of experiments that bare this out.

Some people are aware of this and choose to take mineral supplements.  However, there are issues involved with this also.  First: does the tablet dissolve in the stomach?  Second: do the minerals make it into the blood, or do they pass out in the stool?  And: do the minerals move from the blood into the cells where they are needed?  This is a very complex subject and needs further study.  My studies tell me that if you take your minerals with vitamin C the chances of all this happening properly will be greatly increased, even if you are using a "cheep mineral tablet".  (See "What is a Picolinate?" to better understand this subject.)

Essential Organic Nutrients:  Some of the atoms we need for optimum nutrition need to be consumed as preassembled organic molecules.  These include: amino acids, vitamins, living enzymes, cofactors, Bioflavonoid, and many others.  Some researchers have compiled a list of over one hundred forty different components (including mineral atoms) that our bodies need to be healthy.  It should be quite obvious that taking 140 different pills wouldn't be a very effective method for maintaining life.  That is why things were given different tastes and smells, and why we have a mechanism built into us to help us determine the correct amounts of substances our bodies need.

We refer to this mechanism as "Our Cravings" and when properly calibrated, our cravings will lead us to a state of perfect nutrition for each of us as unique individuals.  Many studies done with very young children prove that we are all born with this important ability.  However, over the years many of us "learn" to ignore these internal signals and indulge in a less than optimum diet.  This behavior then sets the stage for disease to enter our lives.

The most effective way to over come this "learned behavior" is to have a large variety of foods – from many different sources – in our diets.  One should also endeavor to experience new foods items on a regular basis and be mindful of the reaction that your body has to them.  If you feel energized – if it tastes good – your body most likely is telling you that this food is good for you.  If you feel tired or nauseated, your body is telling you to avoid that substance.  Something may taste good for a while and then less so.  This is your body saying that it has enough for now; "lets eat something new for a while".  At a later date the very same food will usually taste very good again for a while again.  This is Nature's way.

Hangovers are an example of your body telling you that something isn't good for you.  Food as well as many beverages can produce hangovers.  If alcohol has popped into your mind, know that it isn't the alcohol itself, but what is dissolved in it that is doing the harm.  If you distill a beverage that gives you a super hangover, and drink only the alcohol, you will almost never experience a hangover.  Alcohol is very good at dissolving substances, second only to water, and can easily act as a medium to convey harmful substances into the body.  If a beverage gives you a hangover, be wise and choose another that doesn't.  (The protein in milk gives me a super hangover.)

Bottom line:  Follow your cravings, listen to your body and try new things.

Low Blood Sugar — Hypoglycemia

Experts think that low blood sugar condition (hypoglycemia) is five to ten times more frequent than diabetes in the U.S.A.   Roberts and Hurdle estimate that 50 million Americans suffer from it.   Nittler thinks the real number is much higher, and closer to 80% of the population.   Almost all the alcoholics have this condition and about 40% of neurotics and psychotics can contribute part of their problems to low blood sugar.

In spite of the fact that the low blood sugar condition was discovered in 1924 by Dr. Seale Harris, M.D. who 23 years later received the Distinguished Service Medal for his research from the American Medical Association, it is still hard to find a physician who has an updated knowledge in this field.

The reason for this lack of knowledge is that low blood sugar condition is not taught in sufficient detail during the medical training. Physicians have to acquire this knowledge privately. Their attention is called to it frequently by books written by their colleagues, for the general public.

Bad behavior in children, criminal action in adults, vandalism in teenagers may be due to hypoglycemia.

Marital difficulties originating from seeming laziness, luck of love, unfaithfulness, irritability, violence and other "personality changes" may be low blood sugar symptoms.

Asthma, rheumatic fever, polio, epilepsy and gastric ulcer may be connected with hypoglycemia.

A child with low blood sugar won't be able to learn properly.   If not addressed early in his life, anti-social behavior will become his norm.

Sometimes it's hard to grasp why nutritional chemistry has so much to do with psychiatry.  We are used to thinking if someone has something wrong with their mind, it's "mental".   Most psychiatrists practice psychotherapy, operating on the premise that the problem is "all in your mind" and can be talked away.  For much "mental" illness this is not true.  The brain is part of the body, and this physical organ requires proper molecular chemistry in order to work right.  Since the brain houses our thoughts and emotions, and is the coordinator for our senses, a chemically imbalanced brain will express itself by disordered thoughts (delusions) and emotional upsets, as well as disturbances in sensory perception (hallucinations).

Many "strange symptoms" that baffle most doctors are the result of low blood sugar and the metabolic imbalances that ensue.   This story of Victor – a boy with symptoms of hypoglycemia – will bring home the point that low blood sugar should be tested for before any medications are prescribed for behavioral problems.

In the mid 1970s I obtained an information package from Barbara Reed, Chief probation Officer Municipal Court of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.   After an intensive study she became convinced that many of the people being referred to her by the court system were suffering from hypoglycemia.   Barbara Reed developed a very successful program that used nutrition to improve the health and maintain the attention of clients referred to her by the court.

Her presentation "Back to the Basics" is a masterful work that will help us unlock the full and true potential of our children.   And, will help YOU be, the best you can be!!!

Toxic Atoms and Substances Inhibit Growth Processes

You won't get very far driving your car with the brakes on.  I did that once and set my breaks on fire.  This is not unlike a fever in your body.  Something is stopping your body from functioning properly.

My web postings on this subject, prints out to several hundreds of pages and I have listed a couple of hundred journal references backing up the information.  In spite of all that is known on the subject, doctors are almost completely ignorant on the subject and hardly ever attempt to test for toxic elements and substances.  And if any do, it is very unlikely that they know the proper way to do the tests for heavy metals, etc.

It is most inappropriate to offer treatment for a disease before the cause of the disease is determined and removed.  Many diseases can't be cured unless the body's toxic materials are removed first.  This topic is addressed more thoroughly later in this newsletter.

Happy People Very Seldom Get Sick

I am constantly encountering people who hardly ever get sick.  When I ask them what they do to stay well, most will tell me that they do nothing special.  I sometimes wonder if I really need all this information I have posted on my web site !!!

What they ALL do have in common is that they are very happy, relaxed, unstressed and spiritually centered.  They are walking examples that the single most important factor in staying disease free is a GOOD ATTITUDE !!!

The Mind Body Connection of Disease

[ I have always believed  our minds control our body’s state of health.  Dr. Hamer was able to prove this. ]

The New Medicine of Dr Hamer
by Walter Last

"Dr. Hamer had an exceptionally high success rate with his cancer therapy, by far the highest I have seen of any therapy.  During one of several trials of the persecuted Dr. Hamer the public prosecutor had to admit that after 4 to 5 years 6,000 out of 6,500 patients with mostly advanced cancer were still alive. That is over 92%, almost a reversal of the results to be expected after conventional treatment of advanced conditions.

Dr. Hamer started his cancer research when he developed testicle cancer after his son was shot dead. He wondered if his son’s death was the cause of his cancer. Subsequently he investigated and documented over 15,000 cases of cancer and always found the following characteristics to be present, which he termed the Iron Rules of Cancer. ...  Every cancer and related disease starts as a … isolating conflict-shock-experience.  It manifests simultaneously on three levels, psyche, brain and organ."

Dr. Hamer was rewarded for his successful treatment of disease by being thrown in jail by the Pharmaceutical Industry.  Afterwards, he had to leave the country to continue his successful work.

The Science of Kinesiology is often very effective – when used by a trained person – for identifying mental conflicts and "stress issues" in the body and mind.

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Native American Indian Healers Stress "Harmony" in Treating Illness

An Email From Germany

I received the email below from Germany regarding the cancer pioneer Dr. Hamer.

-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. Matthias Weisser []
Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 10:35 AM
To: Tommy Cichanowski
Subject: Re: Cancer theories

Tommy Cichanowski wrote:

Hi Matthias,

Have you had a good look at Dr. Hamer's work?    A 92% success rate is quite impressive.

This is his German website ...

RE:  Matthias wrote:

Dr. Hamer was caught by the police yesterday.  They will bring him to Malaga to jail and then to Madrid.

Declaration concerning the arrest of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer




Dr. Hamer wurde gestern am Morgen von der Zivilpolizei verhaftet.  Sodann nach Malaga ins Gefängnis gebracht und heute nach Madrid überstellt.  Ein spanischer Richter wird Dr. Hamer anhören und entscheiden ob er ausgeliefert wird.

[ Dr. Hamer was arrested yesterday in the morning by the civil police.  Then after Malaga brought in the prison and today to Madrid transfers.  A Spanish judge will listen to Dr. Hamer and is delivered decide whether he. ]

Dr. Matthias Weisser
Lackenschusterweg 2
82024 Taufkirchen
Tel. 089/6126977

Tommy writes:

This is an ongoing theme.  People who are having great success treating disease are being persecuted or prosecuted !!!     Dr. Ryke Hamer's only "crime" was telling people that they didn't need chemo or radiation to cure their cancer !!!

Lee Crock has Ten Thousand Success Stories to His Credit

The Pharmaceutical Industry took Lee to court to stop him from healing people
the way Jesus did !!!

In July 1994, Lee Crock was in a 'wreck' and got hit in the head.  He laid around the house with his wife looking after him like a school child and enjoying every minute of it.  "With an ache and a pain here and there, something to complain about made a good conversation subject with the older folks."   (Many people enjoy their illnesses and are not very eager to be healed.)

In March 1997, Lee woke up one morning at 3 am and "knew how the body worked" and what to do to stimulate the (body) cells that had broken down .... "I cleaned those cells up (primarily by removing toxins) ... Thank the Lord.  What a gift I was blessed with. I (now) have this burning desire.  I must pass the knowledge of this gift to the world. I am asking for any help anyone can give."

Lee was inspired by the stories of Jesus' healings and his instructions to his apostles to do as he did.

Lee said he was fascinated by the "laying-on-of-hands" as reported to be used by Jesus, his disciples and other healers.  His healing system stems from Reiki massage therapy, which partially relies on the "production of heat" in the hands, which is then directed to heal the body.

Lee sought guidance from the spirit world and working with his intuition and friends developed a healing practice that is most effective.

Lee says a counter clockwise (CCW) motion of the hands is positive, discharges the cellular electrical energy and relieves pain within about 14 minutes.  As opposed to clockwise (CW) motion, which is, negative and refills the body's cells with energy.

The principle Lee describes is like emptying a bucket (full of material), filling it back up and emptying it again, over and over with the idea being to flush out any toxins (impurities).

He says an easy demonstration is to hold your hands flat against or close to the ailing organ or body of a subject, and move the palms of your hands in a CCW motion until you begin to feel a heating effect.  Once it achieves the maximum heat, you lay your hands on the area being treated, and let them cool down.

A CW motion will recharge the cellular energy and after about 30 hours of this CCW, then CW treatment, repeated over this 30-hour period in 15-minute intervals, the subject improves.

By using a relay of 4 or more people – doing this without the electrical device – you can continually flush and recharge the damaged cells continually over 24 hours for 3-5 days or as needed. This method as described is effective even when applied by an "untrained individual" on patients who have little faith in it.

Jesus also had secret teachings that he taught only to those who were ready for such knowledge.  "Jesus possessed great confidences in his ability and was able to heal instantaneously with spectacular results. It is clear that he had possessed many metaphysical skills and used them."

These metaphysical skills are taught by many today.  These skills are basically a combination of meditation, rhythmic breathing and focused visualization.  When these aspects are added to the above technique, the healing progresses at a much faster rate.

"Imagine Jesus is holding his hands over someone and a ray of energy is coming out of the palms of his hands radiating (into) the person he was holding his hands over.  (You inhale the cosmic energy {"Healing Love Energy"} with your breath and then imagine it flowing out through your hands while you exhale {a 1, 2, 3, 4 rhythm}.  Also remember that Jesus said, "When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among you."  Invite Jesus to help you.  "Please join us here dear Jesus in our efforts to ...")  If you take a picture of someone with an aura camera while they were being stimulated, that would be what it shows.  The healer feels (the energy) flowing out of his hands as if it is water flowing from the hands.  It is warm like warm water coming out with force from a faucet and the body being stimulated will feel as if the warm energy is entering their body, penetrating clear through them.  It always feels good and the cells that are being stimulated feel as if they want to be moved and restored.  There is no soreness or stiffness; it really is relaxing to the body."

Lee understands that the body's chemical processes are all powered electrically and he was then inspired to create an electrical device to accelerate the healing process.  This device is similar in some respects to one created by Eeman, who while hospitalized also recalled Jesus' admonition "Heal the sick by the laying-on-of-hands."  Eeman reasoned that this healing energy was the subtle energy of the life force itself.  There is more information in the links below.

Lee patented his device and allowed the information to be published thereby allowing anyone with electrical skills to build their own.  He says that he "wants to help as many people as he can."  The links below have pictures and more information.

This device may not seem viable to anyone who only has had a classical education in electronics. However, I have build several devices based on Nikola Tesla's patients and have seen "single wire devices" perform perfectly.  I have worked many hours in an attempt to add a second wire to some circuits without improving their performance in the slightest.

I still might not have been interested when I was asked to build Lee's circuit by Dr. Kough, had it not been for the fact that I had been engaged in the study of Zeta Potential.

Zeta Potential is the measure of the electrical force involved in chemical and biological chemical processes.  This science is used extensively in many industries to control chemical processes and can be used to CURE cardiovascular diseases.  Zeta Potential provided me with a scientific base for explaining the manner in which Lee Crock's electrical device may actually be working.

I'm not discounting the possibly that there may be more going on in the processes, but this was sufficient to motivate me to action – for which I am most grateful.  This device seems to produce therapeutic effects without the need for an attendant healer.  I am looking forward to doing clinical studies with this unit and am looking for people to participate.

In December of 1998 the state medical board of Ohio came to Lee's clinic. When they saw the way Lee was treating patients for cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis of the liver, heart failure and casuistic lungs and they were getting well, they slapped charges against Lee for practicing medicine without a license.  This was done even though Lee was using no medications; wasn't charging for his services; and the electrical device he was using was deemed to be only a placebo by "electrical experts".

... "He was dragged into court seven times and they never attempted to say what he did that was against the law.  The people that came to the clinic were only treated with aura therapy and it helped them, so it has to be medicine.  The evidence that was presented to the court was the results documented by the people who wrote Lee after receiving energy stimulation.  It relieved the ailments so it had to be medicine according to the State of Ohio and what Lee did was against the law or so they claimed. From September 1, 1997 until the clinic was shut down in August 2000 there were over 11 thousand visitors to the clinic from all 50 states and 10 foreign countries.  You just can’t run a clinic with that many people being successfully treated without a license." ... " The State of Ohio got an injunction against Lee that stated Lee was not allowed to start practicing medicine within the next 4 years.  Lee closed down the clinic and quit all phases of aura therapy." ...

In my mind this is a FREEDOM OF RELIGION issue.  Lee was following the teachings of Jesus and the government stopped him.  We must think of this as the work of the Anti-Christ !!!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Lee Crock’s "Energy Cleaner Machine" also called Lee Crock’s "Aura Therapy Machine"  can be used to help remove toxins from the body ...

Here is a large BW file for printing.  It is a summation of the above web sites ...

There also is an article in "Nexus New Times"  –  September - October 2003  –  about Lee Crock and his work.

I have created my own version of Lee Crock's electronic device that I call a "Zeta Potential Energizer" or B0B for short.  It is totally battery powered, has two timing cycles, and other features that make it quite unique. Our study group has determined that a timing period of less than a minute is very effective for relieving many types of pain.  If you would like to learn more you can go to this page ...

I believe Lee Crock’s electronic unit is actually working – at least in part – through the "Science of Zeta Potential,"  which is the basic science that controls our body’s chemical functions.

Lee’s treatments should be used in conjunction with a proper chemical treatment program, such as that used by Dr. T. C. McDaniel, to prevent coronary complications when toxins are ejected from the body’s cells into the blood ...
(91 years old and still practicing medicine in Ohio)

Here is an Oral Di-Sodium EDTA Treatment Formula based on Dr. McDaniel’s IV treatments ...

Robert Waters, MD has attended Dr. McDaniel’s seminars and has his own practice in Wisconsin ...

And, Dr. David H. Saxon’s detox protocol is excellent also.  He was one of the first doctors to contact me because of my web site’s focus on toxins ...

