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Model 2 is Now Available !!!
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"Box  0f  Batteries"
Aprox. 12.75 inches wide, by 9 high and 3 inches deep.
Contains 14 D-cell batteries – 4 are alkaline, 10 carbon.

"Zeta Potential Energizer"  —  Electronic Detox Assist Unit
Sometimes called an "Aura Cleaner" or a "Polarity Switcher".

B.0.B. can be used as an Electronic Form of Reverse Osmosis
assisting the Electro–Chemical Processes in our bodies.
Here is the Story of how BOB came into Being

Is This The Most Effective Placebo Ever Created (!!!)
0r ...

Is there some really serious science going on here ?

Success Stories

Lee Crock

Jerry Decker

Therman F. Ellzey

BOB's Study Group

Actually in this arrangement the body is more like the dielectric of a capacitor.

The "Electric Force" is involved in all chemical reactions on our planet.

Below is a brief summary of the basic water science that I believe is involved in this process.


   A Picture of Our "Electric Planet" taken from the Moon.

Our Planet has this amazing electrical field around it, which reaches voltages of 350,000 volts and more.

It is produced when light photons collide with electrons that are orbiting around the nuclei of the atoms in our atmosphere. The added energy imparted to the electrons results in the electron being pushed out of its orbit and accelerated toward our planet's surface. The resulting affect produces bands of ions at different potentials around earth.

So, the Earth's Electric Field is above us;

Our body – in the middle – is the dielectric;

And, we have the screen connected to BOB below us.


   Learn More About Our Earth's Electric Field Here 

Planet Earth Is A Water Planet


The Electrical Characteristics of Water are responsible for most of the biological effects in our bio-system. Appearing quite simple on the outside, water has a range of abilities that is quite Awesome.

Water is made up of just two different atoms:   Hydrogen  and  Oxygen.

The bonding arrangement of the Hydrogen Atom and the Oxygen Atom has a special geometry that gives water many interesting abilities.   Many of these abilities are brought about by the "Electric Force" – one of the principle forces that holds the atom together.

We define the electric charge associated with the electron as being negative, and we define the electric charge of a atom's nucleus as being positive.

Like electric charges will repel each other much as "like poles" of a magnet do.   And conversely, "opposite poles" attract.

It is the electrical environment that water creates that gives it many of its unique properties.


This environment is the result of the unique geometry of the water molecule.   BOTH of the hydrogen atoms are perched (bonded) at "P– Orbital Sites" on the oxygen atom. The P orbitals have a shape like those of comets here in our solar system.

Here is pictured, an Electron Cloud around the atom's nucleus (Approximated).

We must remember that electrons orbit at a very high rate of speed. The relatively long distances that they travel, and their high rate of speed would just produce a blur on any photograph we may attempt to take.  This blurry area in our hypothetical photo is referred to as an "Electron Cloud" – a virtual negative force field.

The imbalance produces an alignment of nearby water molecules.

It is this alignment, caused by polar attraction, that is responsible for water's strong surface tension.

Normally water has a more random arrangement.   Being less organized it is looking for an adventure.

This represents a Grain of salt – a small crystal.

Here is our Dynamic Water in which a crystal of salt has been placed.   Notice that it takes a while for the water to start disassembling the salt crystal.

Breaking up into smaller crystals.   Each crystal then starts its own cycle of interactions with the water molecules.

Here water wiggles between the sodium and chlorine atoms using its polarized electric force, thereby separating the two atoms.

As they move apart they now can become ions and gain the ability to conduct electronic current – electron flow.

The salt atom gets a group hug from several water molecules.   We now say that the solute is fully hydrated.

It doesn't take much to get water swinging.   This is just one of water's many possible motions.

Here an changing electric field is setting the rhythm for water to do one of its many dance routines.

Below are some links to
Computer Animations that will help your understand the dynamic nature of water and how the electric force gets involved to make things happen.   The links will open in separate windows allowing you to continue running the animations while you are reviewing other material.


