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I believe children should learn at the best times for them, and in a way that is motivated by their current curiosity.
The teacher's job then becomes one of inspiring and directing that curiosity.
— Tommy Cichanowski —

There have been many attempts to organize, archive, and teach "Knowledge."   Today, the Internet has finally come of age, and the challenge continues.

We can look to the past for some assistance, which will help us in our present endeavors.   Before the "Dark Ages" there was a considerable understanding of the basic principles of "Natural Forces" in some cultures.   We can use the structure of that understanding, as an outline for our presentations today.

The Tarot Concepts have been in existence for more than 4,000 years. Representative images were carved in stone and later made into cards. This system of concepts has a very holistic view of life on Earth and forms a wonderful basis for a modern educational system.

Over the years, authors have added to the basic image concepts and in so doing have left us a record of their time. The additional images on the minor concepts cards, assisted in the story telling of oral history in some cultures. The original purpose, however, was to teach science and math. The stories that the cards engender help us understand underlying principles and concepts that makeup the world of which we are a part.

The oldest deck below is on the left, the newest on the right. The cards displayed are the major concept cards. The minor concept cards, are the ones we use for "card games."  One use of the minor concept cards, is to teach basic counting and math.

The major concept cards describe how energy flows as it organizes to become physical matter.

The Tarot Concepts

Ancient "Flash Cards"

Used for story telling before there were printed books.

The First Widely Copied Educational System.

I first learned of these cards in 1970, while upgrading a recording studio in Wauwatosa, WI. It was widely known, that I had been working with the University of Wisconsin's Psychology Department, the Milwaukee Public Museum, and the Jewish Vocational Center, since 1967, on various teaching devices and aids.

One day, one of the Musicians who was recording at the studio, Kenney Bardow, handed me the center deck below as a present and said, "Here. This is the best teaching machine ever created."  He then turned and walked away without saying anything more.

He may be right.

The cards teach that all of nature manifests itself, as a repeating set of patterns. The same template can be applied to many different sciences and situations.

  • Electronics
  • Chemistry
  • Hydroculture
  • Metallurgy
  • Crystal Growth
  • Psychology
  • Intentional Communities
  • Physics
  • Education
  • Sound
  • ===> ...

I resisted other temptations and set my focus on the science of sound. My Goal, "The Perfect Outdoor Sound System".

I later would build from scratch, using the latest integrated circuit technology, a very large main stage sound system, for the world's largest and longest running music festival, Milwaukee's Summerfest.

Before ...

I fully understood Quantum Mechanics, and the Structure of the Card Deck. The cards do in fact, provide a project outline and an effective tactical approach for constructing a proper sound system, in addition to explaining all of the science involved. The lessons I learned from this project, have come to my assistance time, and time again!

— Tommy Cichanowski —

Learning   "The System"

Most of us here on planet earth acknowledge a "Supreme Intelligence" — the Originator of All.

A common story is that He worked for six of His days, and laid awake for six nights, to the point it wore Him out so much, that He needed to take a day of rest and let His creation finish His job.

The story I was told was that He was planning a Big Party and wanted lots of Guests, and a wonderful setting in which to hold the event.

As I recall, the last thing He said before He fell asleep and started dreaming was . . .

      "My children:

      Remember it was I, who brought all this into Being.
      Remember it is My dream, that makes the scheme.
      Remember Me Always, and the rules of the game.
      Remember that this is all, of My Personal Being.

      For yourselves know love, and give to each other.
      Treat all that is around you, like your sisters and brothers.
      Learn who you are, and then learn to Love You !
      Then do to the others, as you would have Me do for you."

    I then saw Him drift off to sleep, and there before my eye,
    I saw an image grow to complete, a body, a soul and a sky.
    It was there in all its beauty, and called me to come within.
    So that from the dream, I might learn, the "Nature of This Him".

    I saw wheels turning, and globes start to spin.
    It was done with such precision, that all I could do was grin.
    And slowly I saw a pattern, a puzzle did begin.
    With many pieces waiting, wanting to be one again.

    And then I was quite startled, as there It did begin.
    A dance of puzzle pieces, It created quite a din.
    The din came to order, and music did begin,
    A sea of harmonies came to be, with little ones within.

    A musical universe, it appeared to me,
    And words then did arise,
    To praise the One Who made it all,
    The Land, the sea, the skies.

The Universe is in fact,  at its base,  so simple,
that only a "Child Mind" can truly understand it !

Understand that the "Child Mind" has the power to create.

