One Foot in the Grave

by Therman F.  Ellzey

One man's experiences with Lee Crock's "electronic healing system".

I felt that I was one of the most unfortunate people alive to have a body that had almost every kind of arthritis in the known United States.  I was 57 years old and my body felt really old.  I had been sitting on a stool for 31 years working on two-way radios and pagers for the Police department, Sheriff department and almost every company in the area of the shop where I worked.  Anyway, after 31 years of nothing but this kind of work, I felt that I needed a change.

I had to wear glasses that looked like trifocal coke bottles bottoms.  I was getting older by the minute and getting worse by the second.  I got another job, but I was not getting any better.  Finally, I just wasn't able to work at all.  I went to the doctor to see what they could do for me and they just gave me more pills.  I lost my job because the doctor didn't give me an excuse saying that I had made a doctor visit instead of going to work.

Well, because of the six different medications I was taking I got worse.  I laid around playing with my computer on the Internet.  It was getting harder and harder to do.  I was blind in one eye and my sight was getting really bad in the other.  I got to know this nice person and his name is Mr.  Willis, we would talk for hours some times – actually most of the time.  He was sick too and I was sick so we both tried to make money on the Internet.

I became so sick that I could not talk on the Internet any more.  He called me up one day wondering what was wrong.  Well, we talked for a little while and then hung up.  A few minutes later Mr.  Willis called me back to tell me not to get mad at him because he had just mailed me a package and wanted me to try a new product that he had been using for his cancer.  I didn't mind.  I had spent a few thousand dollars on just about every thing on the market trying to get relief from all the pain I had.

His product was Transfer Factor Plus, this excites the immune system in your body and starts telling the immune system it can remove the pain and gives you a boost of energy, it did just that! The Transfer Factor product he sent me got me back on my feet fast, in a week I though I was getting well.  Although I first needed to build up my muscles since I hadn't work in months.  At this point I could hardly walk.

I used the Transfer Factor Plus for two years and my sight came back, all my pain was almost all gone.  For the next year I changed to T. F. Cardio to get better blood circulation and get a little boost of energy.  My doctor said I was doing very well for an old man.  I now only needed glasses to read up close.  My body was making several new changes.  I lost twenty pounds and was really looking good far as my health goes.  There was one thing I didn't care for although I was in very good condition for my age.  Every time I quit taking the Transfer Factor product for only two or three days I would get a slight headache and my arthritis would come back in my hands.  I could start feeling the pain and stiffness start all over again.

I started doing more research on the Internet, while still getting better, looking for the things I had always wondered about.  I always had lots of questions like when I was a little kid.  You know what is the government hiding from us now.  While I was looking around, just searching for different things, I found this URL ...

Well, this really started me wondering.  What had I found? This sounded too easy.  This man, Mr.  Lee Crock, had discovered something and he was giving it away to anyone who wanted to try it.  Being an electrical and electronic engineer for forty years, it looked too simple and I thought that it probably was come on, and didn't really work at all.  Anyway, I could see that patent diagram on the URL page looked quite simple.  I could see it was easy to make and cheep to build.

So, I went to the local dollar store and got the cheapest batteries they had and I started my construction.  It took me about thirty minutes to put something together – a basic circuit I could test.  I used a half roll of cheep two-inch tape and two feet of aluminum foil from the kitchen to connect the batteries together.  In a just a few minutes I was in operation.  I used an egg timer set for fifteen minutes, and changed polarity on the batteries manually by shifting an alligator clip - using only one wire like Lee said.

You wouldn't believe what I felt.  I got what I call a "warm cozy feeling", like a soft snuggly teddy bear.

I put together a clock timer – a cam face and a micro switch – and used a large piece of screen wire placed between my mattress and the box springs of my bed.  It is really hard for me to explain.  I don't have all those special words used by wordsmiths.  You would just have to try it to know how I felt every time I lay on my bed at night.

The information I had found on various web sites all seem very true.  There is no reason to lie around and take all the dope – painkillers – that the doctors pass out to numb the brain in order to stop the pain.  Painkillers don't fix the trouble because the pain comes back as soon as the drug wears off.  Just like when I quit taking the product that I was using to get the pain to go away earlier.

With that product, after three years, I could say I had no side effects.  I do feel, however, that it helped the "cleaner machine" work faster for me.  I was now well and had no symptoms or pains.  The product had always pepped me up making me feel very good, but then I would go a day or two without it and I would feel the pain coming back.  That was bad! I tried stopping several times but the pains I had would always come back.

The Lee Crock Cleaner Machine is the best thing I have ever tried.  The results are great and I feel like Mr.  Lee really did it.  I wanted to give every one in the world a chance to feel like me.  I am almost sixty-two now, and I feel better now than I did when I was in my twenties.

To learn more about how this works you need to learn how Jesus was able to heel with his hands – laying-on-of-hands.  Go to and learn about this for free.  There is lots of information there that can teach all of us how to live a happy long healthy life.  I found this information about Lee on the Internet the last week of December 2003.  I built myself an "Energy Cleaner Machine" and I have been sleeping on it ever since.