Voltage Can Move Charged Particles very easily in a fluid across a semi-permeable membrane such as a cell or blood vessel wall.   Set the graph at +120 mv and run it for 14 minutes and then set it for –120 mv and run it for 14 minutes more.

Notice that it only takes 120 milivolts to move all the cations from one side to the other.   BOB outputs 4,500 milivolts or 3,000 milivolts, which is placed on a conductor at a distance from the body.   The energy field thereby manifested follows the inverse laws of energy distribution, but even at a distance the electrical effect is still very strong on the tiny atomic ions in our bodies.


Solvent Movement Between Two Compartments – Here you can observe the effects of solute particles when placed into a water environment.   Watch what happens when you change the number of salt atoms on the right hand side.


Osmosis is the Differential Flow of Water Between Two Compartments – You can see here the effects of salt atoms with respect to water moving in and out of a hypothetical cell.   This should help you see the need for drinking lots of water when using BOB.   Notice how the salt atoms are attracting the water molecules and the affects that this has on the balance of the fluid system.

Link to Cartan's Corner 
Falaco Solitons connected via a helical thread 
Break the thread and the vortexes disintegrate! 
Photo by David Radabaugh

Twin Vortexes in the Swimming Pool

With all that frantic movement happening on the atomic level, you may find it odd that water can organize in larger more gross ways.   And, when organization does happen, water's behavior can be quite surprising – Awesome Even.

There are three pairs of Falaco Solitons in the photo to the left.

Click to Learn More 
about Falaco Solitons

Each pair is connected via a helical thread. If you Break the thread the vortex pair will disintegrate !!!

If you look down from above over the pool, you will see one vortex rotating clockwise and its mate rotating counterclockwise.

These slowly rotating vortex affects have a very long duration once started. By slowly spinning a Frisbee on the surface of the water it is easy to start one

Click to Learn More 
about Falaco Solitons

It is the Hyperbolic Dimples causing the water's displacement that forms lenses and thereby produces the image at the bottom of the pool.

Water's very strong surface tension – created by the electric force – is what makes it possible for these effects to manifest.

What is happening here is very similar to what goes on in the Magnetic World.



Here is some information about my electronic unit that I call BOB.

I have designed a nice unit based on the concepts presented by Lee Crock and Jerry Decker.   It is a more sophisticated unit than theirs, but performs in the same way – switches voltage polarity from a battery bank every 14 minutes – Lee Crock's design. (This was my Model 1.)

Therman Ellzey a member of our study group, started experimenting with shorter time intervals.  He informed me that he was working with time intervals between 4 and 8 seconds and that this switching rate relieved many types of pain quite quickly.

Four seconds didn't seem long enough to me for one of the primary functions of the unit to be accomplished – the function of detoxification.  So I decided to experiment with an interval of about 50 seconds.  I made several units and sent them to members of our study group.  They reported back that this interval too was very effective in relieving pain.  Several members have asked if they could send back units that they had obtained previously and have them upgraded.  This I can easily do for a small service charge.

I am now shipping my model 2, which has a switch that allows you to select the short or longer time interval.  This unit is dual voltage like the Model 1.

The popularity of my units is allowing be to buy parts in larger quantities, thereby reducing my costs.  I am passing my savings along to study group members in the form of added features.  Besides the dual time interval, I have added to the set of cords that are included with the unit.

Lee's original units were 3 volts.  His new units are now 4.5 volts.   Some members of my study group feel that the 4.5 volts is too strong for daily use.  Thus, I have created a unit that is dual voltage.   Unlike some units, my unit is totally battery powered and is therefore very portable and can be used in your car for long trips as well as your bed and favorite easy chair.

So far, I have only built units for my family and members of my study group.  My units are "hand made" when I receive an order.  I don't usually have completed units in stock but I do have a small inventory of parts.