    What could possibly be of more value to a person, than knowledge about his being, and the bio–system in which he lives? To know that, his spirit and body are engaged in a continuous process of renewal, and that one can personally, take conscious control of the processes of ...

Growth and Healing.

We understand our "Atomic World" as a System of Building Blocks that we now know how, to take apart and put together. This knowledge allows us to Manufacture New Resources for creating New Living Environments for All of God's Children.

Let's All Be Then, God's Children   —   The Best That We Can Be.
And Learn What All He Made For Us   —   And All There Is To See !

[ An Inspirational Song — Sung by Donna Summer ]
"State of Independence"

Max Planck (1858–1947) Wrote: *
[ * Scientific Autobiography, pp. 33–34 — Max Planck Philosophical Library, 15 East 40th Street, New York, N. Y. 10016. ]

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

The Egyptian Tarot Cards

The Egyptian Tarot allegedly represents — according to classical occult tradition — the total amount of Knowledge possible — ( all there is for us to learn about ) — in the past, present, and future of the human race on this earth.

The Tarot images were usually carved on the columns of the most secret initiatory temples of Egypt, deep underground. Moses borrowed ideas from them for his sacred books.

The Tarot is not a spiritual conception or system like the doctrines of Christ, Vedanta, Islam, or Buddhism. But strangely enough, in the ultimate depths of its ideas one can see the dawn of the Immaterial Light, independent of all the three worlds in which Hermeticism operates.

The basis of the Tarot is the three planes well known to all occultists:

1. The physical world of dense matter with all its various forms of life, inhabitants, laws, and possibilities.

2. The world of the more subtle concentration of matter, which far exceeds the finest physical ones, known as gases, radiant, and so on.

It is called the plane of emotions, or the astral world. Invisible to the ordinary eye, this vast region extends and penetrates into all physical matter. Our vehicles of consciousness also include an astral counterpart as well as the mental one; but generally we are unable to operate consciously and deliberately with either of these two subtle bodies without self–training and discipline.

It is unlike the physical one, which seems to be fairly well under control, since we can move it, perform innumerable activities, feel it, see it, and so on. A physical liaison with the astral counterpart is located in the solar plexus.

3. This is a still more subtle combination of matter that corresponds to vibrations of the power we call mind, and whose visible physical conductor is the brain.

The Tarot is Neutral: neither "Good" nor "Evil" in itself, just like figures that can express any quantity, suitable or unsuitable, true or false.

The whole system is based on the universal principle that manifests itself in every sphere of life. We may call it the law ( Tetragrammaton of Hermetists ). The symbols used are letters of the old Hebrew alphabet, plus figures and numbers. Three veils for three worlds. This is comfortable, for knowing the meaning of such a letter–symbol, etc., that is the fixed idea behind it, we can operate just as a mathematician does with algebraic formulas and terms. It is also very valuable for those who, being tired of the usual occult bungling that occurs at the present time, want to found their studies on a firm basis, without sacrificing their reason and logical thinking.

The great law, which I have mentioned, is the same for all the three worlds in which we may employ the Tarot.

1. If there is any manifestation in time and space ( this does not necessarily mean only the three–dimensional physical space ), then there must be first the acting element or power that initiates ( or begins ) the process. We symbolize it by the figure one (1), and letter "Yod". This element is positive, dynamic, and active. The picture on the FIRST Arcanum ( or Trump ) of the Tarot represents a man, standing with one leg crossed. He is sometimes called a magician. The same three qualities as given above are ascribed to and connected with the figure 1 and the letter "Yod".

2. Apart from the active primary principle ( or as some would prefer, creation ) there is still a second element necessary for manifestation, which element being the receptacle, a screen, something to serve as a basis or fulcrum for the active "Yod".

This element is passive, negative, and material. Its number is of course two (2), the Hebrew letter "Hè" and the picture on the card is of a seated woman.

3. When "Yod" acts upon "Hè", the third principle appears, having the number three (3), and letter "Vau". It is the result of the action, and it is neutral, reflecting in itself the qualities of the first and second trumps of the Tarot, just like a child depending upon its parents.

4. The primary THREE as a whole forms a New Unit, the first family, metaphysically conceived on the most subtle plane of being, next after the un-manifested, the immaterial Absolute.

This element bears the number four (4), its letter is the SECOND "Hè". This letter is not passive as in the second Arcanum, but active, being the "Yod" of the next triangle. It is essential to realize this, for only then can the mighty idea of the Tetragrammation ( Yod - Hè - Vau - Hè ) be properly understood. Incidentally, the reader has probably noticed that the Tetragrammation is identical with the biblical, mysterious NAME OF GOD. The fourth trump creates a new unit ( triangle ) as was stated above, producing new, more complicated forms of manifestation in the gradually arising, more densely material lower worlds.

