Lee Crock has Ten Thousand Success Stories

The Pharmaceutical Industry took Lee to court to stop him from healing people ...

the way Jesus did !!!

This is the story about how Lee Crock developed the concept for this "B0B".

"In July 1994, Lee Crock was in a 'wreck' and got hit in the head. He lay around the house with his wife looking after him like a school child and enjoying every minute of it. "With an ache and a pain here and there, something to complain about made a good conversation subject with the older folks." (Many people enjoy their illnesses and are not very eager to be healed.)

In March 1997, Lee woke up one morning at 3 am and "knew how the body worked" and what to do to stimulate the (body) cells that had broken down .... "I cleaned those cells up (primarily by removing toxins) ... Thank the Lord. What a gift I was blessed with. I (now) have this burning desire. I must pass the knowledge of this gift to the world. I am asking for any help anyone can give."

Lee was inspired by the stories of Jesus' healings and his instructions to his apostles to do as he did.

Lee said he was fascinated by the "laying-on-of-hands" as reported to be used by Jesus, his disciples and other healers. His healing system stems from Reiki massage therapy, which partially relies on the "production of heat" in the hands, which is then directed to heal the body.

Lee sought guidance from the spirit world and working with his intuition and friends developed a healing practice that is most effective.

Lee says a counter clockwise (CCW) motion of the hands is positive, discharges the cellular electrical energy and relieves pain within about 14 minutes. As opposed to clockwise (CW) motion, which is, negative and refills the body's cells with energy.

The principle Lee describes is like emptying a bucket (full of material), filling it back up and emptying it again, over and over with the idea being to flush out any toxins (impurities).

He says an easy demonstration is to hold your hands flat against or close to the ailing organ or body of a subject, and move the palms of your hands in a CCW motion until you begin to feel a heating effect. Once it achieves the maximum heat, you lay your hands on the area being treated, and let them cool down.

A CW motion will recharge the cellular energy and after about 30 hours of this CCW, then CW treatment, repeated over this 30-hour period in 15-minute intervals, the subject improves.

By using a relay of 4 or more people – doing this without the electrical device – you can continually flush and recharge the damaged cells continually over 24 hours for 3–5 days or as needed. This method as described is effective even when applied by an "untrained individual" on patients who have little faith in it.

Jesus also had secret teachings that he taught only to those who were ready for such knowledge. "Jesus possessed great confidences in his ability and was able to heal instantaneously with spectacular results. It is clear that he had possessed many metaphysical skills and used them."

These metaphysical skills are taught by many today. These skills are basically a combination of meditation, rhythmic breathing and focused visualization. When these aspects are added to the above technique, the healing progresses at a much faster rate.

"Imagine Jesus is holding his hands over someone and a ray of energy is coming out of the palms of his hands radiating (into) the person he was holding his hands over. (You inhale the cosmic energy {"Healing Love Energy"} with your breath and then imagine it flowing out through your hands while you exhale {a 1, 2, 3, 4 rhythm}. Also remember that Jesus said, "When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am among you." Invite Jesus to help you. "Please join us here dear Jesus in our efforts to ...") If you take a picture of someone with an aura camera while they were being stimulated, that would be what it shows. The healer feels (the energy) flowing out of his hands as if it is water flowing from the hands. It is warm like warm water coming out with force from a faucet and the body being stimulated will feel as if the warm energy is entering their body, penetrating clear through them. It always feels good and the cells that are being stimulated feel as if they want to be moved and restored. There is no soreness or stiffness; it really is relaxing to the body."

Lee understands that the body's chemical processes are all powered electrically and he was then inspired to create an electrical device to accelerate the healing process. This device is similar in some respects to one created by Eeman, who while hospitalized also recalled Jesus' admonition "Heal the sick by the laying-on-of-hands." Eeman reasoned that this healing energy was the subtle energy of the life force itself. There is more information in the links below.

Lee patented his device and allowed the information to be published thereby allowing anyone with electrical skills to build their own. He says that he "wants to help as many people as he can." The links below have pictures and more information.

This device may not seem viable to anyone who only has had a classical education in electronics. However, I have build several devices based on Nikola Tesla's patients and have seen "single wire devices" perform perfectly. I have worked many hours in an attempt to add a second wire to some circuits without improving their performance in the slightest.

I still might not have been interested when I was asked to build Lee's circuit by Dr. Kough, had it not been for the fact that I had been engaged in the study of Zeta Potential. Zeta Potential is the measure of the electrical force involved in chemical and biological chemical processes. This science is used extensively in many industries to control chemical processes and can be used to CURE cardiovascular diseases. Zeta Potential provided me with a scientific base for explaining the manner in which Lee Crock's electrical device may actually be working.

I'm not discounting the possibly that there may be more going on in the processes, but this was sufficient to motivate me to action – for which I am most grateful. This device seems to produce therapeutic effects without the need for an attendant healer. I am looking forward to doing clinical studies with this unit and am looking for people to participate.