If you want to join our study group and send a donation, we will send you an "B.O.B." as a gift.   We hope that you will share your experiences with our study group.

I don't include pads or screens with my electronic unit.   I have been making my own pads using aluminum window screen that I fit with a layer of duct tape around the edges for my family's beds.  I also use aluminum foil pinned into a small towel for smaller local applications.   I am currently looking at other possibilities for pads.

My sister crocheted a kneepad for my dad with wire woven into the rows.   She is currently working on a pad for an easy chair.   Crocheting will work well for hats also.


Lee Crock gets a wire material for his pads that is used to shield electronic equipment from:

Belleville Wire Cloth Co., Inc
18 Rutgers Avenue
Cedar Grove, NJ   07009
Phone: 800–631–0490


Note:  We have found that the "emergency blankets" that sell for about a dollar have a 100% failure rate after a week or so.   Also, they only have a conductive coating on one side, which has a tendency to rub off.

This is   B.0.B. 
our Box of Batteries. 
Click on picture 
to learn how to get 
your very own BOB.

My B.0.B.

I house my BOB in a nice plastic polyurethane accessory case, and use a separate set of batteries to power the timer. This insures that the "screen batteries" maintain their full voltage for at least two years – possibly three years.   I expect that the alkaline batteries used for the timer should last at least a year. ( About 22 months if the Panasonic data sheet I looked at is accurate – it says 17,000 ma. hours.)

The timer is equipped with a two color LED, which changes color to indicate the polarity of the output voltage – red is positive and green is negative.   When the unit is switched on, it always starts in the positive mode.

This unit will power several treatment screens simultaneously in your house and can also be used in your car, plane or camper. The timer electronics are relay isolated from the output giving the circuit exceptional immunity to static charges and interference. This unit will not interfere with radio or navigation equipment.

I include three 5-foot cords with banana plugs on one end.  One has a single alligator clip on the other end that can be used to connect to your bed screen or a therapy pad.  A second cord set has two wires each with alligator clips.  This two wire cord works well with King Size Beds that have two box springs.  It is more convenient to use a separate piece of 36-inch wide screen on each box spring of King Size Beds.  This dual cord is also perfect for the times you desire to use two pads at once.  Also included is a wire equipped with a connector that can be plugged into your vehicle's cigarette lighter.  All the connections are soldered for dependability.

If you would like wires that are a little longer or shorter, Please let me know.   I will also make you custom items for your special needs.


The output post on the unit is called a 5-way, because there are five different ways you can connect to it. If you screw the top counter clockwise a hole will be revealed in the post through which you can insert a wire or two. Then screw the top clockwise to secure.
( Most meter probes will fit into the hole in the post; you can wrap a wire around the post and you can use a "C" shaped connector "spade" also.)

Of course the banana plugs just plug into the end and will work even if a wire is connected directly to the post below.

Also included are 4 alkaline batteries and 10 carbon batteries.

NOTES:  The first positive cycle of my BOB's output, which happens when you turn the power switch on, runs about two thirds longer than the rest of the timing cycles. This allows you a little extra time to relax into the positive extracting energy.

My power switch only turns off the timer and LED.   Voltage from the screen batteries continues to be applied to the screen at whatever polarity the unit was operating when the switch was turned off. Since this doesn't drain the batteries, I didn't think it necessary to provide a switch. If you desire to disconnect the screen, simply unplug it from the box.

When changing batteries it is important to replace all batteries in each group at the same time.  Do not mix old and new batteries. This could possibly cause a battery to leak.

How to get a BOB with which to experiment.


Sorry BOB is no longer available. Tommy passed away, please read his memorial.     Tribute to Tommy

More information about this device and ways of using it can be found Here.

Please visit my web site for more information about how to stay healthy.