This law works on every plane of existence. In the abstruse ( abstract ) realm we already had a look at it. On the astral plane, for example, it can be expressed as: impulse (1) plus astral surroundings (2) creates emotion (3). The whole will form what we call experience, or the emotional process in man. Man ( Yod ), wife ( Hè ) and child ( Vau ) are a unit ( Second Hè ) of a new quality and of extended activity (4) able to repeat the primordial process in a wider field.

The first FOUR form the primary symbolical triangle of the Tarot. Its upper point is 1 = Yod; left is 2 = Hè; right is 3 = Vau. The point placed in the middle of this triangle being also the FIRST point of a new one, is 4 = second Hè. It is equal to the Yod of the first projection of force. To this come new seeds, as in the first case: a new 2 = Hè, while 3 = Vau, and so on.

On this scheme are constructed seven mystical triangles of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each one has a different meaning and relation to the manifested world. On it is also based the whole numerology of Hermeticism.

( Also think of the Major Arcana as being a "base 22" counting system, and remember, Zero (0) is a real number. )

Because any number can be reduced to one of the primary four, that is 1, 2, 3, 4, the process is usually called the theosophical addition or reduction.

Add all the figures of the particular number until they reach the singled figured one. Because it is necessary for you to know the meaning of all the figures beyond the four of the first triangle, you should know how to build the second and third triangles, using the method described above.

Extending the principles you find that the Yod's are: 1, 4, 7, that is active, positive, male. The first Hè: 2, 5, 8, negative, passive, female. Vau: 3, 6, 9, neutral, with balanced elements of Yod and Hè in them. The number 10 is of course Yod because: 10 = 1 + 0 = 1.

Proceed the same with all the following numbers that make up the system.

It is presumed that even the beginner–student of the Tarot has firmly memorized all that you have just read and that he knows exactly the meaning of all the 22 Major Arcana, as well as their symbolic cards and hieroglyphs.

Unless these concepts are well established in one's mind no study is possible.

There is another basic operation with the Major Arcana, and an example may be illuminating. But instead of addition we will now use analysis. As you already know to a certain degree about the first triangle, we may take, say, the third trump, then" 3 = 1 + 2. We may read this equation, in its physical realm as: child (3) has in itself element (1) father, and (2) mother. You may continue the same for other two planes.

The fourth Trump; In it: 4 = 3 + 1. This time we may take the mental–plane meaning of the analysis and we read: new creation (4) proceeds from the foregoing evolutionary unit (3), when a new active element (1) has been added.

As you may see, the possibility of creating exact and new conceptions with the help of the Tarot's numerology is practically unlimited. Try to calculate how many combinations you can arrange of all the 22 Arcana, when even with a low numerical value, as for example, that of 4, you can already obtain the following equations:

4 = 3 + 1,   4 = 2 + 2,   4 = 1 + 3,   4 = 2 + 1 + 1,   and so on.

Jump Over Cards

Observe the patterns, and differences between the three decks.

The Main Purpose of the Tarot is to Teach the Fundamental Principles of Science.

  • The science of the mind.
  • The science of soul – emotions.
  • The science of physical matter.

Their use for games and divining was a way to insure that the cards would be passed down through the ages, from generation to generation. It was hoped that anyone who had studied the Tarot on a previous "Human Holiday" would have the knowledge come back to them, when they handled the cards again.

— the left deck —
Egyptian Tarot Cards
© Copyright 1936 / 1964 by THE CHURCH OF LIGHT
P.O. Box 1525
Los Angeles Calif.   90053, U.S.A.

— the center deck —
The Waite Tarot Deck
© 1971 by U.S. GAMES SYSTEMS INC. N.Y. 10016
ISBN   0–913866–13–X

— the right deck —
is from Mouni Sadhu's The Tarot
© George Allen & Unwin, Ltd., 1962
ISBN   0–87980–157–3

Tommy's Study Notes on "The Egyptian Tarot"

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Special Stories With Lessons

In my travels, I've been told many stories. Sometimes, I wish I would have written them down while they were still fresh in my mind. The wisdom in some of the stories tends to grow with time as we gain personal experience. There have been a couple of times, when I wish I would have remembered the wisdom to help me out in similar situations.

One story that has constantly come to mind throughout the years is the one I call ...