I began thinking about different ideas on how to use the Crock Cleaner Machine.  I just had to learn what it was doing, and how it was working.  I decided to clip the output lead to a ground strap on the trunk lid of my car and made business a trip to Arizona and back again to Mississippi.  You really won't believe what it did.

My brother came with me and he began rubbing his stomach, where he had the shingles, soon after we got in the car.  Well, by the time we got back I noticed he wasn't rubbing his stomach any more.  He said that it no longer itched.  I also noticed that neither of us was real tired from the journey.  Not real stiff like I usually felt after a trip of that length.  I was ready to start the trip over again.  I was amazed by the way I felt.  I had made that same trip when I was a teenager and had dreaded every mile.  When I got home this time, I just couldn't believe it.  There was one thing however, that you must plan for.  You will become quite thirsty, and you will need to stop about every two hundred miles at a rest area.

Three years ago on a visit to my VA doctor, I had complained about my hands going to sleep quite often.  After a few tests my doctor said that I had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.  The VA then set up an appointment to do the repair, but I had it put off long as I could.  After the trip to Arizona, I didn't need the operation any more! It seems that almost every thing I had wrong with me had just been removed.  This is strange since the only thing I did differently was that I used a Crock Cleaner Machine in my house and car.

I don't know about you, but in the last three years in order to keep my medical problems under control, I spent an average of $138.00 a month in health maintenance pills according to my records.  Do you see, I paid $4,968.00 for three years of "healthy living"?

I couldn't quit the medications or my pain would come back after two, sometimes three, days.  I would then have to "catch up" to stop the pain again.  Well, I haven't taken any health products or medication for 39 days now.  That is why I am putting this on paper to record my medical situation.  I feel better than I did when I was in my twenties, because I had arthritis even back then.  At this time, I don't have a hint of a problem that I was trying to get rid of before I started using the Crock Cleaner Machine.  I have my VA medical records to back up all the problems that I had.  I started going to the veteran's doctors in 1970 and continued until now.  I still go when it is time for a check up.  This is truly one of God's wonders that he let me find and learn to use.

I told Mr.  Willis my friend that sent me the Transfer Factor product, all about the Crock Cleaner Machine.  I didn't hear from him about three weeks, so I called him.  It seems that he was trying to get his son married and had lots work around the house to do.  In moving furniture around, he had pulled his back and had seen a doctor several times to get pain pills – pills we don't need.  I ask him if he had tried the "Cleaner Machine".  He said, "No."  He had been lying in bed with pain for three weeks and just didn't try it.

Well I was mean; I said, "I don't feel sorry for you.  Try the machine and then tell me there is no change."  His wife helped him get every thing hooked up, and she timed it for him while they watch TV.  The next day he left a message on my answering machine.  Well, I tried it.  What do I do now? When I got back from a trip that evening, I called him.  No more pain, No need for pills.  What can I say? The Lee Crock Cleaner Machine worked again.

My wife has been taking medication for many years, hi-blood pressure, thyroid and several other problems.  She has now been on the machine for a while and she gets a regular medical checkup because of her job.  The doctor found she had been taking too much medication since her last checkup.  I hope it gets even better, some of her medication had to be cut in half.  I am looking forward to seeing the day when she doesn't need any medication like me.  Our drug bill for her has been really too much for us to pay even using insurance.  We are letting the doctor discover that she needs less and less medication.  She didn't just quit it all at once on her own.  It is now time for her to have more blood work done and we are hoping that the results will be even better – because I know she is getting better.

My friend Debbie was very much in need.  She has cancer and can't take the usual treatments.  She also has very bad arthritis and has been taking lots of painkillers for that.  Her husband told me that after sleeping with the screen under her mattress for two days that she is no longer in pain.  And, she hasn't been taking any pain medication.

I loaned my friend Charlotte a unit to use.  At times she would be in so much pain from arthritis that she was unable to get out of bed.  After two nights of good rest on her screen, she acts like there was never anything wrong.  She hasn't complained about her pain since.  Just the elimination of pain pills and pain is enough to make you thank the Lord.   Thank You Lord !!!

My stepson A.J. tried to pick up a heavy electric motor on the job where he worked, and managed to pull something in his back.  They sent him to the doctor and then home with a bottle of painkillers to get some bed rest.  I loaned him a Crock Cleaner Machine and the next day he went to work without the painkiller medication where they put him back to work on light duty.  He hasn't had any pain since.  And, he likes the way he feels after a good night's sleep on his Crock machine.

Well you know, "you can lead a horse to the water but you can't make him drink".  That is why I really hate to tell people about this incredible machine.  My friend Henry and his wife Martha were always complaining about their pains.  I gave them a Cleaner Machine to try.  Time went on and finally one day I ask how the Cleaner Machine was doing? "Well, I haven't connected it up yet," he said.  I told him to bring it back so someone else could use it.  He phoned me the next day to let me know he had hooked it up and his arm that always "goes to sleep" didn't last night.  I never got it back.