Our study group is working on additional improvements and this little device "that shouldn't" is proving to be quite a blessing for many.

Dr. Rath's Goal is to Eradicate Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Problems.

Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks ... But People Do!

Animals have an Enzyme in their Livers that makes Vitamin C !!!    Lots of it !!!   Humans don’t !!!

Downloading of this book for private use and official government purposes is permitted and encouraged. Commercial use is protected by international copyright and translation, reprinting and electronic or other means of reproduction of the book or any part thereof requires the authorization of the publisher.

Contact: MR Publishing,     Copyright:  Matthias Rath, M.D.

Natural prevention of heart attacks, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and other cardiovascular conditions.  ( i.e. Limb Amputations and Heart Valve Replacement )

[ Dr. Rath’s program is Not a complete one, but it is an excellent beginning. ]

Here at the Tortoise Shell we are studying our bio-system on the Electron Level .  Not many doctors have even begun to look at our bodies with this level of sophistication.  Science on this level, allows us to quickly reverse many circulatory problems in a couple of months.  To do this one needs to have a working knowledge of the science of Zeta Potential and Colloids and the electro-magnetic influences that control their behavior.  Dr. Rath’s program works to the extent that it does, because his recommendations have a basis in this science.  It primarily is a program of prevention involving good health practices.  Once disease has set in however, it often is prudent to use more sophisticated procedures to quickly restore good health.  Dr. Rath’s book is a good place to start to gain a layman’s overview of the following problems.  Additional information is presented at this web site for those who are seeking a doctoral understanding of these subjects.  [ *Undated Information ]

—  Prevention is Better than Treatment  —

The Book’s Foreword

1 – Introduction

2 – Arteriosclerosis, Heart Attack and Stroke

3 – High Cholesterol Levels and Other Secondary Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease

  • Cholesterol Is Only a Secondary Risk Factor
  • Dr. Rath's Cellular Health Recommendations Help Patients with Elevated Cholesterol Levels
  • Clinical Studies With Dr. Rath's Cellular Health Recommendations Document Their Effectiveness in Lowering Blood Risk Factors
  • The Cholesterol-Heart Disease Fallacy

  • Download this chapter (PDF-File, 581 kB)

4 – High Blood Pressure

5 – Heart Failure

6 – Irregular Heartbeat (Arrhythmia)

7 – Diabetes

[ **The University of Vancouver, BC, Canada stated, "Vanadium will replace insulin for adult onset diabetics". ]

Dr. J. F. Dice – Stanford University Study – was able to reduce insulin by 2.5 units for every gram of vitamin C added to his diet.  Dr. Dice gradually increased his vitamin C level – over 23 days – until he reached 11 grams.  He took small amounts throughout the day.  Taking it with meals is very helpful for absorbing other necessary nutrients.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to test your Blood Sugar Often while you are adding these substances to your diet and reducing your intake of insulin.  The biggest danger is "Insulin Shock" – low blood sugar – caused by taking too much insulin.  Always carry candy or a high sugar nutritional bar with you if you are diabetic and taking insulin!!!

Also, it is important that you keep a diary noting not only what you are taking when, and your resulting blood sugar level, but additionally make notes regarding your feelings and body reactions.  You should always take this diary with you when you go to consult with your doctor.  I know far too many people who have gotten into trouble from taking too much insulin.  You need to learn how to control your own dose.  Here is how insulin works.

Dr. T. C. McDaniel has managed to help many of his patients to get off of insulin completely at his clinic in Ohio.  When you put all the knowledge here together into one program, you have a very Spectacular Cure.  Dr. McDaniel has also saved many diabetic legs from being amputated by restoring circulation with Di-Sodium EDTA Treatments .  Here is an EDTA program you can do at home.

Dr. Nieper Discusses Preventing Leg Amputatations

Massive therapy using ozone, EDTA chelation, magnesium orotate and especially the strong bromelaine enzymes (Ananase, Anavit or Wobenzyme) in very high doses could indeed save many a leg, and even bring subsequent satisfactory leg function.

Dietary Chromium:  An Overview

It was known by the 1950s that chromium was required by animals to control blood sugar, but it wasn't until the 1970s that chromium's essential role in humans was clearly proven.  Chromium's function in our bodies is critical: without it, the hormone insulin would not work.  Since chromium reduces insulin resistance, this essential trace element could therefore have wide-ranging effects on high blood pressure and abnormal blood lipids in addition to lowering blood sugar.   Chromium's Role in Human Health

Nitric Oxide:  It's Role in Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Wound Healing

The Nobel Prize was awarded to three Americans in 1998 for their work on discovering NO (Nitric Oxide) and clarifying its role in health.  Their most important contributions lay in describing the effect of NO on the circulation that, as everyone knows, is disturbed to one degree or another in diabetic patients.  The question then becomes is NO metabolism or action deranged in diabetic patients and could NO have a role in preventing some of the consequences in diabetes?

Dr. Tom Burke received his PhD in Physiology from University of Houston, Post Doctoral Training at Duke Medical School, He was an Associate Professor of Medicine and Physiology at the University of Colorado Medical School. He has authored more than 70 published scientific clinical articles and has been a visiting scientist at the Mayo Clinic, Yale University, University of Alabama, and University of Florida. He is a recognized international lecturer on cell injury and nephrology.

Meningococcal Vaccine is a "Potential Time Bomb"

A study published in 2002 in the medical journal "Autoimmunity" showed that the Meningococcal Vaccine was responsible for a 26% increase in diabetes in the 100,000 children who received the vaccine as part of a clinical trial.

Significantly, it was not until 3-4 years after the vaccine was administered that most of the vaccine-related cases of diabetes were diagnosed.

It is of great concern to me also that the MeNZB vaccine contains Aluminum Hydroxide, which was identified as being carcinogenic in animal tests as far back as 1975.

Cancer already kills more New Zealand children than any other disease. I don't believe that it makes good sense to inject babies, children or teenagers with a known carcinogen when cancer is already such a serious public health problem in this country, for adults and children alike."

What Your Doctor Will Never Tell You
By Katherine Joyce Smith

Also See... Vaccination Hazards

MSG Triples the Amount of Insulin the Pancreas Creates

8 – Specific Cardiovascular Problems

9 – External and Inherited Cardiovascular Risks

10 – Cellular Medicine

Scientific Basis of Dr. Rath's Cellular Health Recommendations

11 – Eradicating Heart Disease

  • Why You May Not Have Heard About This Medical Breakthrough Before
  • The Ten Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Key Tricks of the "Business with Disease"
  • A New Era of Human Health Begins
  • Milestones Towards Eradicating Heart Disease
  • Principles of a New Health Care System

  • Download this chapter (PDF-File, 1.72 MB)

12 – Documentation

[ These are the kinds of frivolous lawsuits that George Bush wants to eliminate !!! ]

On 14th June 2003 before an international audience in "The Hague",  Dr Rath laid a complaint of genocide and other crimes against humanity against the financial interests behind the pharmaceutical industry ...   In The Name Of The People Of The World

Subject: Heart Stopper
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 20:56:42

Health Sciences Institute e-Alert
Antibiotics may Trigger Cardiac Arrest and Breast Cancer

Dear Reader,

"It's clearly time for doctors everywhere to rethink antibiotic usage."

Last winter, I wrote that statement in the e-Alert "Protection Jumps the Rails" (2/19/04), when I told you about a large, long-term study that revealed a clear association between elevated breast cancer risk and the overuse of antibiotics.  In that study, the risk of breast cancer was doubled among women who received 25 or more prescriptions for antibiotics of any variety over a 17-year-period, when compared to women who took no antibiotics at all.

For many years, antibiotics have been over-prescribed, often for health problems (such as the common cold) that antibiotics have no effect on at all.  Now a new study shows that a popular antibiotic that's been widely used since the 1950s may trigger cardiac arrest.

—   Danger in the Mix   —

Erythromycin is an antibiotic with a secret.

For many years, heart doctors have been aware of a risk of cardiac arrest when erythromycin is used intravenously.  This risk has been less well known among family practitioners that often prescribe the same antibiotic in pill form to treat a wide variety of infections.

In the New England Journal of Medicine last week, researchers from Vanderbilt University reported on the first study to examine the risk of cardiac arrest when oral erythromycin is used alone or with other medications.

The Vanderbilt team followed the medical records of more than 4,400 Medicaid patients, averaging 15 years per patient.  About 1,475 subjects suffered cardiac arrest during the study period.

When the complete medication use of each subject was analyzed, researchers came up with these results:

* The rate of sudden death from cardiac causes was twice as high among patients using erythromycin, compared to subjects that didn't use the antibiotic.

* Two blood pressure medications that are sold generically – verapamil and diltiazem – were both associated with an additional increased risk of cardiac arrest when taken with erythromycin.

* Other drugs associated with increased cardiac attack risk when taken with erythromycin include the antibiotic clarithromycin, the vaginal yeast infection drug fluconazole, and two antifungal drugs:  Itraconazole and Kketoconazole

Researchers believe that blood levels of these additional drugs are boosted by erythromycin.  This can result in a slower heart rate, which in turn may trigger irregular rhythms, setting in motion a cardiac arrest.  In an interview with The Associated Press, the lead researcher of the study, Wayne A. Ray, Ph.D., warned that erythromycin levels may also be increased by drinking grapefruit juice or by taking protease inhibitors used to treat AIDS.

The Big Four

In addition to the breast cancer/antibiotic association and the specific drawback to erythromycin use, there's the larger antibiotic problem:  bacterial resistance.

Bacteria are highly adaptive because they actually "teach" one another to resist antibiotics.  They do this by passing DNA-containing organisms called plasmids, from one to another.  The result: Due to the excessive use of antibiotics, virtually all of the bacterial infections known to scientists are becoming resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics.

But contrary to what most mainstream doctors will tell you, there are effective alternatives to pharmaceutical antibiotics.  In the e-Alert  "Be Afraid...  Be Very Afraid – Part II" (10/17/02),  Dr. Spreen told us about four natural anti-bacterial (and anti-viral) agents.

These treatments have yet to be adequately studied, but all of them have many years of anecdotal evidence behind them.

* Vitamin C:  Robert Cathcart, M.D. (probably the most experienced therapist currently using very high doses of ascorbic acid) has been treating with the nutrient for decades to get AIDS patients back on their feet.  In a published report he describes the use of oral vitamin C in bacterial infections with doses as high as 200 grams or higher. He includes over 30 references of others who have used very high doses in disease treatment.

* Grapefruit Seed Extract:  "Citricidal," a natural antibiotic made from an extract of grapefruit seed, was developed from the observation that something in grapefruit (though not in other citrus fruits) keeps bacteria at bay for extended periods of time.

Bio/chem Research in California has done extensive research on the antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties of this amazing substance.

* Olive Leaf Extract:  This flavonoid and antioxidant has been tested as an antimicrobial agent, with sufficient power to achieve a published status in peer-review journals.

* Colloidal Silver:  By far the most controversial agent in the armamentarium of 'natural' antibacterial agents.  Jonathan V. Wright, M.D.'s research has found that bacteria have an enzyme system that is disrupted by the presence of silver ions, causing the organism to die. In fact, it was commonly used as about the only hope against severe infections prior to the advent of antibiotics in the 1940s.  Dr. Wright suggests adult doses of "One tablespoon of colloidal silver at a 40 ppm (parts per million) concentration at the first signs of any infection and 1-2 teaspoons three to four times daily until the infection is gone.  Then stop!!!"

Say it with Microflora

For anyone who might try olive leaf extract (OLE), Dr. Spreen offers this suggestion:  "I'd add some acidophilus culture (also called probiotics) to the mix, during and for a few days after the use of OLE.  The situation here is that OLE is such a good antibacterial that it can also kill the 'good guy' bacteria that we need in our gastrointestinal tracts."

When I asked Dr. Spreen if he would also recommend the acidophilus supplements to protect intestinal microflora in someone taking pharmaceutical antibiotics, he answered,  "Most definitely – without exception! I go with 1/4 tsp (or capsule-equivalent) before meals and bedtime, to be used during the antibiotic therapy and also for one full week after stopping the antibiotic."

There are times when antibiotics are necessary and can even save lives.  But when they're casually and repeatedly used as insurance against possible infection, they may end up promoting much greater harm than good.  So if your doctor prescribes an antibiotic, press him for details, and, if possible, try an alternative.


"Oral Erythromycin and the Risk of Sudden Death from Cardiac Causes"  The New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 351, No. 11, 9/9/04,   New England Journal of Medicine

"Common Antibiotic May Trigger Cardiac Death"  The Associated Press, 9/8/04,

High Vitamin C Levels May Affect Risk Of GI Disorders

Journal of the American College of Nutrition 2003:22(4), pp 283-289
Simon JA, Hudes ES, Perez-Perez GI.
Relation of serum ascorbic acid to heliobacter pylori serology in U.S. adults:
the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Evidence suggests that low levels of ascorbic acid in the blood may increase the risk of several gastrointestinal disorders, including peptic ulcers and gastric cancer.  Chronic infection with the Heliobacter pylori bacteria – particularly a strain known as cagA – may also contribute to gastric cancer and peptic ulcers.  Some research suggests that H. pylori and ascorbic acid concentrations are not related, but these studies had small sample sizes.  Prior to the current study, no large-scale studies had examined the relationship between blood ascorbic and H. pylori levels.

Researchers tested blood samples of 6,746 adults enrolled in the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.  Of the test subjects, 32% tested positive for H. pylori; of those, 54% had the cagA strain.  The gender, percentage of current cigarette smokers and self-reported use of NSAIDs were similar among those who tested negative.

Analysis of the blood samples revealed that ascorbic acid rates were inversely related to the prevalence of H. pylori.  In patients whose serum ascorbic levels were 0.35 milligrams or less, the infection rate with H. pylori was 37.2%.  For patients with serum ascorbic levels of 0.36 or higher, the infection rate dropped to 30.8 percent, even after adjusting for variables such as age, race, body mass index, physical activity level, use of aspirin or NSAIDs, and cigarette smoking.  This finding was statistically significant.  In Caucasian subjects, the analysis found that a 0.5-milligram increase in blood ascorbic levels was associated with a 31% decrease in the prevalence of the cagA strain of H. pylori.

The researchers concluded: "Serum ascorbic acid is significantly correlated with seropositivity to both H. pylori and to the pathogenic cagA-positive strain of H. pylori among white Americans.  To our knowledge, this report is the first population-based study of Americans to report such associations.  If these findings are confirmed by other investigators and are linked causally, higher intakes of ascorbic acid may be a protective factor in the prevention of H. pylori infection."

The Vitamin C Story ...

Normalizing abnormal Cholesterol and

High Density Lipoprotein ( HDL ) levels with EDTA

In a series of simple but effective experiments, McDonagh, Rudolph, and Cheraskin ( 1982 ) have shown that EDTA infusion has a markedly beneficial effect on this potentially serious problem.

The effects on over 200 patients with varying levels of HDL cholesterol measurements were quite dramatic. Those who initially showed low levels of HDL rose to normal levels, those with normal levels remained unaltered, and those with high levels of LDL ( dangerous ) dropped to normal ranges after EDTA-chelation therapy    ( supported with vitamin and mineral supplementation ).

Thus we see a homoeostatic ( balancing, normalizing ) effect after the use of EDTA, since it supported a return towards normal HDL-cholesterol levels, whether the initial abnormality was high or low.

Note:  There are at least 27 different types of EDTA.  Not all are as effective as Di-Sodium EDTA. – (Some won’t even work properly, if at all, for the treatments discussed below.  Calcium EDTA is the only one listed in the PDR and has been shown to be totally ineffective as an Anionic Surfactant.)

Oral EDTA Treatment  –

The EDTA Story  –

Dr. T. C. McDaniel  –  and ...

Dr. Robert Waters  –

are also working hard to Eradicate Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Problems.

Note:  Di-Sodium EDTA, Vitamin C, and Citric Acid have some very similar molecular qualities !!!  For some biological processes they are interchangeable.

The Big Lie of the Lipid Hypothesis

Low Cholesterol can be More Dangerous than Elevated Cholesterol !!!

What if everything you have been told about cholesterol and heart disease is a lie?

