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A Miracle Shared

Hello Tommy,

Just wanted to share something miraculous with you about the polarity cycler.

During the summer, to keep the house cooler during the day, I re-situate my tabletop water distiller onto my washing machine, located in our attached garage. While it was in the middle of distilling a gallon of water (total cycle is 5 hours), I decided to do a load of wash. This meant I needed to transport the distiller in the middle of its cycle. I must not have been thinking clearly, because I proceeded to lift it by the handle on the top (the top disengages from the water reservoir) to move it to the garage floor. The unit was too hot to give any support to the water reservoir. The unit collapsed and I had a gallon of boiling water running over my bare feet. I have to say, it hurt maybe even more than childbirth.

I took a minute to think what I was going to do and remembered about running cold water and/or ice over a burn. This mishap happened around noon, and I had to spend the rest of the day with icepacks on my feet to keep myself relatively comfortable, but when I had to change the ice, I could barely wait for the replacement ice pack. At around 5 p.m., I took 25 minutes off to get on my chi machine, and I didn't think I could make it through that cycle. Near bedtime (about midnight), I was really worried about whether or not I would make it in to work, and if I could, what shoes could I wear, because it was still hurting, only not as intense.

I took some Tylenol and got in my bed with the polarity cycler. I never gave it a second thought about whether it may help me, because it never helped my eczema. I was afraid to even pull the covers over my feet in case some of my skin may pull off. To my surprise, I slept soundly through the night and found myself with the covers on in the morning. I almost forgot about my feet because there was no more pain. Seeing how red they were reminded me. It was a miracle, and it must have been the polarity cycler! If I had known it could work such wonders, I would have gotten into bed earlier in the day.

I wore some strappy sandals to work just in case, but I think I could have worn any of my shoes. This was many days ago, and one would think when hearing about my experience that the burn was not as severe as I made it out to be, but today, the area that got hit the hardest is turning dark (like a bad bruise over all my toes and partway up my ankle), and it is just starting to itch. It is not numb. I expect that the dark skin will probably peel off in layers as my flesh and skin regenerate.

There is not a whole lot of change with my ADD son yet. He still requires a lot of sleep, but I have noticed that when we try to get him up in the morning, he does not object so much.

Will keep you posted about everything on a regular basis.

Thanks for all your support.



Hi Tommy,

I have been planning to come see you soon.

The BOB unit has been with my friend Debbie all this time.  She also does not want to give it to me.  She has most notably had a beneficial factor in her psoriasis.  She recently said, she feels it's not just helping her skin, but all of her too.

It is more important and thankful to see in visual evidence her psoriasis is much clearer of dead cell build up!  And, her skin open wounds have completely closed; only hard scratching appears to break skin there.

The B.O.B. is on the Job.

:) Dan


Dear Tom,

I just tried using your BOB for two weeks and had a very good response to the healing energy it generated.

To describe my two week experience in more detail:

The first week or so I felt that I was in a detoxification "mode" where my body was responding at a cellular level to the energy field from the battery unit.

The cells seemed to be re-energized and thus able detox and to work to return to their "balanced" healthy state. I was aware that any A.C. fields within a close proximity were causing my energy to feel a bit "edgy". After I shut off anything that had a transformer or coil, like a re-charger or power supply, the body energy felt better, smoother. Sleeping was good, sound and restful. During this period I needed to drink more water and to urinate more. Also my digestive tract seemed to be better hydrated so the bowel movement was more regular. I was concerned about the aluminum material but the overall effect seemed good and I was limiting the test to just two weeks. I checked the system with my dowsing ability and got a 92, which is very high on the scale.

The second week I became more aware of the nerves and meridian systems being replenished and restored. My knee had been chronically stressed in a sports injury and now it really made progress where pain and inflammation were reduced (the progress looks like it is still there today too). The meridian from the hip down was blocked from the knee injury and this was opened and energy flow was restored. Toward the end of the second week I started experiencing better meditation and visualization practice as if the body was now healthy enough to be 'transparent' so the concentration and contemplation aspects could function more effortlessly.

To me this was a very significant result and made me remember that healing the body can be one of the means to increasing awareness.

Since I stopped using the BOB, last Saturday, I have been experiencing continued good energy flow in the meridians and the knee has been making progress, at a slower rate. The BOB seemed to speed up the body's self-healing process by a factor of many many times the normal.

Anyway, I got kind of detailed here, but I want to say, it was encouraging to see these profound results from such a simple device.

I hope this feedback helps you in your good work.


Bert Wrote:


Dowsing indicates that BOB's  50 second cycle as substantially superior to the 14-minute cycle.

The best introduction to dowsing is "A Letter to Robin" by Walt Woods for $3 to cover printing costs of the 25 or so pages or it can be downloaded for free at some of the dowsing sites.

Bert Wrote:


I dowsed your question on voltage regarding whether a voltage greater or less than 4.5 volts is optimum.

For my set up of BOB – for my bed, screens, and automobile – the best program is 3 volts and 50 seconds.

I wouldn't bet the farm based on my dowsing skills, but I will switch over to 3 Volts and 50 seconds.

Tommy Wrote:

Hi Bert,


I have a question.  Do you have a foam mattress or one with steel springs?

Steel springs will transfer the energy up from the pad.

It sure looks like the optimum will vary from person to person.

In my car, I have noticed that 4.5-volts was rather strong.

Love, Tommy

Bert Wrote:


I have an 8-inch inner spring mattress above an aluminum screen connected to BOB.

To get a useful yes or no dowsing response requires at the very least a clear, specific question and practice.  Therefore it is possible that other persons or circumstances MAY indicate a different voltage or frequency.  We can explore this.



Please send me your snail mail address again.

I would like to order another "BOB".

I have been using the first one on myself as a guinea pig experiment.

It does regulate my urine pH.   I have been working with the 14 minute cycle.

I would like another one to experiment with others.

I now will be experimenting with the 50 second cycle.

Earl Conroy, N.D. D.C.

Just a Note:

We have one cat that doesn't sleep on the bed anymore – a habit she really enjoyed – since a screen and batteries were installed.   She will occasionally jump on the bed and sniff around and then will leave and sleep somewhere else.

On the other hand, we have a dog that absolutely loves the fact that his owner put a screen in his bed.  He shows a definite preference for the 4.5-volt setting over the 3-volt based on the amount of time he spends on his bed.   His owner did a couple of tests involving turning off the screen and reported that the dog would spend considerably less time in the bed when the B0B was disconnected.

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