"All At Once"

This little story was told to me by an engineer who did consulting work, while I was working with him on a project, in Milwaukee, WI.

A company called him in to analyze a problem they were having with one of their processes.

After due study and investigation, he submitted his report.

The project manager, upon reading the report, somewhat angrily responded, that they had already tried all the suggestions presented in the report.

The engineer's reply was, "You only tried these changes one at a time.   You Need To Do All These Things, All At Once!   Each change needs to be balanced against all the others in the system's dynamic environment."

The bill he submitted went unpaid.

About a year or so later, the engineer happened to meet the project manager, and inquired as to the status of the project he had consulted on. He was told that the process had finally been perfected. The engineer then asked what they had done to make the process work. The project manager somewhat hesitantly enumerated the steps that they had gone through to perfect the process. Upon hearing the list, the engineer said; "Isn't that exactly what I told you to do?"

About a week later, a check arrived in the mail as payment for his original report.

I've seen the relevance of this story, more perhaps than any other, appear time and time again. There is possibly no greater grain of wisdom that can be shared with others, than the concept that all things need to be accomplished in a balanced manner. All of creation and life is comprised of a system of parts and ruling factors. Our success depends on us realizing the complexities of each situation and addressing all the aspects, "All At Once".

This holds true weather we are pursuing a spiritual path, emotional stability, or are working with physical matter.

We must address and nurture All the Elements,   All At Once !

Students of hydroculture, as well as Alchemists, quickly learn, that when one adds more of one element to the solution, it reduces or enhances the plant's ability to absorb and utilize other elements. The whole process becomes one gigantic balancing act.

When you find the balance, your success is assured.

"Knowing Where To Tap"

This story was told to me by another engineer and involves a large power plant.

At this plant there had been some "down sizing" and the head of the maintenance department and others were forced into early retirement.

One day a problem developed and the plant went "off line". The company was losing many thousands of dollars an hour. The young college graduates, hired to replace "the old timers" were at a complete loss as to what the problem could be. All the gages read normal, and yet the system wouldn't run.

They finally called in "the old timer" to see if he could fix the problem. After Feeling a couple of pipes, he took a hammer from his toolbox and tapped on a valve, and the system "sprung to life".

Upon receiving the "old timer's" bill, the plant manager called to complain. "You sent us a bill for a thousand dollars ( I adjusted this for inflation. ) and you were only here for ten minutes, and all you did was hit a valve with your hammer."

The old timer said he would resubmit his bill. When it arrived it was itemized as follows:

Tapping on valve   . . . . . . .      $10.00
Knowing where to tap   . . .   $990.00
Total   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    $1,000.00

I have fixed hundreds of things, "by knowing where to tap".   No amount of schooling or book learning can teach a person these skills. These skills come as a result of working in the real world and day-to-day experiences. In the past, these skills were passed along to the young through years of apprenticeship. No society that ignores the wisdom of its elders will long survive.

When you see down-sizing;   Be Afraid — Be Very Afraid !

Elders — Share your gift of knowledge with the young, and they will become an extension of you.   Give a gift that keeps on giving.

"Fix What Is Broken"

This next story is one we should make sure all politicians learn before taking office.

This engineering problem involves what is known as a vibrating table. Surfaces with vibrators attached beneath, are used for hundreds of different applications.

A consultant friend of mine was called in to analyze a series of failures that a company was having with one of these tables.

A support member on one table had broken. "Maintenance" then came and welded the break. It wasn't long before the weld broke. They then installed a bracing piece across the break. A short while later the "bracing piece" broke". They then installed a heavier brace. That one broke in less time than its predecessor. So, they installed an even heavier one, with additional braces to the sides. This fix failed also, and made the table nearly un-useable from a performance standpoint.

The Fix:   Replace the original piece that broke with a better piece of spring steel !

The table's design was a good one. There was just a tiny flaw in one of the pieces of steel that caused it to break after years of performing well. Adding braces degraded the design and brought additional failures.

The main lesson here involves viewing dynamic systems differently than static ones. If the system had been a static one, then the added brace would have been functional. However, the table was dynamic. It was moving and its base wasn't. That means everything in-between the tabletop and the floor had to be able to freely move. In this case, adding the brace inhibited the free movement and added additional stress points. New failures occurred at these stress points.

Moral:   If you have had a good system going and there is a failure, Fix What Is Broken — don't attempt to repair a "minor failure" by adding a patch job.

"We Are All Connected"

Not many stories from college lectures have stayed in my mind over the years, but his one has always intrigued me.