The Tortoise Shell's "Science of Health Newsletter"

REMEMBER:   This is an experimental device.  No clinical studies have yet been performed by Lee or me. It is up to you to determine the best application for your needs.  If possible have your doctor monitor your progress.   We have several doctors in our study group ( M.D.  D.O.  N.D.  Ph.D.  D.C.) and we will be posting our studies as the information becomes available.


Added Peace of Mind

It is a comfort to know that in the event of an emergency you have a box with 14 D-cell batteries that you can use in your flashlights.


Making Your Own Pads

Lee Crock had been sleeping on one of his pads on top of his mattress. We recently talked him into placing a large piece of aluminum window screen on the box spring with the mattress over that.  He was totally impressed at how strong the effect was. He commented that he felt that it might even be a bit stronger than sleeping directly on the pad he created.

This is what many of us are doing. We get a roll of window screen that is about as wide as the bed – 36 x 84 inches or 48" x 84". ( We use 2 – 36" x 84" screens for a King Size Bed.)   We then put a layer of "duct tape" over the edges. It makes for a slightly better job if you fold the "cut edges" over about ½ inch.   You might want to wear gloves.

We then use a few safety pins to hold the screen in place on top of the box spring. The extra length is pulled up behind the headboard of the bed – we use the whole roll, which is 84 inches long by various widths.

At a convenient location we remove about 1.25 inch of the tape to create a spot to attach the alligator clip. Sometimes I put a rubber band around the jaws of the clip to help keep them securely closed.

Heavy-duty aluminum foil can be used to make smaller pads for local application. The foil can be placed inside a pillowcase or towel to insulate it from the person.

It is highly recommended that you increase your intake of Vitamin C and water while using this device to help control free radicals and toxins that are pulled from the cells through electrical action. If the blood becomes overloaded, cardiovascular issues can arise.

Vitamin C is known to remove many heavy metals and works to keep blood cells separated. It is an important component of our immune system and helps to repair damaged blood vessels.

Start out with one gram with each meal and one at bedtime. Then after a week or two, increase your intake to two grams four times a day. Be sure you drink plenty of water – a liter of which should be reverse osmosis purified.

If you are working to resolve a serious condition – especially a cardiovascular one – this detox program is recommended.   You should study Dr. McDaniel's Web Page to learn about the origins of this program and important information about cardiovascular disease.

"I have a terrible time getting people to try my device,
but once they do I can't get my unit back from them !!!"

– T. F. Ellzey –

I was contacted by a Gentleman who has built more than 50 units of his own design and provided them to his friends. He had many wonderful stories to share, and we talked for over twelve hours on the phone. He shared with me two significant ideas that have worked for him. The first is to connect the unit to the body (ground) of your car. He says most people can feel the energy and it treats everyone in the car at once. He says that it makes driving a more pleasant experience and can remedy (at least for him and his wife) issues like "heart burn" that can occur from restaurant food. He also told me that a couple of his friends have put a conductive pad – attached to the unit – under their computer keyboards and have been able to "cure" carpal tunnel syndrome. Tinfoil or a piece of window screen covered by a towel or piece of cardboard will do nicely. Cover as much of the desk top as is practical.

Computer Fun !!!

These Animated Computer Models will help you understand one way BOB units can help remove toxins from the body.   You will be able to see how electricity can cause fluids and materials move around in our bodies.

Voltage Can Move Charged Particles...

This is the beginning of the presentation...

Also, having an understanding of Zeta Potential will help you understand the more subtle aspects of the body chemistry involved.


There could easily be more to this story, but one should always look to the most likely possibility first, and only then watch for any other factors.


>>>>>   Important Reading Material   <<<<<

"The Body Electric" and "Cross Currents"
by  Bob Becker


"Politics in Healing"
The suppression and manipulation of American Medicine

by  Daniel Haley

The Miracle of Electromedicine
"Politics in Healing" Chapter 9

BOB's Study Group Feedback Page

The Art of Healing Ourselves

Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes
On the Atomic Level

Tommy's History of Western Technology

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