[ Cholesterol and all other blood risk factors are considered only "secondary" risk factors in cardiovascular diseases because they can only cause damage if the blood vessel wall is already weakened by vitamin deficiencies.  The latest type of cholesterol lowering drugs (statins), which blocks the synthesis of cholesterol is being used by millions of people in the hope for treatment to prevent cardiovascular problems.  However, according to the January 3, 1996 edition of the "Journal of the American Medical Association" (JAMA), statins are known to cause cancer and other severe side effects, and "should be avoided whenever possible."  ( Source) ]

[ **Cholesterol is a member of a large group of fats known as sterols.  They all have a complex carbon ring structure. Cholesterol is only found in animal tissue, but similar sterols are found in plants.  Cholesterol is an essential part of the structure of cell walls, brain and spinal cord, and is the raw material for the human body to manufacture vitamin D, bile acids, adrenocortical hormones, estrogens (a cholesterol deficiency makes going through menopause a living hell so eat two eggs every morning to slip through menopause almost symptom free), progesterone and testosterone (a cholesterol deficiency turns hubby into a TV watching steer who is totally disinterested in sex).  Ergosterol, a yeast sterol is converted into vitamin D2 (an anti-cancer vitamin) on exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light. (So, consider sunlight an essential vitamin also – there are five fractions in the vitamin D complex; vitamin D3 is the one that is put in milk and most vitamin pills.)]

[ Half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal cholesterol levels.  As imaging techniques improved doctors found that the most dangerous plaques weren't necessarily all that large.  Something that hasn't yet been identified was causing those deposits to burst, triggering massive clots that cut off the coronary blood supply – Time, February 23, 2004.]

What if the evidence supporting the beneficial nature of vegetable oils, and the harmful nature of animal fats is based upon flawed evidence and outright lies by the government and the manufactured foods industry?

What if "the lipid hypothesis [is] the public health diversion of this century . . . the greatest scam in the history of medicine"?

[ A Billion Dollar Profit was realized through the sale of "Lipitor" in 2002 in spite of the fact that  "... Lipitor has not been shown to prevent heart disease or heart attacks."  The source of this statement was the Lipitor web site !!!    It also says; "This information is intended only for residents of the United States."  **Also, a whopping $117 billion was spent for cholesterol testing alone in 1993 !!! ]

Lipitor:  Side Effects And Natural Remedy

Serious Side Effects have been reported for Lipitor and other cholesterol-lowering drugs – the so-called statins – prescribed to millions for preventive purposes.   When a "preventive" medicine causes severe muscular degeneration as a "common" side effect, something must be awfully wrong.

Here are more reasons for us to distrust the government, the medical industrial complex and the manufactured foods industry:

The Neglected Nutritional Research of Dr. Weston Price, DDS by Stephen C. Byrnes, N.D., R.N.C.P. Spanish Translation

The Oiling of America. from The Weston A. Price Foundation, shows how junk science, in the form of the Lipid Hypothesis, is used to make rich, powerful edible-oil salesmen even richer and more powerful, at the cost of millions, and perhaps even billions of lives!

The Cholesterol Myths by Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD   The idea that too much animal fat and high cholesterol is dangerous to your heart and vessels is nothing but a myth. Here are some astonishing and frightening facts.  Evidence from the new cholesterol-lowering trial PROSPER, that statin treatment causes cancer.

The Role of Essential Fatty Acids in Breast Cancer Prevention by Stephen C. Byrnes, N.D., R.N.C.P.

Source ...

If you spend enough money, you can make people think most anything is good for them.

Canola Oil,  Read this before you buy your next bottle of cooking oil !!!
Rapeseed oil is poisonous to living things and is an excellent insect repellent.

New discoveries about an enzyme that regulates cholesterol levels could help ...

Dr. Johanna Budwig

Healthy People Have a Higher Content of Omega3 Oils in Their Blood.

One of the most important and far reaching health discoveries of the Twentieth Century is that made by Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist who is a leading European authority on fats and nutrition.  Dr. Budwig has been nominated for the Nobel Prize seven times.  She used her methods to successfully heal terminal cancer patients, people with heart diseases, arthritis and other ailments after they had been given up as hopeless by the conventional medical practitioners.  Her methods were so simple that any housewife could use her techniques with no special training and with good results.  In fact, this is exactly what happened in many cases, people with serious diseases were curing themselves to the astonishment of the conventional medical practitioners.

However, in spite of the simplicity of Dr. Budwig's discoveries, they also reveal a profound relationship to not only the harmonious working of the human body, but man's relationship with the Cosmos itself.

To really understand her work, you will have to study her writings or the work of later nutritionists who are following in her footsteps. Please see the bibliography. However, I will just give a bare outline of her methods to give an idea of what it is all about.

In the course of her treatment of ill people, she studied blood samples to see if there is any correlation between the blood quality of ill people and healthy people.  After studying thousands of blood samples, she discovered that the difference was that healthy people had a higher content of Omega3 oils in their blood than those who are ill.  Omega3 is one of the essential fatty acids, or EFAs, which is necessary for the proper functioning of the body.  She experimented on finding the best ways to get the Omega3 oils properly absorbed into a person's system and ultimately found that the richest source of Omega3 oil is flax seeds.  However, only oil that has been protected from heat and oxidation, caused by oxygen and light, is sufficiently pure enough to be of benefit to human health.  Oils not prepared this way quickly become rancid and are detrimental to human health.  In fact, Dr. Budwig, with further research, came to the conclusion that the vast majority of chronic illnesses today are caused by the improper mass processing of foods and oils, plus poor nutrition as well as the worldwide use of dangerous pesticides, which contaminate the food.

Based on these observations, Dr. Budwig began treating her patients by giving them a combination of high quality flax seed oil, which is rich in Omega3 oil, and quark, which is something similar to cottage cheese or yogurt in that it is rich in high quality protein.  Quark is difficult to obtain in the U.S, but either yogurt, cottage cheese, skim milk, soymilk or rice milk is a good substitute.  (For the proper ratio of oil to protein, please see experiment.)  The reason for the mixture of the oil with a high quality protein is that by combining the protein with the oil, the oil becomes water soluble in the body and can be absorbed more readily.

It can enter the smallest capillaries, dissolving any of the undesirable fats and cleaning out the veins and arteries.  It also strengthens the heart, dissolves tumors and cures arthritis.  It sounds like a lot, but it really works.  Dr. Budwig worked with many patients who were terminally ill and some who had only hours to live.  She gave them the combination of oil-protein plus organic foods, plus exercise, fresh air and used the healing powers of the sun to cure these "hopeless" cases that sometimes started to show improvement within days.  Following is a quote from one of her books:

"I often take very sick cancer patients away from hospital where they are said to have only a few days left to live, or perhaps only a few hours.  This is mostly accompanied by very good results.  The very first thing, which these patients and their families tell me, is that in the hospital, it was said that they could no longer urinate or produce bowel movements.  They suffered from dry coughing without being able to bring up any mucous.  Everything was blocked.  It greatly encourages them when suddenly, in all these symptoms, the surface-active fats, with their wealth of electrons, start reactivating the vital functions and the patient immediately begins to feel better.  It is very interesting to ask how this sudden change is possible.  It has to do with the reaction patterns, with the character of electrons.   (Zeta Potential)

Dr. Budwig's cures are well documented and have stood the tests of opposition from the conventional medical establishment.

Although there are many excellent doctors and nutritionists who are following in her footsteps, I am especially fond of Dr. Budwig's approach to things because she is not only a brilliant scientist and researcher, but also a high-minded idealist who approaches the subject also from a philosophical and spiritual point of view.  Unfortunately, only two of her books that I know of have been published in English.  Please see the bibliography.

One of the significant aspects of Dr. Budwig's work is that she has discovered, (or rather rediscovered) the affinity of the human body with the sun.  If the body has the right balance of oils and proteins, it has a magnetic field, which attracts the photons in sunlight and thus is open to the healing powers of the sun.  I tried Dr. Budwig's methods for general health improvement, and I was amazed that within even less than the three days she predicted, I felt an incredible improvement in so many areas that it would take too much time to describe it here.  I then recommended it to several members of our Ashram and those who took it seriously had similar experiences to mine.

We all felt an increased feeling of general well-being, a feeling of lightness, more energy, better circulation and, when in the sun, I felt the healing power of the sun affecting my skin much differently than before.  Also, every week or two, I become aware of feeling better in different ways.  Old aches go away, my skin improves and I am able to do things better.  One woman felt so good about it that she gave it to her children and said that right away she could see improvements in their skin tone.  As she spoke, I saw that her own skin had more color and was radiant.  And this was only about two days after she started taking the oil-protein combination.

Health and Well-Being Opening Page

Source Page

"Health and Light"  by John N. Ott
The Effects of Natural and Artificial Light on Man and Other Living Things.

Lipids (made from fatty acids) make up 60-80% of the central nervous system and need to be constantly replenished.  Deficiency makes the nervous system vulnerable to the fat-soluble metals, such as metallic mercury constantly escaping as odorless and invisible vapor evaporating from the amalgam fillings.

Read More...   The Klinghardt Neurotoxin Elimination Protocol

The Ten Laws of the Pharmaceutical Industry
From:  Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks, But People Do!

Deceptive Advertising Campaigns Give Millions False Hope

The health and lives of hundreds of millions of people and the economies of all countries are held hostage by the pharmaceutical investment "business with disease." Pharmaceutical companies spend twice the amount of money on marketing drugs than they do on actual research.

Until now, the pharmaceutical industry has presented itself as a benefactor to mankind without which no modern society could exist. A simple analysis of the nature of the pharmaceutical industry, however, reveals a realistic picture, which can be summarized as follows:

1.  The pharmaceutical industry is not a naturally grown health industry, but an artificially created investment business based on the deceptive promise to deliver health.

2.  The marketplace of the pharmaceutical industry is your body – but only as long as it is sick.

3.  Prevention, root cause treatment and, above all, eradication of diseases decrease or destroy the pharmaceutical markets and are, therefore, not in the interest of this industry.

4.  The great majority of pharmaceutical drugs have no proven efficacy and are merely symptom oriented.

5.  The basis of the enormous profits of this industry is not effectively fighting diseases, but the patent royalties of newly synthesized molecules unknown to the human body.

6.  Because most pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic molecules, they are toxic to the human body and frequently cause serious side effects, new diseases or even death.

7.  To hide this global deception scheme, the pharmaceutical industry spends more money to disguise its deceptive business scheme than for research. This money is used for thorough advertising, lobbying and other measures.

8.  Vitamins and other natural health therapies are threatening the very basis of the pharmaceutical business for two reasons:  First, they prevent or treat the root cause of today’s most common diseases.  Second, they are generally not patent-able and therefore have low profit margins.

9.  Natural health therapies and the pharmaceutical "business with disease" are incompatible and cannot coexist.

10.  The precondition for the long-term prosperity of the pharmaceutical industry is the elimination of natural therapies.

Vitamin C controls "Free Radicals",  which is a major factor in Curing Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes.  Here, Matthias Rath, MD discusses his studies with Vitamin C and other Nutrients ...

Why Animals Don't Get Heart Attacks,  But People Do!
Animals have an Enzyme in their Livers that makes Vitamin C !!!   Lots of it !!!   Humans don’t !!!

Alert:  "Pending legislation in our US senate threatens to take away your choice in buying supplements.  ("Dietary Supplement Safety" Act – S.722, recently introduced by Senator Richard Durbin)  The wording of the bills can go as far as requiring prescriptions to buy the same supplements that you are able to buy now.  While we are all concerned with safety issues, this proposed legislation will only increase the cost to you by requiring you to pay for doctor's visits and by increasing the costs of the supplements to double or triple what you now pay, perhaps curtailing entirely the availability of some currently available supplements.  This bill has the potential to radically amend one of this country’s most important and beneficial laws, the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.  Please take a few moments and visit the following web sites:"

Totally proven Cures for Cancer and most Infectious Diseases.

Benjamen Rush, M.D., a signer of the Declaration of Independence and this nation's first Surgeon General is famous for his statement:

"The Constitution of this republic should make special provisions for Medical Freedom as well as Religious Freedom.  To restrict the art of healing to one class of men and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science.  All such laws are un-American and despotic."

Amendment IX – The Bill of Rights:  "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

Negative drug research "Withheld"
Drug companies have been accused of failing to publish drug trials, which do not give the "right" result.
The Lancet accused pharmaceutical companies of "confusion, manipulation and institutional failure".

[ These are the kinds of frivolous lawsuits that George Bush wants to eliminate !!! ]

$350 Million Rico Lawsuit Filed Over Aspartame
By Devvy
Posted: September 16, 2004   12:05 AM Eastern

A $350 million class action lawsuit was filed on September 15, 2004 in United States District Court in San Francisco, California, case no: C 04 3872.  This class action racketeering (RICO) lawsuit was filed against the NutraSweet Corporation, American Diabetes Association, Dr. Robert H. Moser and John Does 1-50.  Plaintiffs maintain that this lawsuit will prove how deadly the chemical sweetener aspartame is when consumed by humans.

Contained in the lawsuit is the key role played by current Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld (search) in helping to get aspartame pushed through the FDA.  Back in the 1980s, Rumsfeld was the President and CEO of Searle who originally owned the patent on aspartame.  Plaintiffs maintain that Rumsfeld used his political muscle to get aspartame approved by the FDA despite objections of many FDA health researchers and negative studies.

According to spokesman attorney Britt Groom from Idaho, this lawsuit was filed on behalf of a Mr. Joe Bellon of Concord, California.  Groom says a press conference is scheduled for Thursday, September 16, 2004, 11:00 AM at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1230 J Street, Sacramento, California.  At the press conference, details of the lawsuit will be discussed.

The lawsuit contains the following counts:

  1. R.I.C.O.  (Racketeering charges)
  2. Unfair Competition
  3. False Advertising
  4. Consumer Remedies Act
  5. Fraud
  6. Breach of Warranty
  7. Breach of Merchantability
  8. Filed as a Class Action representing the People as a whole and Joe Bellon's personal injuries as well.

According to the press release issued on this RICO lawsuit:  "On or about September 8, 2004 an affidavit was signed describing the initial third world studies and the health hazards of aspartame.  These studies conducted in 1983/84 by the J.D. Searle Company were translated to English from Spanish by a translator in 1984.  The "double blind" studies showed conclusive evidence that aspartame caused severe health problems and even death to the exposed study group.  According to the Affidavit, the doctor directing the studies has been missing since the approval of aspartame in 1984.  The affidavit also describes how the affidavit was directed by J.D. Searle officials to destroy all records of the studies – including filed notes and/or translations – possessed by the Affidavit.  The Affidavit describes in detail how the translations were forwarded upon completion to J.D. Searle corporate offices in Illinois."

This isn't the first lawsuit filed alleging that aspartame is hazardous to the health of humans.  The National Justice League filed three other lawsuits on April 26, 2004, in three separate California courts.  The defendants in those lawsuits number twelve and all produce or use the artificial sweetener aspartame as a sugar substitute in their products.

Defendants in those lawsuits include Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Bayer Corp., the Dannon Company, William Wrigley Jr. Company, Walmart, ConAgra Foods, Wyeth, Inc., The NutraSweet Company, and Altria Corp. (parent company of Kraft Foods and Philip Morris.

This lawsuit charges the defendants engaged in unlawful acts of "knowingly and intentionally using the neurotoxin Aspartame as a sugar substitute in the manufacture of Equal, while knowing that exposure to Aspartame causes among other diseases/symptoms:

Abdominal pain, arthritis, asthma, brain cancer, breathing difficulties, burning eyes or throat, burning urination, chest pains, chronic cough, chronic fatigue, death, depression, diarrhea, headaches/migraines, hearing loss, heart palpitations, hives (urticaria), hypertension, impotency and sexual problems, memory loss, menstrual problems or changes, nausea or vomiting, slurring of speech, tremors, tinnitus, vertigo and/or vision loss."

The lawsuit also states, "Further, Aspartame disease mimics symptoms or worsens the following diseases: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, Lupus, Diabetes and diabetic complications, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease, birth defects, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lymphoma, Lyme disease, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Panic Disorder, Depression and other psychological disorders."

Further allegations include, "G.D. Searle denied knowledge of/or involvement with the initiation, design or performance of the study. Yet, the false results were submitted to the FDA like the rest of the 150 G.D.

Searle studies (on aspartame and other products), bearing a Searle Pathology-Toxicology project number.  Both Dr.Waisman and G.D.Searle were responsible for the study design.  A number of false statements were made by G.D. Searle, including that reported the animals were unavailable for purchase for autopsy after the termination of the study."