In December of 1998 the state medical board of Ohio came to Lee's clinic. When they saw the way Lee was treating patients for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatism, arthritis, psoriasis of the liver, heart failure and casuistic lungs and they were getting well, they slapped charges against Lee for practicing medicine without a license. This was done even though Lee was using no medications; wasn't charging for his services; and the electrical device he was using was deemed to be only a placebo by "electrical experts".

... "He was dragged into court seven times and they never attempted to say what he did that was against the law. The people that came to the clinic were only treated with aura therapy and it helped them, so it has to be medicine. The evidence that was presented to the court was the results documented by the people who wrote Lee after receiving energy stimulation. It relieved the ailments so it had to be medicine according to the State of Ohio and what Lee did was against the law or so they claimed. From September 1, 1997 until the clinic was shut down in August 2000 there were over 11 thousand visitors to the clinic from all 50 states and 10 foreign countries. You just can't run a clinic with that many people being successfully treated without a license." ... " The State of Ohio got an injunction against Lee that stated Lee was not allowed to start practicing medicine within the next 4 years. Lee closed down the clinic and quit all phases of aura therapy." ...

In my mind this is a FREEDOM OF RELIGION issue. Lee was following the teachings of Jesus and the government stopped him. We must think of this as the work of the Anti-Christ !!!

Lee Crock's "Energy Cleaner Machine" also called Lee Crock's "Aura Therapy Machine" can be used to help remove toxins from the body ... http://www.keelynet.com/mexistim/nexcrock.htm



Here is a large BW file that can be printed easily.   It is a summation of the above web sites ...

There also is an article in "Nexus New Times" — September – October 2003 — about Lee Crock and his work.

I have created my own version of Lee Crock's electronic device that I call B0B. This device should be considered experimental, since clinical studies have not yet been done.

It is a dual voltage unit (3 or 4.5 volts), so you can experiment with either voltage, and is totally battery powered. The design allows for very long battery life – about 2 years for the screen batteries. The timer and LED operate with only 1 milliamp of current and is powered with a separate set of alkaline batteries, – 6 volts – which should last for more than a year. The LED is two color and changes color to indicate the polarity of the output voltage, which changes every 14 minutes. When the unit is switched on, it always starts in the positive mode.

The unit is shipped with a hookup wire equipped with a banana plug and alligator clip to connect to your screen or pad. A second wire with a banana plug is included for use in your car or truck. 14 batteries are included - 4 alkaline, 10 carbon - when shipped within the United States. Screens and pads are not included.

This unit will power several treatment screens simultaneously in your house and can also be used in your car, plane or camper. The timer electronics are isolated from the output giving the circuit exceptional immunity to static charges and interference. This unit will not interfere with radio or navigation equi

"I have a terrible time getting people to try my device,
but once they do I can't get my unit back from them!!!"

– T. F. Ellzey –

I was contacted by a Gentleman who has built more than 50 units of his own design and has given them to his friends. He had many wonderful stories to share, and we talked for over six hours on the phone. He shared with me two significant ideas that have worked for him. The first is to connect the unit to the body (ground) of your car. He says most people can feel the energy and it treats everyone in the car at once. He says that it makes driving a more pleasant experience and can remedy (at least for him and his wife) issues like "heart burn" that can occur from restaurant food. He also told me that a couple of his friends have put a conductive pad – attached to the unit – under their computer keyboards and have been able to "cure" carpal tunnel syndrome. Tinfoil or a piece of window screen covered by a towel or piece of cardboard will do nicely. Cover as much of the desk top as is practical.

Dr. Wallach suggests that you also take 75 mg of B6, 50 mg of zinc, and a cartilage product twice a day when treating carpal tunnel syndrome.

Note:   Some people are using emergency blankets as pads. Many, if not all, are only coated on one side. Be sure your clip makes contact to both sides of the material. Also, after the material gets wrinkled a little, it looses all conductivity. Aluminum window screen is really quite cheep and durable.

I fold the "cut ends" of the screen over, and then cover the edges with a layer of "duct tape". This then can be placed between the box spring and mattress of your bed.

I believe Lee Crock's electronic unit is actually working – at least in part – through the "Science of Zeta Potential", which is the basic science that controls our body's chemical functions.

Lee's treatments should be used in conjunction with a proper chemical treatment program, such as that used by Dr. T. C. McDaniel, to prevent coronary complications when toxins are ejected from the body's cells into the blood.   (90 years old and still practicing medicine in Ohio) [2010 update, Dr. McDaniel is no longer practicing in Ohio.]

Robert Waters, MD has attended Dr. McDaniel's seminars and has his own practice in Wisconsin.

And, Dr. David H. Saxon's detox protocol is excellent also. He was one of the first doctors to contact me because of my web site's focus on toxins.

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