Magnesium Sulfate
Mg S O4 • 7H2O

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Magnesium Sulfate: Epsom or bitter salt. MgSO4 • 7H2O; mol. wt. 246.50. Anhydrous salt 48.84%, H2O 51.16% (45-52%, U.S.P.), Mg 9.87%, MgO 16.36%, SO3 32.48%, SO4 38.97%, H2O4 39.79%.

Colorless or white, somewhat efflorescent crystals or white powder; bitter, saline, cooling taste. On exposure to dry air at ordinary temp. it loses about 1 H2O (7%); at 70-80° loses 4 H2O (about 28%); at 100° loses 5 H2O (36.5%); at 120° loses 6 H2O, rapidly reabsorbing water when exposed to moist air; loses the last mol. of water at about 250°. d. 1.67. One gram dissolves in 0.8 mil. water, 0.2 ml. boil. water; very slowly soluble in 1.1 ml. glycerol; slightly soluble in alcohol. Its aq. soln. is neutral. pH 6-7.

Keep well closed.

Use: Weighting cotton and silk; increasing the bleaching action of chlorinated lime; manuf. mother-of-pearl and frosted papers; fire-proofing fabrics; dyeing and printing calicos; in fertilizers; explosives, matches; mineral, water; tanning leather.

Grades available: Reagent, U.S.P., technical.

Med. Use: Cathartic, central depressant when injected, dressing for local inflammations, in poisoning from barium.

Toxicity. Can cause respiratory failure when used as a depressant.

Caution: Renal impairment

Dose: . Cathartic 15 g. Central depressant 10 to 50% soln. Dressings saturated soln.

Vet. Use: As hypertonic solution in local inflammations, infected wounds. Intern. in tetanus. With chloral hydrate for general anesthesia. Antidote to lead, carbolic acid. Purgative for horses, cattle, dogs.

Magnesium Sulfate - dried: Approx. MgSO4 - 3H2O; mol. wt. 174.4. Anhydrous salt 69.0%, H2O 31.0%, Mg 13.9%, MgO 23.1%, SO3 46.0%, SO4 55.0%, H2SO4 56.23%.

White, odorless powder; absorbs water on exposure to moist air. Keep well closed.

Grades available: Reagent, technical.

Magnesium Sulfate - Effervescent: A mixture of 50 parts magnesium sulfate, 40.3 sod. bicarb., 21.1 tartaric acid and 13.6 citric acid. The magnesium sulfate is dried to constant weight at 110° before mixing.

Keep dry and well closed.

Med. Use: Laxative.

Caution: Renal impairment.

Dose: 16 g.

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