Defendants in this lawsuit continue to maintain that aspartame is safe for consumption.  Aspartame is found in more than 5,000 food products and all soft drinks sold in the United States.

© 2004 – – All Rights Reserved

Aspartame:   What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
Aspartame accounts for over 75 percent of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA.

"Take sides.  Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.   Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

So, what kind of diet pop are you drinking?   Still want to drink it?

[ These are the kinds of frivolous lawsuits that George Bush wants to eliminate !!! ]

Subject:  MSG Causes Obesity
MSG is used by researchers to create obese animals for various studies !!!
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004

This is an e-mail that was sent to me by my friend Tommy Cichanowski and he asked me to comment on it.  And, I reasoned and resurrected everything I ever learned and I came to the conclusion that I too need to do something about that problem described below.  Remember, this is only ONE of the poisons in our processed and non-organically raised food!!  Scary.  Please see the end of this article for my simple recommendation.   — Dr. Jüergen Buche —

(Written by someone named Sally)

I wondered if there could be an actual chemical causing the massive obesity epidemic, so did a friend of mine, John Erb.  He was a research assistant at the University of Waterloo, and spent years working for the government.

He made an amazing discovery while going through scientific journals for a book he was writing called The Slow Poisoning of America.  In hundreds of studies around the world, scientists were creating obese mice and rats to use in diet or diabetes test studies.

No strain of rat or mice is naturally obese, so the scientists have to create them.  They make these morbidly obese creatures by injecting them with MSG when they are first born.  The MSG triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing rats (and humans?) to become obese.  They even have a title for the race of fat rodents they create:  "MSG-Treated Rats" MSG?

I was shocked too.  I went to my kitchen, checking the cupboards and the fridge.  MSG was in everything!  The Campbell's soups, the Hostess Doritos, the Lays flavored potato chips, Top Ramen, Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Heinz canned gravy, Swanson frozen prepared meals, Kraft salad dressings, especially the 'healthy low fat' ones.

The items that didn't have MSG had something called Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, which is just another name for Monosodium Glutamate.

It was shocking to see just how many of the foods we feed our children everyday are filled with this stuff.  They hide MSG under many different names in order to fool those who catch on.

But it didn't stop there.  When our family went out to eat, we started asking at the restaurants what menu items had MSG.  Many employees, even the managers, swore they didn't use MSG.  But when we ask for the ingredient list, which they grudgingly provided, sure enough MSG and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein were everywhere.  Burger King, McDonalds, Wendy's, Taco Bell, every restaurant, even the sit down ones like TGIF, Chilis', Applebees and Denny's use MSG in abundance.  Kentucky Fried Chicken seemed to be the WORST offender:  MSG was in every chicken dish, salad dressing and gravy.  No wonder I loved to eat that coating on the skin, their secret spice was MSG!

So why is MSG in so may of the foods we eat?  Is it a preservative or a vitamin?  Not according to my friend John.  In the book he wrote, an expose of the food additive industry called "The Slow Poisoning of America",,  he said that MSG is added to food for the addictive effect it has on the human body.  Even the propaganda website sponsored by the food manufacturers lobby group supporting MSG at:  explains that the reason they add it to food is to make people eat more.

A study of elderly people showed that people eat more of the foods that it is added to.  The Glutamate Association lobby group says eating more benefits the elderly, but what does it do to the rest of us?

"Betcha can't eat just one", takes on a whole new meaning where MSG is concerned!  And we wonder why the nation is overweight?  The MSG manufacturers themselves admit that it addicts people to their products.

It makes people choose their product over others, and makes people eat more of it than they would if MSG wasn't added.  Not only is MSG scientifically proven to cause obesity, it is an addictive substance!

Since its introduction into the American food supply fifty years ago, MSG has been added in larger and larger doses to the prepackaged meals, soups, snacks and fast foods we are tempted to eat everyday. The FDA has set no limits on how much of it can be added to food.  They claim it's safe to eat in any amount.  How can they claim it is safe when there are hundreds of scientific studies with titles like these?

The monosodium glutamate (MSG) obese rat as a model for the study of exercise in obesity.  Gobatto CA, Mello MA, Souza CT, Ribeiro IA. Res Commun Mol Pathol Pharmacol.  2002 Adrenalectomy abolishes the food-induced hypothalamic serotonin release in both normal and monosodium glutamate-obese rats. Guimaraes RB, Telles MM, Coelho VB, Mori RC, Nascimento CM, Ribeiro Brain Res Bull. 2002 Aug.

Obesity induced by neonatal monosodium glutamate treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats: an animal model of multiple risk factors.  Iwase M, Yamamoto M, Iino K, Ichikawa K, Shinohara N, Yoshinari Fujishima Hypertens Res. 1998 Mar.

Hypothalamic lesion induced by injection of monosodium glutamate in suckling period and subsequent development of obesity. Tanaka K, Shimada M, Nakao K, Kusunoki Exp Neurol. 1978 Oct.

Yes, that last study was not a typo, it WAS written in 1978.  Both the medical research community and food "manufacturers" have known MSG's side effects for decades!  Many more studies mentioned in John Erb's book link MSG to Diabetes, Migraines and headaches, Autism, ADHD and even Alzheimer's.  But what can we do to stop the food manufactures from dumping fattening and addictive MSG into our food supply and causing the obesity epidemic we now see?

Even as you read this, George W. Bush and his corporate supporters are pushing a Bill through Congress.  Called the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" also known as the "Cheeseburger Bill", this sweeping law bans anyone from suing food manufacturers, sellers and distributors.  Even if it comes out that they purposely added an addictive chemical to their foods.

Read about it for yourself at:

Last month the House of Representatives passed the "Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act" to protect the food and beverage industry from civil lawsuits.  Under the measure, known as the "Cheeseburger Bill," people who buy food or drinks couldn't sue the companies that made them, the stores that sold them or the restaurants that served them if they got fat from the products, so long as the products met existing laws.

The Senate is expected to take up a similar bill later this year."

The Bill has already been rushed through the House of Representatives, and is due for the same rubber stamp at Senate level.  It is important that Bush and his corporate supporters get it through before the media lets everyone know about MSG, the intentional Nicotine for food.

Several months ago, John Erb took his book and his concerns to one of the highest government health officials in Canada. While sitting in the Government office, the official told him "Sure I know how bad MSG is, I wouldn't touch the stuff!"  But this top-level government official refused to tell the public what he knew.  The big media doesn't want to tell the public either, fearing legal issues with their advertisers.  It seems that the fallout on the fast food industry may hurt their profit margin.

So what do we do?  The food producers and restaurants have been addicting us to their products for years, and now we are paying the price for it.  Our children should not be cursed with obesity caused by an addictive food additive.  But what can I do about it?  I'm just one voice, what can I do to stop the poisoning of our children, while guys like Bush are insuring financial protection for the industry that is poisoning us.  I for one am doing something about it.  I am sending this email out to everyone I know in an attempt to show you the truth that the corporate owned politicians and media won't tell you.

The best way you can help save yourself and your children from this drug-induced epidemic, is to forward this email to everyone.  With any luck, it will circle the globe before Bush can pass the Bill protecting those who poisoned us.  The food industry learned a lot from the tobacco industry.  Imagine if big tobacco had a bill like this in place before someone blew the whistle on Nicotine?  Blow the whistle on MSG.  If you are one of the few who can still believe that MSG is good for us, and you don't believe what John Erb has to say, see for yourself.  Go to the National Library of Medicine, at  Type in the words "MSG Obese", and read a few of the 115 medical studies that appear.

We do not want to be rats in one giant experiment, and we do not approve of food that makes us into a nation of obese, lethargic, addicted sheep, waiting for the slaughter.

With your help we can put an end to this, and stop the Slow Poisoning of America.

Let's save our children ... save all of us !!


My recommendations:

Let’s go back to basics and not only read the labels but refuse to eat anything that HAS a label.  If it has a label then the food is processed.  Does an apple have a label?  No.  Does a grapefruit, carrot, banana have a label?  Surely not.  So, let us vow not to eat anything that is processed and we can go one step further and say – let’s not insist to eat everything cooked.  That leaves food that is safe to eat; Food that is raw and living and we can relinquish the addiction to processed and adulterated food.  Hmmm – maybe I could lose those extra 20 pounds that I have tried to get rid of for the past 20 years or more.

Don’t you just HATE the way the food industry manipulates us, and how its hunger for profits knows no limits?  Thank you, Tommy, for sending this to me.

Best regards,

Jüergen Buche, ND.

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It is interesting to note that therapies for diabetes that increase insulin levels in the blood are associated with weight gain (insulin injections and sulfonylureas such as Diabinese and Micronase) while therapies that decrease insulin levels (such as Glucophage and the not-yet-released oral agent troglitazone) are associated with no weight gain or even weight loss.

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The "Real History" of our "Medical Industry"

[ Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance Between the U.S. "Establishment" and the Nazis – Before, During and After World War II – up to the Present.  (Focus on Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industries) ]

"In our dreams, we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.  The present educational conventions fade from our minds and unhampered by traditions, we work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk!"

"We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning, or men of science.  We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters.  We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply.

The task we set before ourselves is very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are.  So we will organize our children and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way, in the homes, in the shops and on the farm."

Rev. Fred T. Gates – General Education Board – 1904 Board's Occasional Letter No. 1

The General Education Board was founded and funded by J. D. Rockefeller and Carnegie as a tax shelter, and a way of promoting their industrial interests – oil, chemicals, drugs, etc.  They provided their favorite universities with lots of money to study and teach drug therapy.  In this way they weeded out their rivals who lacked the funds for equipment, staff and research.  As you know, this group did anything they could – legal or not – to stamp out their competition, and control their workers.  If they couldn't buy and control a business, they would seek to destroy it.  

Reverend Fred Gates – a Baptist Minister – worked for J. D. Rockefeller as a "spin doctor" and media consultant.  The above article appeared in the first issue of their publication.

This group had business agreements with I.G. Farben in Germany, involving resource exploitation, product development and marketing rights.  They expected to realize a 100 to 1 return on their "philanthropic contributions".  (On the eve of World War II the German chemical complex of I.G. Farben was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world.)

The Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, was established in 1902 and by 1928 had received from John D. Rockefeller $65 million in endowment funds.  (That would be close to a billion in today's dollars.)

An estimate in 1945 put the research expenditures of the drug companies at $40 million compared to $25 million for all the foundations, universities, and research institutes combined.

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, established in 1884, was the first cancer hospital in America. From 1940 through the mid-1950s it was the center for drug testing for the largest pharmaceutical companies.  Cornelius P. Rhoads, who had spent the 1930s at the Rockefeller Institute, became the director at Memorial Sloan-Kettering in 1939.  He remained in that position until his death in 1959. Rhoads was the head of the chemical warfare service from 1943-1945, and afterwards became the nation's premier advocate of chemotherapy.  According to Dr. Virginia Livingston-Wheeler, "Dr. Rhoads was determined to dictate the cancer policies of the entire country."

Memorial Sloan-Kettering is closely tied to the American Cancer Society.   The American Cancer Society was founded in 1913 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and his business associates.  Reorganized after the war, the power positions on its board were taken by pharmaceutical executives, advertising people, Sloan-Kettering trustees, and other orthodox treatment proponents.

For more information about the people involved, what they did, and when, you should read ...

"The Cancer Cure That Worked"  by Barry Lynes  –  ISBN 0-919951-30-9

More information about I.G. Farben and Standard Oil is discussed here.

Dr. Mengele received support for his death camp experiments from I.G. Farben.

Here is the story of B-17 and the politics of the "American" Medical Profession – Indeed, the story of "Orthodox Medicine" on our planet.   This is a transcript of a lecture given by G. Edwards Griffin, author of  "World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B-17".   This lecture contains much additional information about I.G. Farben and Standard Oil's involvement in the "Medical Industry".

Here is more about The History of the "Business With Disease"  at  Dr. Matthias Rath’s web site.

We must not judge these men too harshly, for they were unfortunate victims of their environment.  They were exposed to large quantities of mind-altering substances, and these substances had a profound effect on their health, happiness, and personality development.   Reviewing the science involved, should give one an empathic sense of forgiveness, and can offer an approach for our Planetary Advancement.

Behavioral Influences of Heavy Metals  Symptoms of Elemental Toxicities

A Careful Look at Heavy Metal Intoxication  Mercury is able to hide in body.

Heavy Metal Toxicology  Virtually all metals can produce toxicity.

Using Di-sodium EDTA as an Anionic Surfactant, and for chelating lead (Pb).

The Problem With Mercury  No Amount can be considered Safe !!!


"Few people who use the phrase today realize that there's a story of human suffering behind it; the term actually derives from an early industrial occupational disease. Felt hats were once very popular in North America and Europe; an example is the top hat. The best sorts were made from beaver fur, but cheaper ones used furs such as rabbit instead.

A complicated set of processes was needed to turn the fur into a finished hat. With the cheaper sorts of fur, an early step was to brush a solution of a mercury compound – usually mercurous nitrate – on to the fur to roughen the fibers and make them mat more easily, a process called carroting because it made the fur turn orange. Beaver fur had natural serrated edges that made this unnecessary, one reason why it was preferred, but the cost and scarcity of beaver meant that other furs had to be used.

Whatever the source of the fur, the fibers were then shaved off the skin and turned into felt; this was later immersed in a boiling acid solution to thicken and harden it. Finishing processes included steaming the hat to shape and ironing it. In all these steps, hatters working in poorly ventilated workshops would breathe in the mercury compounds and accumulate the metal in their bodies.

We now know that mercury is a cumulative poison that causes kidney and brain damage. Physical symptoms include trembling ( known at the time as hatter's shakes ), loosening of teeth, loss of co-ordination, and slurred speech; mental ones include irritability, loss of memory, depression, anxiety, and other personality changes. This was called mad hatter syndrome."        – Source  –

The people who then wore these "Fur Products" were then also Poisoned by "mercury fumes" !!!

The first emperor of China would sniff heated mercury to "get high" – induce visions.  His subsequent refusal to trade with the "dirty" Mongols, who were starving because of a drought on the "Steps", forced them into a lifestyle of violence and raiding that affected millions in Asia and Europe for centuries.

*Other Sources of Mercury Poisoning

Mercurochrome – used as an antiseptic until recently.
Antiseptic for superficial wounds and infections, preoperative preparation, mucous membranes and irrigation;
For sterilizing surgical instruments;
Explosives; Ammunition
– mercury fulminate;
In Paint Dental Amalgams;
Pesticides and perhaps chemical weapons;
As a preservative in modern vaccinations;
As a Cure for Syphilis before there were antibiotics;
Cathartic – a Medication for stimulating evacuation of the bowels;
As a stimulant and antiseptic for chancres; chronic ulcers and fungus infections of the skin;
Antiseptic used chiefly for inflammation of the eyelids and conjunctiva;
Has been used as a laxative, diuretic, and antiseptic;
As ointment in chronic eczema, parasitic skin diseases;
White reserve in fabric printing; tanning leather;
Mordant for rabbit and beaver furs; staining wood and vegetable ivory pink;
Preserving (kyanizing) wool and anatomical specimens – Taxidermy; also embalming; disinfecting;
As a reagent for wine coloring, barbital, and cystine;
Pigments for paint and dyes for clothing;
Manufacture of ink for mercurography; treating seed potatoes and grain seed;
Used to bind Gold to ceramics;
Gold and Silver products where the mercury used to process the metals wasn't totally removed – before electricity was used;
Diluting pigments for painting on porcelain; felt; destroying phylloxera;
For coloring plastics, sealing wax, and with FeSO4 for marking linen;
Manufacture of fancy colored papers; as a pigment; calomel paper; mixed with gold in painting on porcelain;
Coloring porcelain and chinaware green;
Fire gilding, blackening brass; gilding; – the process of applying gold leaf or a substance like gold to a surface.

Today, the power industry has become the US’s largest source of mercury emissions.

Rain contaminated with mercury from coal-fired electric plants is fouling Midwest lakes and rivers, according to a report released by environmental groups.

EPA officials estimated that about 50 tons of elemental mercury are emitted each year from U.S. coal-burning power plants, with lesser amounts coming from oil and gas-burning units. According to EPA estimates, emissions from coal-fired utilities account for 13 to 26 percent of the total (natural plus anthropogenic) airborne emissions of mercury in the United States.

