" Magnetic Tubes ? "
("Magnetic Lines of Force" may actually be Spinning Tubes.)

Magnetism Attracts & Repels ...


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    If a dynamic ether could be shown, ...

    could magnetism be akin to the weather in our planet's atmosphere ?

"Lines of Force" = Helixes in the Ether ?   —   ( " The First Dynamic Matter " )

 Imagine that this is 
a Spinning Electron. 
Imagine that this is a Spinning Electron.

This is only part of the picture.
See below and imagine a mirror over the pool.

"A Macrocosm view of the Microcosm"
Link to Cartan's Corner 
Falaco Solitons connected via a helical thread 
Break the thread and the vortexes disintegrate! 
Photo by David Radabaugh
"The Falaco Effect as a topological defect was first noticed by the present author in the swimming pool of an old MIT friend, during a visit in Rio de Janeiro, at the time of Halley's comet, March 1986. The concept was first presented at the Austin Meeting of Dynamic Days in Austin, January 1987, and caused some interest among the resident topologists. The easily reproduced experiment added to the credence of topological defects in fluids. It is now perceived that this topological phenomena is universal, and will appear at all levels from the microscopic to the galactic." — R.M. Kiehn – University of Houston — Kiehn's web site
Pool photo by David Radabaugh.
Cosmic Strings in a Swimming Pool ! 
Note the helical thread that connects 
the counter rotating depressions. 
Image a mirror image above the water's surface. 
This is similar to an electron's environment.   The story of this observation. 
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Imagine that the swimming pool water is the "Zero Point Energy" in which all of our universe is "swimming".

The topological defects are positions in the ZPE where electrons can form and reside. The helix connecting the counter-rotating dimples, represents the helixes of the magnetic lines of force.

Imagine a second half to this picture, as seen in a mirror — two counter rotating electrons connected via a helix. You now see the configuration of a "Cooper Pair."   This system, then develops a new axis of rotation, and you now have a photon.   This photon now can be converted into light — electro-magnetic radiation — by imparting the chartistic vibration ( color of light / frequence of interest ) and accelerating it into a receptive medium — this is what RF broadcast technology is all about.

This Paradigm is in line with James Clerk Maxwell's concept that the universe is existing in a dynamic medium that has many properties very much like those found in fluids such as water or the Earth's atmosphere, with respect to the energy movements found there.

—   The Industrial View   —

This is how our High Technology Industry understands the concept of magnetism.

What works, works, and we have to consider the magnetic effects that engineers have observed, measured and used to created products.

This web site is very good for helping us use "The Correct Language" when we are exploring a more detailed vision of how magnetism works and the uses to which it can be applied.

Group Arnold – The Magnetic Products Group of SPS Technologies
Group Arnold is one of the largest magnetic products manufacturers in the world.

Rare earth magnets made it possible to make some devices both smaller and more powerful at the same time.

Four-Pole Motor Flux Pattern
4-Pole Motor Flux Pattern

The Earth's Magnetosphere

The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere 
Illustration by Steele Hill 
Link to - The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetospherean 
an educational web site by 
David P. Stern and Mauricio Peredo.
This image is from an educational web site by David P. Stern and Mauricio Peredo. This site contains information on: Magnetism, Electrons, Ions and Plasmas, Radiation Belts, The Sun and the Solar Wind, Exploring Earthspace, The Dynamic Magnetosphere, Close-Up of the Aurora, Magnetospheres and the Universe.

... If the vast reaches of space between the planets were completely empty, then the magnetic bubble around the earth would be shaped something like a round ball. ...   NASA image

On the Sun, coronal mass ejections occur when solar magnetic field lines snake around each other, forming the letter "S". Usually, they go past each other. But if they connect, it's like a short circuit. The mid-section breaks loose and drives out a coronal mass ejection. (NASA/MSFC)

The ancient Greeks and Chinese are credited as the first to find and use a naturally occurring iron ore called magnetite.

Something to Remember !!!

If the Earth's "Magnetic North" is in the North, then the end of the compass needle that points toward the North Pole, is the "South Pole of the Compass's Magnet". We call this end of the compass needle, "The North Seeking" end !


Magnetic Levitation at Your Fingertips

Link to ...
High Field
Magnet Laboratory 

University of Nijmegen

Now, there is a way - at last - to have miniature levitating devices that even schoolchildren can make. As the picture shows, real levitation is now at your fingertips.

The "reversed form" (negative solution) of Maxwell's Fourth Equation, states that a magnetic field can be produced without current flowing in a wire.

A Working "Crossed–Field" Antenna Using This Principle

Oxygen is highly paramagnetic (attracted to a magnetic field, but not magnetized). Hydrogen is highly diamagnetic; (repelled from a magnetic field but not magnetized). Under normal circumstance, these are such weak forces that they are not considered significant. In vortex flow, they have a more significant effect.

When passed through a strong magnetic field, oxygen molecules tend to be attracted towards the field and hydrogen molecules repulsed from the field.

Water is one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen. The two atoms of hydrogen make it diamagnetic.

Superconductors are ideal diamagnetics and completely expel magnetic fields.

The Magnetic Vortex Theory

Parallel Path Rotary Motion

Magnetic Influences in the Colloidal World


Magnetic Fields Around Magnets

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