A week later He said, "I woke up this morning and my arm was asleep again.  Your machine had been preventing that from happening.  Then he said that he had taken the clock battery out of the unit and left it lying around.   He then found out that his kids had taken his battery and left a dead one in its place.  He installed a new battery and now all is Ok.

I was talking to one of Henry's friends who was having trouble with arthritis.  I told her to borrow Miss Martha's for a few days.  Martha over heard me and quickly said, "NO!   You will have to give her one of her own!"  I couldn't stop laughing.  The Crock Cleaner Machine just seems to work under any condition.

Our daughter-in-law came over for supper.  She is with child and almost every time she eats anything, she gets heartburn.  I have a Crock Cleaner Machine with screen on our couch.  My wife likes to watch TV there with the Crock Machine turned on.  Anyway, my daughter in law started complaining about her heartburn.  I have a machine attached to my chair also and I let her sit there.  After a few minutes she said the pain was gone.  She couldn't understand that it was my chair that made her pains go away.  I didn't tell her why they went away.

The following was taken from one of the web sites I visited - this is so very true.  "There are no drugs, surgery or radiation that can clean the cells, nerves and meridians of the residue and toxic poison that has developed in the cells from normal body functions of daily living.  It sure can ruin the family life savings out of the bank account when serious disease strikes.  Then you suffer and die young.

All you need is to direct the universal energy from the body to the meridians that has shut down and gotten toxic, jumpstart them to start working and clean the toxic poison that have developed over time.  They will clean out and be healthy.  It is very easy to do.  Come to the school and learn how, and be healthy, live on.  It is free."

There is much more information at this site.  You should take some time to learn what all the drug companies don't want you to know.  I have tried the machine and have passed it around for others to try.  Thank you Mr.  Lee Crock for your Cleaner Machine.

You can read more about the causes of diseases and simple cures at ...

I am not a doctor and I can only tell you what I did and how I feel.  I am still using the Crock Cleaner Machine and God has given me my life back to do more of his work.  Tell the world to get drug FREE!

I hear from the people that I built a "Crock Cleaner Machine" for every now and then.  I keep asking them.  "When are you going to bring it back and get your money back?"  They all say, "When it quits working!"

In the area where I live, there are many old people that don't want to own a computer and won't ask anyone for the information about the Crock Cleaner Machine.  That is why we all need to share this information with them.  Of coarse, they will say you are crazy till you get them to try one.  Then you can't get it back.

Most people here that I talk to about this – I am proud to say – go to the same church as I do.  I feel really bad when we go over our prayer list of the sick.  I don't have the funds to give everyone a unit.  Maybe the government will someday, instead of paying drug and doctor bills, will start giving these units to every one.

I got a business call in my office from a friend that I have known for over ten years.  I told him about the Crock Cleaner Machine and I ask him what he thought about it.  After a long drown out explanation about the run around he had with different doctors and how doctors had screwed up trying different things to cure different problems in his family – his wife has cancer – he agreed that the doctors really didn't know what they are doing.  But, he said that he had rather put his faith in the doctors to find out how to cure the problem rather than to try any alternative method.

I feel sorry for him and can't comprehend his thinking.  He has told me about taking a young child to the doctor.  The doctor was unable to tell him what was wrong or what to do for the child.  They had to take the child to another doctor to find out that it was just a stomach virus.

If this is the thinking of most of the people in the world, I truly feel sorry for them.  Because, for less than ten dollars they can try a simple basic manually operated unit.  Are these people saying that they would rather die? God, please help these people.  They need lots of help!!!

I welcome all input regarding any of this.

I can take orders for my version of the Lee Crock Cleaner Machine and I can also sell you the T.F. Cardio.  I do believe that it help speed up the process of cleaning up my body, because my blood circulation is good and I do donate blood every month.  My doctor now thinks there is nothing wrong with me, and so do I !

I know that when you get sick enough you will try anything – I did.  Well, in my opinion, it looks like the Crock Cleaner Machine could be the last thing you will ever need to try.


  • One thing that is common is the fingernails get harder and sometimes longer. My hair is getting darker.
  • I have found several scars that I had on my body have disappeared – like I removed them.
  • There is always a feeling of heat coming from the pad.
  • My skin is getting a younger look and feeling.
  • My facial skin is getting tighter.
  • It makes me sleep like a baby.
  • It removes my headache in just a few minutes when I lay on the cleaner pad.
  • After one night sleeping on the pad, I didn't need pain medication for my arthritis.
  • For years my arm went to sleep while sleeping at night, but now it doesn't, when I use the cleaner machine.
  • It seems to help when on long trips – I don't get as tired.
  • It removed the pain from my back when I lifted too much.
  • Hooked to my exercise cycle, it seems to give me longer staying power while using the bike.

I'd like to hear about your experiences.

Therman Ellzey   601-649-2561

© Therman F. Ellzey  March, 2004

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