Some typical concentrations of mercury in raw coal that is used for combustion in power generation are as follows depending on the coal seam that the coal is excavated from:

Central Appalachian     0.09 ppm
Pittsburgh A, in PA     0.15 ppm
Pratt/Utley in AL     0.29 ppm
Illinois #6 in IL     0.12 ppm
Lower Kittanning in PA     0.44 ppm
Kentucky #11 in KY     0.15 ppm

PLEASE NOTE:  These are huge and very dangerous numbers !!!   It is easy to see how coal burning in the past poisoned city dwellers in particular.

The U.S. Government predicts coal burning will account for 50% of global energy production by 2015.  There is not enough gas to go around, so power companies are turning back to coal.

The US has more coal than any other nation and 92 more coal-burning plants are planned for the U.S.  Although it can take a decade for approvals for just one, six are currently under construction in the U.S. and are due for completion between 2006 and 2007.

One hundred are under currently under construction in China, with around 1,000 more planned throughout Asia.

There are alternatives.  Technologies previously proven and demonstrated in the 1920s are being brought to market today with more "new ideas" on the way.

The Lutec 1000 "Free Energy Machine"

Hokei Minato:  Magnet Motor

Fuelless Motor Design Announced by GMC Holdings

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG)

*Symptoms associated with Mercury Intoxication

Chronic:   Inflammation of mouth and gums, swelling of salivary glands, excessive flow of saliva, loosening of teeth; kidney damage; muscle tremors, jerky gait, spasms of extremities; personality changes, discouragement, depression, irritability, nervousness, dementia, loss of motor coordination.

Mercury has been found to accumulate in vital organs and tissues, such as the liver, brain, and heart muscle. Major symptoms of mercury toxicity include Emotional Instability, tremors, gingivitis, and kidney failure. Some also believe mercury may be linked to multiple sclerosis and epileptic seizures. Further, its affect on the body's immune system is potentially devastating, possibly contributing to diseases such as leukemia and hematopoietic dycrasias.

*Psychiatric Disturbances

Irritability, aggression, temper tantrums;
Deficits in understanding abstract ideas and symbolism;
Degeneration of higher mental powers;
Anxiety; schizoid tendencies; irrational fears;
Poor concentration, attention, response inhibition;
Speech comprehension deficits;
Poor short-term, verbal, and auditory memory;
Repetitive, preservative, stereotypic behaviors; obsessive-compulsive tendencies;
Depression / depressive traits, mood swings, flat affect; impaired face recognition;
Uneven performance on IQ subtests; verbal IQ higher than performance IQ;
Verbalizing and word retrieval problems;
Social deficits, shyness, social withdrawal;
Poor visual and perceptual motor skills;
Impairment in simple reaction time;
Lacks eye contact; impaired visual fixation;
Deficits in eye-hand coordination;
Limb apraxia;
Intention tremors;
Dysarthria; articulation problems;
Flapping, myoclonal jerks, choreiform movements;
Circling, rocking, trembling, toe walking, unusual postures.

*The above are extracts from my page on Mercury.  I have a lot more information posted.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no easy – non-invasive – way to determine the amount on mercury present in a body.  The usual tests – hair, blood and urine – give false readings for several reasons.  First, mercury quickly binds to some part of the body that contains sulfur – its favorite partner – and therefore doesn’t remain un-bonded in the blood and subsequently isn’t removed by the kidneys under normal conditions.

Additionally, most test instruments are calibrated to only detect the metal configurations of the "transition group of elements" and don't see single atoms, which are "un-bonded".  In order to see the bonded ones, you must do a very broad-spectrum analysis, which was time consuming and expensive in the past.

In order to properly determine the "mercury load" in the body, one must undergo a "Chelation Challenge" where a powerful multiple bonding agent such as DMPS is given intravenously and the urine is then collected and analyzed.  EDTA doesn’t remove mercury from the body, however many foods containing sulfur will.  Selenium is also reported to remove mercury from the body.

I am hopeful that new technology, particularly the "SQUID scanners",  ( Superconducting QUantum Interference Device ) can be calibrated to do the job in the near future.

My college major was psychology, focusing on learning and psychopharmacology.  I am quite alarmed that the topic of "Heavy Metal Intoxication" was never addressed in any of my course work.  Also, none of the M.D. doctors with whom I have been interacting had any schooling along these lines.  Since mercury and lead cause learning disabilities, this topic should have been high on the list even for freshman university courses.  Today studies confirm that aluminum and fluorine also cause learning disabilities at low levels.

Attempting to determine the personality changes brought on by mercury intoxication is quite difficult in light of the fact that most people have exposure to multiple toxins and no one wants to do a long term study requiring the intentional poisoning of test subjects.

Statistical studies of the population are further hampered by "doctor patient" privilege, and the situation has become progressively worse in recent years.  There currently are laws on the books that prevent the listing of  "cause of death" on death certificates and there is no national database listing adverse reactions to product chemicals or medications.   Chemical causes of death are seldom even tested for during normal autopsies.

In general terms mercury intoxication produces psychosis – a severe mental disorder in a person, characterized by derangement of personality and loss of contact with reality and causing deterioration of normal social functioning.  Their shyness and social withdrawal prevents them from feeling a part of the community at large, thereby generating anxiety, schizoid tendencies and irrational fears.

They usually adopt a grandiose view of themselves that is unrealistic and have overconfidence in their abilities.  They always know what is best and can therefore ignore what "a lesser person" has to contribute.  Their mood swings take them from feelings of elation – hyper-excitement – to fearfulness where they feel that people are "out to get them" and they feel the need to strike first before the "other guy" has a chance to act.

Universally they are obsessive, which can lead to "great art" or "great wars".  Their inability to understand abstract ideas and symbolism; their poor concentration, attention span, and response inhibition has produced countless military blunders throughout history with the loss of millions of lives.

In the past, toxic exposure to lead was on an equal if not greater level than mercury.  It is widely known that lead also causes a decrease in mental performance.  Lead was used to sweeten wine, make pewter, water pipes – and worse wine pipes – pigments for paints (lead produces the brightest white and mosaic gold), used to make varnish for hand rails and furniture; it is still common in pesticides; used to bond porcelain to bath tubs, sinks etc.; at one time for pencils; also matches and explosives; ointments; as an additive in gasoline to prevent "knocking" and to lubricate engine valves.  It was also used for coloring sulfur-containing substances, e.g., hair, nails, wool; dyeing and printing cottons; and many, many more products.

It has been found that toxic blood levels of lead can be obtained just by being in an indoor shooting range for just a couple of hours.  All of today’s ammunition also contains mercury, but that study wasn’t setup to determine exposure to this toxin.

A few years ago, most people wouldn’t have believed that one could absorb "bio-active" quantities of toxic substances through the skin.  However, today with all the different types of medicinal patches being marketed, it should be easy to accept that this was a major source of toxic substance exposure, especially in the days before good mordents were developed for fabrics – a little sweat could release enormous quantities of toxins.

Whodunit?   Forget the Butler.   All Clues Lead to Lead.

Social scientists have always been fascinated by the startling rise in crime rates that took place in the 20th Century, and the equally precipitous drop-off that those same rates experienced in the 90s.  Now researchers think they may have discovered what really did all the wrongdoing:  The vast amounts of lead introduced into the post-WWII environment by leaded gasoline.  And that’s not all...hormone disruptors may be getting in on all the illicit action, too.

The first of several recent studies to indicate that environmental pollutants may play a key role in overall levels of crime reached its conclusion quite by accident.  Economic consultant Rick Nevin was hired by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of removing lead paint from public housing projects.  While the advantages of lead-free housing were clear (and clearly priceless in our view), Nevin was startled to find a fairly obvious relationship between the widespread use of leaded gasoline and the violent crime wave experienced by the country from approximately 1950 to 1990.

The use of leaded gasoline exploded in the boom following WWII, and by the time this use peaked in the mid-1970s, nearly everyone had some level of lead poisoning.  Children were especially vulnerable.  At the time lead was eliminated from gasoline, close to 80% of all children had levels of lead that would exceed today’s federal safety limit of 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood.  Inner city children were especially hard hit, living as they often did in lead-painted housing and breathing air with high concentrations of automobile exhaust.

Nevin found that the much-discussed juvenile crime wave of the 1950s began just as the first generation of children significantly exposed to leaded gasoline became teenagers.  In subsequent years, as lead contamination in the environment steadily increased, so did rates of violent crime.  This trend suddenly reversed in the 1990s, which Nevin found coincided with the first generation of children to enjoy a substantially less lead-contaminated environment as a result of the lead gasoline phase-out reached their teens.  Nevin also pointed out that nearly identical corresponding patterns could be noted in Great Britain, France, Australia and other countries.

The results of the research dovetail nicely with other studies on the effects lead has on human behavior.  Fordham University law professor Deborah Denno, for example, studied some 3,000 different attributes to see if it was possible to identify determining factors for criminal behavior. Lead exposure was found to be the number one most reliable indicator.

Fortunately, lead levels have declined precipitously since the 1970s. According to the EPA, the number of children under age 6 with high blood lead levels has fallen from 4.7 million in 1978 to 300,000 today.  As more and more lead paint is removed from homes, this number is expected to drop further, and lead poisoning, hopefully, will become a thing of the past.

But just as lead is fading out, a new behavioral threat may be emerging. According to new research from Japan, rising levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the environment may be causing more than endocrine damage to the human body.  According to reports from the June 25th meeting of the Japan Society of Endocrine Disrupters Research, these substances may also be causing abnormal behaviors and triggering crimes of their own.

This recent meeting highlighted several studies that focused on such concerns.  One project found that rats exposed to the common chemical Bisphenol-A had a more difficult time negotiating a maze than their unexposed peers and displayed behaviors that suggested they were suffering from some kind of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Another study found that female rats whose mothers had been exposed to the common endocrine-disrupting herbicide Glufosinate demonstrated extreme aggression towards other rats.

While more research is needed, such findings clearly point out that hormone-disrupting chemicals have great potential to become "the new lead."  They are a class of materials that are just as dangerous and equally in need of severe restrictions, if not an outright ban.

For more on the HUD lead study, see the journal Environmental Research 2000; 83: 1–22.


What the Body Knows
Published: March 4, 2004  NY Times

"It's hard for most of us to think of an autopsy as an essential part of (a) normal medical practice.  It seems, somehow, so after the fact. In the past few decades, the rate at which hospitals conduct autopsies has plummeted, to perhaps 5 percent of hospital deaths today, from 41 percent in 1961.  No one knows the exact number because the National Center for Health Statistics stopped collecting autopsy numbers after 1994, when the rate stood at 9.4 percent.

But autopsies have not declined because they're useless. In fact, most studies confirm that autopsies regularly turn up surprises, including mistaken diagnoses, undiscovered conditions and, in a small but steady number of cases, diagnosis and treatment errors that may have led to death.  The numbers are not trivial.  One study examined 1,000 autopsies between 1983 and 1988 and found that there were 'major discrepancies between the autopsy findings and the clinical diagnosis' in 317 cases.

Autopsies have dwindled for a number of reasons.  Hospitals were once required to perform them to be accredited, but that requirement ended in 1971.  Insurance companies do not pay for autopsies.  But the problem really lies in our attitude toward them.  In recent years, families have become increasingly reluctant to authorize autopsies, and doctors too often believe that modern diagnostic tools like CAT scans and M.R.I.'s have made them obsolete.  Yet underlying these reasons is another, more pervasive one: the risk of malpractice suits.  An autopsy that uncovers an error in treatment also uncovers the potential for litigation. Never mind that it may improve subsequent diagnoses.

An overwhelming amount of what we know about the human body and its diseases was discovered by means of autopsies.  X-rays and M.R.I.'s may create the illusion that the human body is now, somehow, translucent, more open to the scientific eye, but the fact remains that in many ways, we are still as opaque as we ever were.  Hospitals can discover how well they're doing not only by the number of people they cure, but also by closely examining a reasonable percentage of those they don't cure.  To assume that a patient has died of a diagnosed disease is, too often, to assume too much."

Additional reading material:

"The Hunt For Zero Point" by Nick Cook  –  ISBN 0-7679-0627-6   © 2001 is a good read and provides many additional insights into the relationships between U.S. and German industries.  It is a Must Read if you are into history or a teacher.

"Lost Science" by Gerry Vassilatos  –  ISBN 0-932813-75-5    © 1999 provides important historical business insights regarding science and industry and ways for us to solve many of our problems.  This one is a Must Read for all science teachers.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

More Drug Company Deception:   "The public is being regularly deceived by the drug trials funded by pharmaceutical companies, loaded to generate the results they need. ...

They have founded a spoof company called Harlot – which stands for 'How to Achieve positive Results without actually Lying to Overcome the Truth.' ...  Sackett and Oxman, both experts on the design and analysis of trials, describe 13 methods for getting the results you want.  ...  One of the commonest methods is to test a new drug not against an effective treatment but against a placebo ..."

Here is the full article ...,3858,4835656-110418,00.html

When I was in college I took a required course in statistical analysis.  On the first day of class the teacher began his lecture by saying, "Well, I guess you could call this a class on how to lie with numbers."  — Tommy C. —

Death By Medicine  –  October 2003

Gary Null PhD,  Carolyn Dean MD ND,  Martin Feldman MD,  Debora Rasio MD,  Dorothy Smith PhD.


A definitive review and close reading of medical peer-review journals, and government health statistics shows that American medicine frequently causes more harm than good!  The number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed medicine is 2.2 million.  Dr. Richard Besser, of the CDC, in 1995, said the number of unnecessary antibiotics prescribed annually for viral infections was 20 million.  Dr. Besser, in 2003, now refers to tens of millions of unnecessary antibiotics.  The number of unnecessary medical and surgical procedures performed annually is 7.5 million.  The number of people exposed to unnecessary hospitalization annually is 8.9 million.  The total number of iatrogenic deaths shown in the following table is 783,936.  It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States.  The 2001 heart disease annual death rate is 699,697; the annual cancer death rate, 553,251.

Annual Physical and Economic Cost of Medical Intervention
Condition Deaths Cost Author
Adverse Drug Reactions 106,000 $12 billion Lazarou, Suh
Medical error 98,000 $2 billion IOM
Bedsores 115,000 $55 billion Xakellis, Barczak
Infection 88,000 $5 billion Weinstein, MMWR
Malnutrition 108,800
----- ? -----
Nurses Coalition
Outpatients 199,000 $77 billion Starfield, Weingart
Unnecessary Procedures 37,136 $122 billion HCUP
Surgery-Related 32,000 $9 billion AHRQ
TOTAL     783,936 $282 billion One person every 40 seconds !!!

Read The Full Article

Leading causes of death in 1997 and the number of "Americans" who died from each. The data are based on an annual review of death certificates by the National Center for Health Statistics.   (Laws have recently been passed forbidding the listing of the cause of death, on death certificates! — [ Out of sight, out of mind? ])

  1. Heart disease,  725,790   –   83 people per hour.
  2. Cancer,  537,390   –   61 people per hour.
  3. Stroke,  159,877   –   18 people per hour.
  4. Lung disease,  110,637.
  5. Accidents**,  92,191.
  6. Pneumonia and Influenza,  88,383.
  7. Diabetes,  62,332.
  8. Suicide,  29,725.
  9. Kidney disease,  25,570.
  10. Liver disease,  24,765.
  11. Blood poisoning,  22,604.
  12. Alzheimer's disease,  22,527.
  13. Homicide,  18,774.
  14. HIV and AIDS,  16,685.
  15. Hardening of arteries,  15,884   –   2 people per hour.
  16. All other causes, 361,635.
    ** "Bad reactions to prescription and over-the-counter medicines kill more than 100,000 "Americans" and seriously injure an additional 2.1 million every year."   — Reference —

"Trust Me ... I’m a Doctor"
** Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND
Author of "Dead Doctors Don’t Lie"
Copyright 1997

Doctor Wallach performed 17,500 autopsies on animals and 3,000 on humans looking for chemical causes of death.  His insights are very important for understanding "The Science of Health".   He discusses, in the audio clips below, how proper nutrition can reverse many diseases, and also many prevailing medical misconceptions.

