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       The Tortoise Shell
    Children's Coloring Book.
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Our Atomic World - The ®Lego Blocks of Today's Future.

The Wonderful World of Advanced Materials.
--- Dr. John V. Milewski

Hydroponic Reference Center.

Soil less growth of plants.

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The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box

The Men who brought us all,
Our New World of Technology.

Tommy's History of Western Technology.

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The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box

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The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box


This is Your Gateway into Our World of New Possibilities.



The Bridge to Understanding the Puzzle of Life.


Open Your Imagination

It's not very hard to think of our world as a puzzle.

A puzzle with more than one solution. Great fun lies in discovering the various puzzle pieces and assembling them on the puzzle board in our minds. In doing so, we achieve a deep understanding of the workings of nature and the wondrous ways we have, of harmoniously interacting with Her.

This web site is here to present puzzle pieces.   Your participation is greatly encouraged.

Important Relationships and Concepts can be gleamed from these web pages, thereby helping you turn INFORMATION into KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge to help You make WISE choices in Your Life. Your challenge then, is to assemble the puzzle pieces and build a wonderful world in which to live. A new "High Tech Garden of Eden".

Science and Math can be Fun, and assimilated easily, when you can relate concepts and information to a project or theme.   Here, we are Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes on the Atomic Level.   Atoms become our puzzle pieces, and we are assembling them to build a better world around us.

(:  Plus, we get to eat many of our delicious experiments.  :)

The Keys to the Puzzle Are already Within You.

Every puzzle has its "tricks."   Your mind can make the connections.


"Tommy Talk Radio"

— Feature Presentation —
The Science Adventure that turned David Hudson into a "True Wizard" !!!

Web Page + Audio   ——   This is Super Science from our Planet's BEST Science Laboratories.

"Trust Me ... I'm a Doctor"   —   Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND
Using nutrition to cure disease ...   Part One    Part Two    Part Three    Part Four

"The Royal Rife Story"
Audio Clips from a video documentary about the life of Dr. R Raymond Rife.

"Human Holiday" Radio Play
Fun Filled British Radio Play - mp3 - Part 1

"Human Holiday" Radio Play
Fun Filled British Radio Play - mp3 - Part 2

Staying Healthy and Well-Fed
Web Page + The Journey Home Radio Show

  The Resonate Coil Project  
Web Page + The Journey Home Radio Show

Henry Ford's "Biological Car"
Web Page + The Journey Home Radio Show

  Inventing and Innovation  
Web Page + The Journey Home Radio Show

  "Desperate for Light"     No More   "Winter Blues Depressions"  
Web Page + Audio   —   Students will Do Better with Lower Melatonin Levels.   —   You may too !!!

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Who Will You Have Lead Us Into The Future ...

The Wizards or the Warriors ?

" You Can't Solve a Problem, with the Same "Mind Set"  That Created It ! "

— Albert Einstein —


" Our Planet Will Know Peace ...

When Everyone's TRUE NEEDS are Acknowledged and Fulfilled. "
— Tommy Cichanowski —


       The  SOMATID Cycle  can
Prediagnose Degenerative Diseases 
       by up to eighteen months.   Creative * Wizards * Invent * Solutions to Heal * Toxic * Environments.

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The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box

(The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box Picture Puzzle Map --- Take a Chance, Click Somewhere.)


" The swiftest thing to fly is the mind.    Those who know this have wings. "  
— The Hopi Indians —

" As a child did you ever dream that you could fly ?
Well the truth is that you can. "

Petrene Soames



The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box

Tortoises are involved deeply, in many ancient legends. These stories describe relationships, which occur in Nature, and analogies for us to ponder. The Zulu People, in South Africa, have a special tortoise named Fudugazi. Native Americans, tell ancient stories about Turtle Island. The Chinese describe a Magic Tortoise, in their "I Ching", who only needs, 'Sunlight & Air' to fulfill its needs. This site is dedicated to understanding, Today's "Current" Language and Science, which is required for US, here on Earth, to use Light and Air also, to Fill Our Needs !

Through learning these relationships, we can achieve a basic engineer-able understanding of the inner workings of our grand universe. With this knowledge and our great mind power, we can bring many new things into existence, and finally care for everyone, with all our uniqueness and diversity.

If Life is to be considered Precious, we must guarantee Everyone a roof over their head and a foundation in a Sustainable Community.
Tommy Cichanowski

Water reaches its goal by flowing continually. It fills up every depression before it flows on. The superior man follows its example; he is concerned that goodness should be an established attribute of character rather than an accidental and isolated occurrence. So likewise in teaching others everything depends on consistency, for it is only through repetition that the pupil makes the material his own.     — I Ching —


Do Be Do ...

Practice — Practice — Practice !!!

Please Submit Your Puzzle Piece or Suggestions

— TommyCichanowski@excite.com —


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Children's Coloring Book

Deficient Plant Photos

Your Future Can Be In
A World of Plenty

Tommy's History
of Western Technology

The Wonderful World
of Advanced Materials

Recent Additions
to the Web Site

Hydroponic / Hydroculture
Reference Center

Web Site Link List

Dr. T. C. McDaniel — Using "Zeta Potential" as a Healing Tool
{ Heart By-Pass - Angioplasty - Poor Circulation - Arrhythmias - Kidney Stones - Plaque Deposits }

Zeta Potential's Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease
Zeta Potential represents a basic law of Nature, and it plays a vital role in all forms of plant and animal life.

Children Need More Protection From Toxins Than Adults (Inorder to be Better Students)
Exposure to Aluminum, Mercury, Fluorine, and Lead have been highly documented to cause learning disabilities.
All About Allergies and Food Intolerance       Vaccine Hazards

The Tortoise Shell Internet Resources and Services Guide
Great Internet Links

Our Statement of Purpose and Intent
Learning Can Be a Fun, Lifetime Adventure!  Knowledge is the Power For Understanding the Web of Life.

Explore the Amazing World of "MicroBiology"

Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays: Dr. R. Raymond Rife - Gaston Naessens - Andrè Priorè

The Perfect Solution for Bio-Terrorism, SARS, Mad Cow, Salmonella ...

Cancer – AIDS -&- Infectious Diseases.   The Somatid - Prediagnose degenerative diseases by up to 18 months !


Low Blood Sugar  –  Hypoglycemia
Bad Behavior in Children,  Criminal Action in Adults,  Vandalism in Teenagers ...

Marital difficulties originating from seeming laziness, luck of love, unfaithfulness, irritability, violence and other "personality changes" may be low blood sugar symptoms.   School performance, ability to learn ...

Tommy's "Quest for a Practical Teaching Machine"

Using Ancient Tarot Concepts to Teach Modern Advanced Science in Schools

Do Be Symbiotic !

Walk Gently Upon The Earth ...
and She Will Be Good To You.

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All things can be considered by number.
                       YOU COUNT
The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box

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