Because Dr. Wallach was a veterinarian (who later became a N.D.) and did most of his studies with animals – who produce vitamin C in their bodies naturally – he didn't fully realize the ROLES that vitamin C plays in our bodies and often fails to mention, in this talk, that in many cases vitamin C is necessary in addition to his recommendations to accomplish a given function in human bodies.  (He does include vitamin C in his book "Let's Play Doctor" though.)  Naturopathic physicians emphasize the prevention of disease, and the body's inherent healing ability.

Will Rogers said, "If you need a good doctor, get a veterinarian; animals can't tell him what's wrong, he's just got to know!"

Sound Track Index from CD

Part one – mp3 file ...

1.  Introduction – 0:36
2.  Biography – 3:53
3.  Longevity – 8:07
4.  Salt – 1:59
5.  Nutrition – 1:10
6.  Cholesterol  (The brain is 75% by weight cholesterol) – 1:05
7.  Alzheimer’s Disease  ("a physician caused disease") – 2:27

Part two – mp3 file ...

8.  *Arthritis – 4:59   Arthritis – possible causes and treatment   Dr. Nieper Discusses Arthritis
9.  Anti Cancer Diet – 2:49   Tests in China link beta-carotene, vitamin E and selenium
10.  Exercise – 2:10
11.  How Old Can You Live To Be – 4:49
12.  Bio Medical Research – 4:14

Part three – mp3 file ...

13.  Surveys About Doctors – 3:32
14.  Lining Doc’s Pockets – 0:49
15.  Given Radiation as a Baby – 1:09
16.  Cut-off Wrong One – 0:48
17.  Leaving Operating Room – 1:19
18.  Live 101, Death 102 – 1:56
19.  Never Say You’re the Doctor – 2:28
20.  Dead Doctors Don’t Lie – 1:53
21.  Editor of Lancing – 0:31
22.  Coronary Aneurysm, Copper (Also, Vitamin C is needed) – 3:13
23.  Cardiomyopthy – Keshan Disease, Selenium – 0:45
24.  Athlete Early Warning System – 1:16

Part four – mp3 file ...

25.  Early Warning Mineral Deficiency – 0:40
26.  Pica and Crib Biting (cribbing) – 2:22
27.  Plants and the 4 Food Groups – 0:48
28.  Minerals and The Soil – 1:14
29.  U.S. Senate Document 264 – 0:53
30.  *Calcium – 3:17
31.  Surgery Instead of Minerals – 0:55
32.  Cash Cow – 2:28
33.  Pills In The Porta-Potty – 1:55
34.  Conclusions – 5:46

BIOlogical TRANSmutations
A radical concept comes of age.

Dr. Wallach and others state that plants and animals can't produce the minerals that they need for good health in their bodies – minerals must come from an outside source, they say.  This is not entirely true.  As our scientific test equipment becomes ever more sophisticated we are observing a very interesting and important mechanism at work.

We are observing a "Biological Transmutation Process" occurring at least in the cases of the more important elements – those that are most critical for the basic life processes.

One process controls the pH in our body.  Another transmutes silicon into calcium – an element that is very hard for bio-organisms to assimilate.  Providing the body with "organic silicon" instead of calcium can speed up bone healing and can readily repair arthritic joints.

One of the most important relationships in body chemistry is the sodium to potassium ratio, and there is a transmutation process that regulates this.

There is even an endothermic transmutation process that regulates body temperature in very hot climates allowing a person to live and work without becoming totally dehydrated.  It does appear that sweating alone is incapable of cooling the body sufficiently in the desert.  Just look at how long the hard working camel can go without water and be amazed.

And, since plants need almost as much magnesium as they do phosphorus, it explains why magnesium is never included in plant foods or applied to the soil by farmers and yet we almost never see a magnesium deficiency in plants.

Open your mind to "new" amazing possibilities and see if you agree that the research studies presented by this author are strong enough for us to demand from our research community that more studies be performed.

BIOlogical TRANSmutations
by  Professor C. Louis Kervran

"The movement of life stems from the constant change of one element into another."

* * * * * * * * * *

Here is a way for you to make your own "Chelated Colloidal Mineral Water".

It is important to read labels.  Many times a label might say calcium (as calcium sulfate) and the number presented is the amount of calcium sulfate not the amount of calcium present in the tablet.  Calcium sulfate is not very soluble and is hard to keep in solution with other materials – as I quickly learned with my hydroculture work.  Also, some Oyster Shell calcium has tested high in heavy metals – oysters from polluted waters.

*I checked Citrcal® and found it to be a good honest product.  Calcium citrate is very soluble and these tablets dissolve quickly in water.  Each tablet weights 1.16 grams.  Calcium citrate is 20.726% calcium.  The label says two tablets provide 400 mg of calcium.  20.726% of 2.32 is 0.4808 grams.  The 0.0808 accounts for the fillers that hold the tablet together.  Therefore, 5 tablets will provide you with 1 gram of elemental calcium.  If you have arthritis, you will need to take this amount twice a day.  Remember, it takes vitamin D and boron for calcium to be properly utilized !!!  Calcium is best taken on an empty stomach with lots of water – a full glass or more in this case.

"Staying Healthy and Well Fed"
[ KSFR Radio Talk Show sound clip with host Diego Mulligan and guest Tommy Cichanowski ]

—  Note Worthy  —
Could this be the beginning of "Star Trek Technology"?

"Tiny flashes of infrared light can play a role in healing wounds, building muscle, turning back the worst effects of diabetes and repairing blinded eyes.  Wound-healing time was cut in half on board the USS Salt Lake City, a nuclear sub.  And, diode flashes improved healing of Navy SEALs’ training injuries by more than 40 percent.  Also, a prototype was used by U.S. Special Forces units in Iraq.

This Food and Drug Administration-approved, handheld LED device – playfully called Warp 10 for its Star Trek style – was originally developed by NASA to stimulate plant growth.  Now, the agency wants to use the gadgets to build astronauts' muscles during weightlessness.  DNA synthesis in muscle cells quintupled after a single application of LEDs flashing at the 680–, 730– and 880–nanometer wavelengths."

Full article:

Nitric Oxide:  It's Role in Diabetes, Peripheral Neuropathy, and Wound Healing
Here is the scientific hypothesis of how this device may work

[ I visited a clinic in Milwaukee Wisconsin with Peter Holzhauer, M.D. to see this device in action.  Both the therapist and patient were quite impressed with it.  — Tommy — ]

"The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens"

by  Christopher Bird – 1991
Coauthor of the International Best-selling
"The Secret Life of Plants" and "Secrets of the Soil"

The True Story of the Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for
Cancer, AIDS, and Other Immunologically Based Diseases.

Gaston Naessens won several court cases defending the validity of his work.

Gaston Naessens  – a biologist – immigrated to Canada in 1964 from France and spent thirteen years developing a biochemical product – a camphor derivative – that he called 714-X.  By 1991, he had used it on 1,000 advanced cancer patients.  Using a high powered optical microscope he developed, he discovered the SOMATID, an ultra-microsopic sub-cellular living and reproducing entity, which many scientists believe is the precursor of DNA and which may be the building block of all terrestrial life.  He went on to study the Somatid Cycle – visible in the blood of every human – which, when properly interpreted, can pre-diagnose degenerative diseases by up to eighteen months.  This science helped him develop his 714-X treatment protocol.

Gaston Naessens’ anti-cancer camphor-nitrogen compound (Camphorminium Chloride) has a 75% success rate on patients that other doctors have sent home to die.

[ The nitrogen is carried to tumor cells so avid for the element they have been called "nitrogen traps."  By flooding the body with nitrogen and thus sating the cancerous cells, the same action also suppresses a secretion (by the cancer cells) that, as Naessens discovered, paralyzes the immune system. ]

For his efforts, the Canadian version of the AMA took him to court and tried to send him to jail.  Thanks to his friends, who financed his defense, he won ALL court cases.

The Canadian Government licenses his 714X product for export.  However, most U.S. doctors are afraid to prescribe it thinking they could loose their "Medical Licenses" or "Hospital Privileges".

— Canadian Radio Interview —

Interviewer:  "Gaston Naessens, is your 714-X really effective?"

Naessens:  "Absolutely!  It builds up the immune system so that all the body's natural defenses can regain the upper hand.  I don't make that claim in a void, because there are a lot of people around who were gravely ill with cancer who can now state they have gotten well due to my treatment. ...

Let's get to the heart of the matter!  The medical community, on the one hand, and I, on the other, speak completely different languages.  That anomaly connects to the important fact that all approved anticancer therapies are focused only on cancer tumors and cancerous cells.  The reigning philosophy, medically speaking, is that a cytolitic (cell killing) method must be used to destroy all cancer cells in a body stricken with that disease.

But I, on the contrary, have developed a therapy based on what has been called the body's whole terrain!  To understand that, you have to realize that, every day, our bodies produce cancerous cells in no great amount.  It's our healthy immune system that gets rid of them.  My 714-X allows a weakened, or hampered, immune system to come back to full strength, so that it can do its proper job!

If medical "experts" pronounce my product worthless, it might even be admitted that, in terms of their own scientific philosophy, they are making some sense.  This is largely because, when they examine my product for any cytotoxic effect it might have, they find none.

Interviewer:  Is the Medical Corporation (Canadian equivalent of the U.S. AMA) interested in sitting down and talking with you, or running tests to verify your product?

Naessens:  No!  Because they firmly believe that any success it might have is due to some link of "psychological" effect, and they say that the product contains nothing that could possibly be of benefit.

Interviewer:  Where did they get that idea?

Naessens:  It seems that, with officialdom, it's always a case of misinformation, or of bad faith.  If this whole affair were limited to patients I've successfully treated, patients who might have remained silent, I would still have small hope that my research will one day be recognized.  But, now, a crucial turning point has been reached.  I'm back in the international limelight.  My arrest, incarceration, and indictment are important if only because, immediately following them, people "in the know" have begun to take action on my behalf.  That being so, the medical community's negative reaction is no longer the only, or the dominant, one!  It may be too bad that all this has to be thrashed out not in a scientific forum, but in a court of law.  But that's the way it is.  In my upcoming trial, many of my patients' cases will be examined, one by one, and exposed in full detail, in the courtroom!  So the medical "authorities" will no longer be the sole judges.  ...

I wouldn't want you to think that I'm even trying to boast when I say that my work represents a brand new horizon in biology!  I have found a successful way of adjusting a delicate biological mechanism.  I have no pretensions beyond that!  If I can be of service to anyone, my laboratory is always open."

[ And his lab is.  One member of my study group has been welcomed there.   — Tommy — ]

—   Somatid Studies in Germany   —

Read more ...

Also see …

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife

Dr. Rife was a gifted inventor and pathologist.  He was the first to show that bacteria could serve as hosts for viruses and went on to establish a virus connection to cancer.

He was able to produce an Optical Microscope that could achieve 60,000 diameters of magnification under special conditions and 35,000 diameters during normal use; at a time when the best other microscopes could achieve was 2,500 diameters.  This allowed him to watch living organisms for prolonged periods of time while he performed his experiments.  He was able to PROVE that many, if not most, cancers are caused by a "Pleomorphic Organism" that can be destroyed – resonantly shattered – with a very small and safe dose of electromagnetic energy.

His electronic device was effective against cancer, tetanus, typhoid, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococci, pneumonia, streptococci, tuberculosis, sarcoma, carcinoma, leprosy, polio, cholera, actinomycosis, glanders, bubonic plague, anthrax, influenza, herpes, cataracts, glaucoma, colitis, sinus, ulcers, lock-jaw bacillus, and many other virus bacteria and fungi.  His overall success rate was over 90% – verified through clinical studies !!!

As a reward for his dedicated efforts to help humanity, the AMA took him to court and drove him into bankruptcy.  He did however win the court cases.  In spite of that the government seized his devices and ordered doctors not to use them.

Many people are claiming to be selling "Rife Devices".  Most of these units are garbage and additionally won’t comply with FCC rules !!!  To make matters worse, these units have not been subjected to the same rigorous testing that Rife demanded for his units.

I have access to a modern space age solid state "True Rife Device" and am looking for brave souls to work with me to do the needed and proper clinical studies.  There is an Optical Microscope being made in Germany today that can be used for this purpose.

Read More ...
Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays

Holistic Cancer Therapy

What Autopsies Show:  "I studied autopsies of ... patients who had been treated with massive doses of antibiotics for weeks before death:  the antibiotics failed to kill the cancer microbes. I saw the microbe in tissues that had been burned with massive doses of radiation ... I saw the microbe thriving in cancerous tissue that had been blitzed with chemotherapy; the cancer cells were destroyed, but the ... microbe remained!  Nothing fazed the cancer microbe: not surgery, not radiation, not antibiotics, not chemotherapy ..." (Alan Cantwell, Jr. M.D., "The Cancer Microbe", 1990, p 115.)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Royal Raymond Rife was able to demonstrate conclusively that this "Cancer Microbe" was a "Pleomorphic Organism" that changed form and became aggressive when there are chemical changes in the body's chemistry that supports its new form.  His work was reviewed and replicated by other doctors thereby supporting the paradigm that most cancers, if not all, are initiated by an aggressive virus.  (Radiation can alter chemical reactions as well as destroy critical aspects of our body's immune system that would normally control cancer cells.)

The following Holistic Protocol is built upon this simple paradigm.

Many find it hard to accept that we actually attract disease into our lives.  Somewhere along the line, we make critical decisions that determine the health of our body.  My formal studies in psychology and metaphysics have provided me with an awareness that allows me to observe this "mind body connection" operating in people's lives.  Many people actually enjoy their disease because it allows them to get attention, or allows them to avoid doing something that is adverse to them.

Therefore, the first issue that needs to be addressed in any therapy is, does the person really want to get well?  Is their desire for good health strong enough for them to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to "cast out" the disease condition permanently and achieve a state of good health?  If that desire isn't present, the disease will come back or another will take its place.  (Even Jesus spoke of this.)

Diseases and handicaps often help us learn important lessons in life.  I often hear people say that their disease experience has helped them learn something important.  That the experience has made them a better person and has given them a greater appreciation of life!  A lesson learned need not be repeated.

Stress Reduction – the first step for getting well:  Our primary goal needs to be that of helping our body's natural defenses become strong enough to conquer the disease condition.  This often requires a change in attitude that leads to a more relaxed state of being.  Tension – stress of any kind – inhibits the body's ability to heal itself.  Blood vessels contract limiting blood flow and chemical reactions are altered to emphasize the "fight / flight" status rather than the relaxed healing mode of renewal.

Quite often what is needed is a Good Friend who has the ability to listen without being judgmental.  Being able to talk through stressful experiences is frequently all that is needed to bring about a change in attitude that will promote healing.

If a person has suppressed the stressful experience and has a block preventing discussion, Kinesiology is often very effective.  A trained person can use "muscle testing" to uncover subconscious issues in order to open the door for healing, which can often be assisted using a homeopathic substance.

Psychotherapy is effective for some.  However, because of the limited training provided to psychotherapists, you may be better off just studying this web site.  The use of drugs by psychotherapists will rarely do more than numb the pain allowing you to get worse and become a good source of income for the psychotherapist.

Before going to a psychologist for depression, you should first find a specialist who can test you for allergies and food intolerances.   Milk, wheat and corn, etc. cause problems for millions of people and can produce a depressed state of mind.  Also, these items can cause Celiac Disease.

Celiac Disease:  (gluten enteropathy, non-tropical spruce) is perhaps the most underrated disease in America today.  Celiac disease is characterized by a loss of villi (finger-like projections) from the small intestines and a scaring of the supportive tissue which effectively reduces the absorptive surface by as much as 70%.  Classically celiac disease is caused by wheat gluten sensitivity, thus "gluten free diets".  If this change was limited to wheat only, it would be of small consequence because it is easily recognized, however cow's milk albumen and soy protein will also cause these same physical changes in the gut.  The loss of villi and scaring of the supportive tissue of the small intestine can progress to the point where by age 45 – 50 years, 90% of the intestine can be damage resulting in a significant reduction of absorptive surface.  The result is poor assimilation of nutrients, which are the raw materials for tissue repair, growth and maintenance of the immune system.   –  Dr. Joel D. Wallach

Some people feel low and depressed only in the winter and are fine in the summer.  These people need more bright blue-green light during the winter.

Other people have blood sugar problems that can produce a depressed state.  Hypoglycemia is often over looked as a probable cause of depression.  Ask your doctor to do a "Six-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test" before opting for any drug therapy.

It has long been known that a lack of sufficient B vitamins in the diet can produce a mild form of depression that can be quickly corrected with better nutrition – B12 will help reduce anxiety.  There are 24 fractions in the B complex.  A couple of these fractions might not do anything, however I am constantly coming across studies that identify functions for the ones that many people currently ignore.

B vitamins in particular can be easily destroyed by light, oxygen and heat.  This points out the need to have raw and unprocessed foods in one's daily diet.  The B vitamins are concentrated in the part of the plant that is capable of growth – imagine that – and therefore are removed when grain is "degermed" or when many plants are "peeled".   ( Cautionary Note:  The growing parts of potatoes need to be avoided since they have high levels of toxins – nightshade. )

"Heavy Metal Intoxication" can also bring about depression.  If you have any of the symptoms in this list you should seek out a specialist to rule out these possibilities.

Once you rule out the nutritional and toxic material causes of depression, you can then proceed to counseling to work out any self-esteem issues.  A depressed person usually will have a hard time mustering the needed "desire to live" that is required for holistic self-healing.  That is why I have this issue at the top of the list !!!

Get The Lead Out:  Our livers must be healthy for our bodies to combat disease.  There is a high correlation between low-level lead exposure and liver (renal) disease.  This points out the necessity of removing toxins from the body before our immune system can swing into high gear.   Aluminum levels of only 3-4 parts per million can stop cell division during the "S phase" preventing new growth.   Mercury has so many ways of harming our bodies that it will take 40 pages of paper to print out what I have posted.

Almost any metal can be toxic at some level, however most people who suffer from metal toxicity have abnormally high levels of cadmium, arsenic, lead, copper, mercury, tin, aluminum, or a combination of these. Free radical damage is frequently the trigger, which leads to malignant changes in previously normal cells.   EDTA is effective for safely removing most of these with the notable exception of mercury.  Mercury requires an agent such as DMPS  (2,3-Dimercaptopropane-1-sulfonate) to free the mercury that is "hiding in the body".

There is also a whole range of organic toxins that can chemically stress the body.  It is hard to make generalizations; however, vitamin C and lots of pure water can help remove many of them.  If you suspect that you have been heavily exposed to organic toxins, it is best for you to seek out a specialist.

Strengthening The Immune System

Vitamins:  The immune system can't work properly without the correct amount of vitamin C !!!!  If you have cancer or an infectious disease, 10 grams per day (10,000 mg) is NOT excessive.  I had to exceed 20 grams a day for more than 10 days to experience any side effects, and these were quite mild.

[ I had created a drink using powered ascorbic acid and unrefined cane sugar.  I found it so tasty that I consumed large quantities of it.  After about two weeks I experienced mild symptoms that one usually associates with a cold.  I did the math and discovered that I had consumed about 280 grams – more than one half pound – of vitamin C over that period.  The symptoms quickly went away when I returned to my normal dose of 7 grams a day – 1 gram per 25 pounds of body weight.]

One of the most important things that vitamin C does for you is to control "Free Radicals" which can disrupt or destroy critical components of your immune system.  When taken with meals, vitamin C also helps in the absorption of critical nutrients by chelating them.

I keep stressing the importance of B vitamins.  When the B complex was first studied in the laboratory, it was "fractioned" into 24 separate components.  The function of less than half of these vitamin fractions have been studied in humans so far and not all of these are even included in today's vitamin tablets.  The one that should concern us most in this discussion is vitamin B17 or Amygdalin (Nitrilosides).

We hear today about research that is looking for a "magic bullet" to use against cancer – a substance that can take a toxin and deliver it right into a cancer cell.  Well, this is exactly what B17 does.  But since Mother Nature and not a chemical a company created it, it can't be patented and therefore it is being hotly opposed by the pharmaceutical industry.

Like B12, B17 has a cyanide molecule as part of its makeup – we all know how toxic cyanide is.  Studies with the preparation "Laetrile" have shown B17 to be quite effective in shrinking cancer tumors.  (Some people don't like to call B17 a vitamin.)

B17 is sometimes called "almond bitters" because this is one of the main ingredients that give almonds their characteristic flavor.  The ratio of the different B vitamin fractions varies considerably from plant to plant.  The nut kernel inside of the pit of the apricot has one of the highest concentrations of B17 of any plant.  This concentration is so high that it is recommended that you eat no more than five (5) per day in order to prevent cyanide poisoning.

{ B17 contains a cyanide ingredient that is harmful to cancer cells.  It is most effective for preventing cancer if taken regularly by eating a few bitter seeds of stone fruits or pip fruits (for example, apricot, bitter almond, apple).  Other good sources are sprouted seeds, alfalfa, mung beans, millet, and lentils.  Professionally, a purified product, known as laetrile, can be taken orally or as injections for cancer treatment.  To be effective, laetrile must be used in conjunction with cleansing, supplements and correct diet.}

The B complex is extremely important for cellular growth and the maintenance of a strong immune system.  It is therefore imperative that you seek out multiple sources if you have a health challenge.  Wheat germ and rice polishings are concentrated sources if the product hasn't gone rancid.  Whole grains, nuts, beans and brewer's yeast are others.  In general the B vitamins are concentrated in the parts of the plants that are capable of growth.

Minerals:  By the early 1950's approximately 64 different elements had been identified in plants by researchers.  Today, using more sophisticated equipment, several more have been identified.  Pathologists have identified at least 72 different elements in the human body at autopsy without using the new equipment.  And yet, this topic has received surprising little attention in the research and medical communities.  There are still practicing doctors today who believe that only 14 different elements are required for the human body !!!

Just because an element is present in an organism doesn't automatically mean that it is an essential component.  Plants and animals do have mechanisms that can concentrate essential atoms and reject unnecessary or harmful elements, but there is almost always a number of atoms that manage to enter an organism that are either non-essential or potentially harmful.

That being said, I think it is safe to say that there are more than fifty atoms that are required for good health, even though my personal list for hydroculture currently has only thirty-four.  I have found references to several more atoms being essential, but I'm not comfortable recommending an atom until I have found at least three well performed studies that show need.  A couple of these atoms are ones we have problems with because they are often naturally present in potentially toxic amounts.  Therefore my thinking is that they will make their way into my hydroculture system without any additional help from me.  There is a general rule in hydroculture that "twice optimum is toxic" that plays out with remarkable consistency.  I see this rule applying to humans quite often also, so it is prudent to keep this idea prevalent in your thinking.

In hydroculture we divide essential atoms into three groups:  The "Major Elements" which consist of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, silicon, chlorine and sulfur.  The "Trace Elements" include sodium, magnesium, zinc, boron, selenium, chromium, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, lithium and iodine.  And finally the "Micro-Nutrients", which is where our problems start since so very little of these atoms are required – parts per billion &150; that many researchers have considered them to be impurities in their experimental samples in the past.  "Micro-Nutrients" include, nickel, barium, vanadium, tin, fluorine, germanium, aluminum, arsenic, beryllium, europium, gallium, neodymium, praseodymium, samarium, thulium, yttrium, (and the yet undetermined ones) ...

Some authors may place various elements in different categories, but it's not the label that is important, it is the function.

Recent discoveries of mono-atomic rhodium and iridium in the brains of higher mammals at a combined rate of 5% of the dry weight matter, and in some plants in excess of several hundred parts per million, places these special newly discovered atomic forms in the "Major Element" category.  Since the price for analyzing for these elements currently runs a couple thousand dollars for each sample, it may be some time before we have a good understanding of these new discoveries.  Some time indeed before we will find these elements included in the mineral supplements sold at stores.

So where does this leave us in our quest for optimum health?  I asked that question and was inspired with the thought of "Tree Blood" !!!   The fact that my cousin had set up a maple syrup operation in Northern Minnesota undoubtedly influenced my thinking, but it immediately made sense to me.

Trees are the most sophisticated members of the plant kingdom.  Their size and dominance leads one to believe that they have a complex DNA with many abilities.  They have a very extensive root system that can go far and deep in search of nutrients and water.  They can work with and support symbiotic organisms that assist them in supplying their needs, some of whom can actually transform one type of atom into another. (This is well documented.)

One study using a radioactive isotope was able to prove that a forest is actually one huge root system with many shoots !!!  The researchers were able to monitor the movement of radioactive phosphorus as it moved through the forest with amazing speed.  This essential nutrient was shared with trees thousands of feet from the site of application.  This helps explain how trees can grow where the soil fertility is very low and highlights their critical role in forming new soil.

This amazing ability of trees can be of great benefit for us in our quest for good health.  The thinking is that the sap of trees, such as Maple and Birch that we use as a food source can be expected to have an abundance of essential elements that are required for good health.  This assumes that the growing environment has all the required elements.

Maple Syrup is condensed "Tree Blood".  It takes about thirty gallons of maple sap to produce one gallon of maple syrup, which is still about 50% water by weight.  One gallon of syrup weights about 11 pounds, compared to water, which weighs 8.33 lb. at 20° C

One might be tempted to think that we can then just pour the syrup over our pancakes and take full advantage of these nutrients.  Unfortunately that is not the case.  The reason can be discovered in the science of osmosis and the digestive processes of our body.   An in depth study is presented at this web site, but for now I just want to point out two of the main issues.  First, Maple Syrup is too concentrated to be properly absorbed.  It needs to be diluted to a level that is less than the solute concentration of the blood – it needs a lower specific conductance.  And second, the cooking of the sap can produce "free radicals" also known as cations that we don't want in our blood.

Studies have shown that water – with the right properties – is quickly absorbed into the blood from an empty stomach.  There are a number of advantages to this discussed in the studies.  And so the concept progresses to finding the best way to make a nutritious mineral water that can be quickly absorbed.

I decided to attempt a little "kitchen chemistry" to see if I could produce a mineral water that actually tasted like quality water – the old taste test.   After achieving this goal, I sat down and did the math.  I was totally thrilled to find that the numbers were absolutely perfect.  I guess there is something to be said for the old "taste test", which I then also used to fine-tune my detoxification program.

Use a 2 liter plastic bottle and fill approximately 80% with "reverse osmosis" (RO) water.

Then add ...
0.875 grams ( ½ teaspoon ) Ascorbic Acid Power.  Plus ...

6 grams ( approximately 1.5 teaspoon ) of refrigerated Maple Syrup. [ I pour maple syrup into the spoon until it "domes up" and just begins to trickle over the side.  I then wash off the spoon and plastic funnel by pouring in several more ounces of RO water. ]

Then shake well – adding love energy – and Allow Time for the ascorbic acid to "chelate" the free Cations – "Free Radicals" – in the solution.  About an hour is a good amount of time.  Shaking a couple more times will speed things along and will add air to the water, which improves its taste.

[ The Ascorbic Acid is used here to transport these dangerous – if they are free – essential elements to the proper cellular sites where an ion exchange reaction occurs. After it has delivered its cargo, the ascorbic acid gains additional power as an Anionic Surfactant and will go on to do other work.]

Then add ...
1.875 g. ( ¾ teaspoon ) Epsom Salt – Magnesium Sulphate   ( MgSO4 • 7H2O   Mol. Wt. 246.5   9.87% Mg )

Shake again; then "top off" the bottle with some more RO water.  Place in your refrigerator for about another hour and it is ready to drink.  This solution is a very good growth medium and therefore must be kept refrigerated !!!  Rinse out the bottle with very hot water between uses.

This should taste like quality spring water.  If it tastes a little sweet, you have added too much Maple Syrup.  If it tastes a little acid, there is too much ascorbic acid.  Measuring spoons vary a little, and most of you won't want to use a scale so you will need to experiment a little.

This water also has another unique ability.  It is ideally suited to rehydrate the body.  Most of the elderly today are quite severely dehydrated and most doctors don't know how to recognize this condition.  Some even think that if you urinate at least three times a day, there is no indication that you are dehydrated.  Some people still think that the world is flat.

Doctors should use a specific conductance meter to test your urine every time you go in for a checkup.  If your urine tests above 12,000 microsiemens, your kidneys are under stress and you need to be drinking more water.  Numbers above 12,000 microsiemens are a good indication of dehydration, but there is more to the story.  Your body needs "cell salts", also called electrolytes, to hold the right amount of water in the cells and blood.  Lack of these salt electrolytes can cause sagging skin and can place additional stress on your joints aggravating any arthritic condition.  Lack of cell salts will also increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Here is a simple test you can perform on yourself right now.  Use a fingernail and push down on the tip of one of your fingers for about 1.5 seconds.  The dent you create in so doing should disappear in about five seconds.  If it takes much longer than that you are dehydrated.  If it takes longer than ten seconds to completely disappear, you should go get a glass of water right now !!!

If you went to get a glass of water and are back now, and your "dent" still hasn't COMPLETELY disappeared, you are in need of the therapeutic version of this mineral water discussed on this page.

I was taught in the boy scouts that the way to treat a person who was severely dehydrated was to dissolve a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of sugar in a quart of water.  The above formula fits this bill nicely and has several added benefits.  The Epsom Salt readily replaces table salt and the Maple Syrup provides the sugar and added minerals.  Diabetics need not be overly concerned about the sugar since there is really quite a small amount.  If you have any concern, test yourself then drink a pint and test yourself again in fifteen minutes.

If you have a health challenge, you should be drinking more than a quart – two even – every day.  Even if you drink two quarts, I still recommend that you also take a good multi-mineral supplement twice a day.

Sunlight:  There are five different fractions in the vitamin D complex.  D3 is the one they put in milk and is responsible for helping to prevent rickets, which is a deficiency disease resulting from a lack of vitamin D and calcium. Rickets is characterized by defective bone growth, which occurs chiefly in children who receive insufficient exposure to sunlight.  This leaves four vitamin D fractions unaccounted for.

Can you believe that in today's world that Rickets is again becoming a problem?

The use of sunscreens and the fear imposed by advertisers plus the media is keeping people from gaining the full health benefits of the sun.  Granted, getting sun burned can contribute to skin cancer, but over half of all skin cancers occur where people don't allow the sun to shine.

If you plan to work or play in the sun for long periods of time, sunscreen may be helpful if you are "fair shined".  However, sunscreen also blocks the sunrays that promote good health in so many different ways.

It is very important that you and your children average 15-minutes or so a day in the sunlight without anything blocking its healing rays

Vitamin D2 is a white crystalline compound – C28H44O – produced by ultraviolet irradiation of ergosterol.  It is also called calciferol or ergocalciferol and it is one of the vitamins that controls cancer growth by preventing the cancer cells from growing out of control.

The literature reports D3 – C27H44O – has essentially the same biological activity as vitamin D2.  A car is essentially the same as a pickup truck – they both can carry passengers, require gas, tires, etc. ... Get the point?  If we are fighting a disease like cancer, essentially isn't good enough.  The two fractions are chemically and molecularly different and therefore can do different jobs.  When it comes to hauling large or heavy items, the truck can obviously do a better job.  If you want to get rid of your cancer, you are going to have to get out into the sun and bare some skin since D2 isn't included in any multi-vitamin tablets that I know about.  Just remember, thou shalt not burn !!!  Start out slowly – give your body a chance to buildup some pigment.

Light therapy has been shown to be helpful in correcting many health issues from cancer to arthritis and even vision issues.  It may be some time yet before we identify all the sunlight frequencies and body mechanisms that are required for achieving perfect health.  So, take advantage of all the sunny days you can.

John Ott, a time-lapse photographer, in his book "Health and Light" stresses the importance of being outside without glasses – sunglasses or other – to realize maximum benefit from solar radiation.  This book is an important read for all parents and teachers and stresses the need for light, as a "nutritional requirement," in our quest for good health.

Friendly Germs:  With all the "Germ Phobia" being promoted by various product manufactures today, you might have forgotten that there are thousands of times more "Good Germs" than bad ones – YES, Thousands of Times More !!!  Without these "Good Guys" this would be a very dead planet !!!

There is a large group of friendly organisms that assist us in maintaining good health.  There are two basic groups that we are interested in.  The symbionts, which perform symbiotic functions – a relationship of mutual benefit or dependence – derive their sustenance from us but give us something important in return.  One group that lives in our intestines feeds on complex substances like cellulose – a complex carbohydrate - and proteins breaking them down into simpler forms that can be absorbed by our bodies.  Others even produce important vitamins for us.  They derive their metabolic energy in doing this, and their by-products are essential for our nutrition.

Another group that we call "benign" feed on our intestinal contents but don't produce anything useful for our system.  In fact, in excess their waste products can have undesirable effects.  However, since most bacteria (etc.) are territorial – displaying territoriality; defending their territory from intruders – they can prevent "harmful bacteria" from gaining a foot hold in our system.  In so doing, they provide our immune system with the valuable time necessary to identify and build antibodies against these destructive strains.  The only cautionary note here is that we need to ensure that we have regular bowel movements to eliminate their by-products before they can reach harmful levels.  In regards to those who might make it into our blood – a rare occurrence – we need to consume sufficient water to enable our kidneys to flush out the toxins.  This is the reason it is so important to consume plenty of fluids, particularly water, if you have a bacterial infection.  Many doctors still haven't grasped the concept that it is the waste products from the bacteria, and not the bacteria themselves that are producing the harmful effects in most cases.

This idea of using "friendly organisms" to control disease has proven very successful with an industrial product called "Preempt®".  Preempt has significantly reduced salmonella in chickens by providing protection that before factory farming, was naturally transferred from a mother hen to her chicks.  This product, containing 29 beneficial bacteria, is sprayed on newly hatched chicks, which they then ingest when they peck their wet feathers.  ( There are links on the page for human products, which I have not yet studied in detail. )

My base recommendation for humans is to eat "active culture" yogurt occasionally and for sure right after taking an antibiotic.  Antibiotics kill both the good guys as well as the bad germs, and I had a terrible experience with lactose intolerance once after taking antibiotics.  At the time I knew I had a serious problem with an intolerance to milk protein and didn't want to risk a reaction by eating yogurt.  ( Actually, at first I didn't even know about "active culture" products.)

First I discovered the enzyme Lactase, which acts fast and can be taken "after the fact".  However, you have to keep taking this product since enzymes have a limited life in our systems.  I then discovered acidophilus; a lactobacillus ( bifidobacterium ) in tablet form.  Since acidophilus is a bacteria and can reproduce in our intestines, after you are inoculated, you don't have to keep taking it.  That is, if you maintain a healthy intestinal environment.   A "booster dose" every few months is often adequate.  After abstaining from milk for more than a decade, I found that I could ingest a couple spoonfuls of active culture yogurt to maintain my bacteria levels without adverse effects from the milk.

Friendly organisms are even more important in our soils, since plants feed directly on their waste products.  These organisms are responsible for breaking down organic matter and bringing many inorganic elements into solution as well as transmuting one type atom into another ( i.e. sodium into potassium ).  The application of anhydrous ammonia, pesticides and fungicides to crop land, kills a large portion of these friendly creatures who when properly cared for and nourished can eliminate the need for these toxic products in many cases altogether !!!

"Do Antibacterial soaps kill germs better than regular soap?  ( Kids Discover © 2003 )

They can, but they are not necessary and may cause some harm.  Experts say that washing your hands with regular soap and water is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick.  For antibacterial soaps to do a better job, they must stay on the skin for at least two minutes (doctors pay attention) before rinsing.  (For the rest of us note:)  Most bacteria on the skin are helpful, and they compete with the ("bad") germs.  It is possible that using antibacterial soaps (actually) may help some harmful bacteria get stronger by clearing away the weaker competitors !!!"

This has been well documented in agriculture also.  If the soil is sterilized before planting, what we find happening is that the very organisms that we were hoping to eliminate come into dominance.  Without the competing influences from our friendly germs the "bad guys" quickly take over and crop production is less than that achieved without sterilization.

Enzymes:  Enzymes are proteins that do work – any of numerous proteins or conjugated proteins produced by living organisms and functioning as biochemical catalysts.  Our bodies need many different kinds and each one has a specific ability.  Many enzymes have a partner called a co-enzyme that helps to take care of its particular needs.  This pair works together, so they both need to be present to get the job accomplished.  Enzymes take part in – even make happen – chemical reactions without becoming part of the final product.  Some can even perform a million reactions or more per minute.

Enzymes can be thought of as "assembly line workers"  ( I wonder if Henry Ford knew about enzymes ? ).  Each one does a specific job and only that job.  One group processes "raw materials" for the bioprocesses, and another group assembles the components into essential structures and fuel for our bodies.  

Many enzymes have a single metallic atom (cation) at their center surrounded by a group of amino acids and some have long carbon ( + hydrogen ) tails extending from this "head".  The tails often have an arm attached to them with what is sometimes called a free radical (the good kind) attached to the arm.  This "free radical" is analogous to a socket wrench of a single size that turns only in one direction.  With this the enzyme can "break" atomic bonds or form them.  In this way they do their critical work.

It is easy to imagine that if one of the workers (an enzyme) doesn't show up for work, the assembly line process falls apart and the body gets sick or starts to die.  Without an enzyme that contains selenium and produces ATP, – the "gasoline" for our cells – we couldn't move a muscle.  If the enzymes that contain chrome aren't present in sufficient numbers we develop a condition known as diabetes.  There is even an enzyme that regulates cholesterol levels in out bodies.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of different enzymes required to keep our bodies in tip top shape.

There are many enzymes at work in our intestines also.  These guys help digest our food and assist in its assimilation.  Many of these come from the plants that we eat.  Unfortunately, most enzymes are deactivated – killed – when food is cooked.  This is why it is important to have an ample amount of unprocessed "live" food in our daily diets.  A little raw spinach or broccoli in your salad will help digest that wonderful portion of cooked on your plate.  A few live enzymes can do a lot of work !!!

Stopping Cancer Cells From Doing Harm to the Body:  The tumor surrounding a group of cancer cells is the body's effort to isolate these harmful cells.  Cancer cells have voracious appetites and to assist themselves in obtaining what they want, they give off chemicals that are harmful to the body's healthy cells – especially those of the immune system.  Unfortunately tumors aren't 100% successful in isolating cancer cells and there are many other types of cancers that don't become surrounded by tumors.

Gaston Naessens – a biologist – reasoned that if the cancer cells could be prevented from doing direct harm to the body, the body would then be able to strengthen its own natural defense system in order to destroy the cancer.  He created a camphor-nitrogen product that he calls 714-X, which is designed to do this.  His biochemical product doesn't kill cancer cells, it helps the body's own immune system do the job.

Destroying the Cancer "Microbe":  In the early 1930's, Royal Raymond Rife – a pathologist – was able to demonstrate that he could produce cancer tumors from a Pleomorphic Organism when it was in the form of a virus.  Rife repeated his experiment 104 times to confirm this relationship.  He then irradiated the tumor killing the virus with low-level electromagnetic radiation and then watched the tumor disappear – in his test animals – as their own immune systems finished the job.  Impressed by his lab experiments, a number of Medical Doctors lobbied Rife to use his electronic device on humans.  Hesitantly Rife agreed demanding that a proper clinical study be set up.  The first clinic had a 100% success rate on a small patient group of 16.  At the end of 70 days 14 of the 16 were totally cured.  After 130 days of treatment, the two remaining patients had also totally recovered.

In later days, the overall success rate for curing "infectious diseases" with Rife's device was reported to be over 90%.

It is important to note that people who have attempted a cure using a "Rife type device" have reported "toxic shock" syndromes in many of their patients.  It is important that an appropriate detoxification program be used when attempting a cure with this system.  Rife knew this and had an adjunct detox protocol that he used.  I have found little information on what Rife did in this regard.  However, working with two doctors who specialize in this type of treatment, I have developed a program under their guidance that should do the job nicely.  

A wonderful sidebar to all of this is that in most cases, having the dead virus at its disposal, the body is able to go on and produce a natural immunity to the virus – self-vaccination.  This means that people who have been treated in this manner, rarely ever have a relapse.

Summary:   I am totally convinced that we now have presented an effective, possibility complete, cancer cure.  Let's take a look at the processes.

Dr. Hamer worked with a group of 6,500 people with advanced cancer.  He had a 92% success rate.  If we start with a hypothetical group of 10,000 cancer patients, this leaves us with a group of 800 who still have cancer.

Gaston Naessens at the time Bird wrote his book (1991) had treated 1,000 people with advanced cancer who had been told by "orthodox" doctors to go home and die.  He had a success rate of 75% !!!  This still leaves us with 200 people who still have cancer.

Royal Raymond Rife's device had an overall success rate of 90%.  This leaves us with 18 people who still have cancer.

Most any doctor will admit that it is quite possible to cure 0.18% of cancer patients with a Nutritional Program.  Hey, in my book that comes to a 100% cure rate !!!  And, we still have the possibilities of various adjunct therapies that have shown promising results.

Fuzzy Logic?  I asked a newspaper executive what he thought about my summary.  He said, "I don't know if you can extrapolate the concepts that way.  But, it sure makes me want to read the rest of the Newsletter."

"Fuzzy Logic" is a computer term of recent origin.  It refers to a computer program that gets results in "non-standard" ways.  When the term was first discussed in the media, some of us "old timers" were driven to hysterics.  Those of us who had been setting up automated assembly lines for decades before the arrival of computers had our own term for it – "Common Sense"!  Common sense, or "Horse Sense" as those of us in farming call it, is simply assembling a set of compatible procedures that accounts for all variables in order to get the job done right!

Adjunct Therapies:  In my world we have a saying; "Shit Happens !!"  So we always have a backup plan just incase one of our primary systems fail.  We will explore now, several adjunct therapies that have been shown to be helpful – even effective in of themselves – in treating cancer.

Lee Crock:   The laying-on-of-hands, in conjunction with his electronic device have produced many anecdotal cures - ten thousand, plus (not all cancer).  It is noteworthy that his treatment seems to remove toxins from the body thus allowing the immune system to grow stronger.  I am hoping we can do a good clinical study soon.

Laetrile  is a therapeutic preparation of Vitamin B17.  It is a bitter almond substance, one of the so-called beta-cyanogenic glucosides.  There are a good 50 of them in nature, the best known being amygdalin, Vitamin B-17, prunasin, cassavin and ficin.

The effect of this bitter almond substance is not strong, and can be observed only if the defense mechanisms are in operation.  Within the organism, the bitter almond substance decomposes into cyanide, which is immediately detoxified, and (then) into benzaldehyde.  ...  The Japanese found that benzaldehyde had a very positive effect against cancer cells.  

During the degradation of the bitter almond substance by the organism, a second substance with a cancer inhibiting effect is formed, thiocyanate.  Both chemically and in its action, it is related to allicin (from garlic) and allyl-isothiocyanate (from horseradish).  Amygdalin has been proven to shrink cancer tumors.

Hydrazine Sulfate:   Hydrazine sulfate is an anti-cachexia drug, which acts to reverse the metabolic processes of debilitation and weight loss in cancer and secondarily acts to stabilize or regress tumors.

GEIPE Cancer Treatment:  Current experimental evidence suggests that this new therapy is best suited for treating solid cancers (tumors) such as bladder, bone, brain, breast, cervical, colon, esophageal, kidney, liver, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, rectal, skin, stomach, testicular, throat and uterine cancers.

Enzymes control what takes place in a cell.  The pivotal enzyme for the synthesis of DNA, and thus for cell growth, is Ribonucleotide Reductase since it supplies building blocks for DNA.   Table-1  shows how critical this enzyme is for the growth of cancerous cells.  Attempts are continuously being made to synthesize chemotherapeutic drugs that would selectively inhibit this enzyme, but with little success.

A novel way of blocking this enzyme is suggested by the fact that at the "core" (active-site) of this enzyme is a lone electron (free-radical), which is essential for its activity.  Such free radicals can be neutralized or disabled by passing mild direct electric current through the tissue.  Since the concentration of the target enzyme - Ribonucleotide Reductase - is much higher in cancerous cells, as compared to healthy resting cells, gentle D.C. electrotherapy would act selectively on the malignant growth. ...

... For example, a study published in the prominent journal Cancer Research in 1985 reported 98% reduction in the tumor mass of lab animals – a virtual cure.   Please see Table-2 ...

... The GEIPE cancer therapy may be called an alternative treatment in the sense that it is non-toxic and would be much less expensive than traditional treatments.  However, it is deductively scientific – very unlike any alternative therapy currently on the market.

[ This might explain the success of Lee Crock's electronic device independent of the "Laying-on-of-hands".]

[ David Hudson also reports a treatment similar to this in his lecture on superconductivity.]

The Priorè Machine:  A machine developed by Antoine Priorè of Bordeaux, France produces a combination of radiations, in rotating plasmic solitons that are capable of penetrating living tissues for therapeutic purposes, without destroying such biological systems as enzymes.  The innovative techniques employed in the device since the early 1960's have attracted serious scientific attention in France, the United States, the United Kingdom and the USSR.  At stake is a major cancer curing technique as well as a novel biological information transfer mechanism.

Dr. Nieper:   Has many insights into disease processes and his work is most definitely worth reviewing in regard to adjunct therapies.  i.e. Without a properly functioning cardiovascular system, any effort to conquer cancer or other diseases will be futile.

"Based on massive documentation, which in part is 20 years old, most orthodox cardiologists are being held responsible for the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of heart infarction patients, because they did not provide protective therapy with magnesium transport substances, carnitine, selenium salts, the pineapple enzyme bromelaine and oral ouabain (strophanthine G).   In fact, they refused these therapies.  Instead of using these metabolic treatments, they followed exclusively the obsolete, mechanistic concept."

Dr. John Holt:   Using 434 MHz Ultra High Frequency Radio waves:   I discovered in 1973 that this frequency (used throughout the continent of Europe as the standard frequency for medical purposes) will temporarily activate cancer’s burning of glucose without oxygen for between 20 and 30 minutes.  Millions of patients throughout Europe have been treated since 1948 with this frequency for stimulating the repair of injuries, fractures, wound healing etc without any side effects being discovered.

I have developed a procedure based on this to Kill Cancer Cells.   This frequency stimulates normal cell division, which is self limiting when repair is complete.

If the cancer cells' uptake of glucose from the blood can be blocked before applying UHF radiation the cancer cell will die. This is selective killing because it ONLY acts on the Glucose to Lactic Acid system.   read more

More information about Alternate Cancer Therapies...

Wellness Directory of Minnesota

Perhaps we should call these "unproven therapies" since many of them are on the American Cancer Society's infamous black list. Simply because something is "unproven" does not mean that it has been "disproven." And if a therapy fits the following–

1. It works.
2. It's inexpensive.
3. Few, if any, negative side effects.
4. It's not patentable.

–odds are it will stay on the black list because no one is going to spend a dime to prove its effectiveness. Medicine is a business. Cancer is a business. The FDA is running a protection racket, protecting drug companies and the AMA from anyone with an inexpensive and effective treatment for money-making diseases.

"Cancer Tutor™" Alternative Cancer Treatments Information

It is up to you now.  You are in control of your mind and body.  You have the choice to either use Nature's ways, or some synthetic chemical program to maintain your health and happiness.  This Newsletter has over 200 links with several thousands of pages of scientific documentation supporting this summary.  Do want your world to be based on Good Science, or slick add campaigns?  It is up to you now.

—  Worth Thinking About  —

I was talking to one of my dad's friends the other day and he said to me, "There is one thing I can say about the last five doctors that I have gone to see.  I have attended all their funerals."  I said to him, "That should tell you something."
— Tommy Cichanowski —

"Disastrous medical bills play a huge roll in personal bankruptcies in the U.S. accounting for about 40% of bankruptcy filings."
— SDUT  11-12-2000 —

"The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a State depend."
— Benjamin Disraeli —

"I'm a realist, as long as the profit is in the treatment of symptoms rather than in the search for causes, that's where the medical profession will go for it's harvest."
— Arthur F. Coca, M.D. —

"Truths are derived from facts and the more facts you have, the more reliable the truth."
— Dr. Johnathon Leaky —

"New thoughts and new truths go through three stages.  First, they are ridiculed.  Next, they are violently opposed.  Finally, they are accepted as being self-evident."
— Arthur Schopenhauer —

"You can't solve a problem, with the same "mind-set" that created It." — Albert Einstein —

"Truth will come to light;  Murder cannot be hid."
— Shakespeare —

"Real Scientific Progress is achieved by looking at things from many different view points, discussing possibilities, doing experiments and then going through the whole cycle again."
— Tommy Cichanowski —

"If we content ourselves to be something less than our potential allows, unhealthy changes occur in our bodies.  By not seeking to be our best, we allow disharmonious influences to inhabit our being."
— Tommy Cichanowski —

Copyright 2003 – 2004  —  Tommy Cichanowski

The Science of Health Newsletter
June 2003

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