An experiment was designed to determine if telepathic communication between people was possible. Two experimental booths were constructed surrounded by "Faraday Shields". Faraday Shields are designed and constructed to isolate the contents from Electro–Magnetic Radiation, or what we call "radio waves" and the magnetic component that accompanies them. No shield is perfect, however a radio won't work inside these cages.

The person in one cage was wired to receive a mild shock from a device that would randomly administer the charge. The device was automatic and not controlled by the experimenter. This is important.

The second person in the other cage was given a button to push each time he thought the first person received a shock. He also was wired to an E.E.G., which recorded the activity of his brain and nervous system during the experiment.

The person pushing the button achieved a perfect score.   A perfect Zero !!!   He failed to consciously perceive even one shock event correctly. However, his E.E.G. record showed that his body detected EVERY shock that was delivered to the person in the other booth.

This experiment provides quite convincing proof that we all are connected in some way. In recent years researchers have done studies that have found mechanisms in the human body that may account for this ability.

Vittorio Gallese, Giacomo Rizzolatti and their colleagues at the University of Parma have identified an entirely new class of neurons in our brains. Called "Mirror Neurons", these cells may be one important part of the mosaic that explains our social abilities.

Evidence suggests that these cells derive their remarkable abilities from "Super Conducting  Mono–Atomic Elements" which are members of what are called the Transition Group of Elements of the Periodic Table.

This should help us understand why we all need to care for each other. If one person is hurting, we all feel it, at least on a subconscious level. Other experiments have shown that the distance separating the individuals in the experiment makes little difference !

"Expect the Best From Everyone"

I don't remember what the original premise of this experiment was but the results are quite startling.

A group of volunteers was assembled and given a basic intelligence test. The volunteers were then divided into two groups, which were statistically equal.

The environment for the experiment consisted of a reception room with two rooms coming off of it that were to be used for additional testing of the volunteers.

A receptionist was acquired and told that her function was to assign the volunteers to one or the other of the rooms. She was told that the smarter ones would be tested in room A, and the others in room B. Her only function was to tell the subjects which room to go into when they arrived. She spent less than a minute with each.

A hidden camera was focused on the receptionist, and the film studied at the end of the experiment.

Remember now, that as a group, the subjects tested in room A, were equal to the subjects tested in room B. All the receptionist was to do was to check which list the subjects were on when they arrived, and assign them to one of the two rooms.

When the results of the second test were studied, the researchers found a very significant difference in the performance of the two groups. The group assigned to room A did much better on the test.

The researchers then studied the film from the hidden camera, and consulted with other experts. No one could identify any behavior, or body language that might have been manifested by the receptionist that could account for these test discrepancies. It was expected that the two groups would have averaged about the same on the second test. Yet, there was a big difference!

The receptionist was the only variable. What mechanism might have been responsible for these results, — "Mirror Neurons" ?

It sure appears that some subtle expectation was conveyed to the test subjects when they were assigned to their rooms — An expectation that manifested itself in considerable performance differences.

Teachers and educators should take special note of these results. If we group children / people, and then subconsciously project subtle expectations toward that group, you more than likely will get to see your expectation.

Tarot Concepts

The "11 – 11" Syndrome

    We All Can Un–Do,
    What We Do Be Do,
    If We Don’t Remain True,
    To What We Intend To Do.

Card Ten of the Tarot, on one level, describes the concept that the nine preceding card concepts organize into a dynamic system. The card is usually titled "The Wheel of Fortune". The wheel turns in a continuous process of birth, growth, death and rest.

It doesn’t care about the "Fool" ( Card 0 – Remember that Zero is a "real number". ), and if the Fool ( Clown ) chooses to remain so, he like all the other forms of creation, will at some point be crushed like grain beneath the "Mill Stone" and recycled into the pool of Cosmic Energy.

Card Eleven tells us that the "Magician" ( Card 1 ), the wise observing, knowing one, can control the wheel with only a gentle effort.


The Magician knows that within the subset of his reality, he can turn the wheel in either direction. Card 14 teaches us that All Cosmic Processes Are Reversible.

In a practical sense, this means that we can "plant the seed of our desire" and then dig it up again. We do this un–doing with our careless thoughts and undisciplined desires.

If we plant a desire and then proceed to nurture thoughts that don’t nourish our original intension, we un–do the planting.

This is a simple lesson, but it takes a lot of Work to learn to Do Be Do it correctly.

The "Magic Tortoise" taught "Tommy" this a long time ago and the Universe keeps reminding Tommy to improve his ways by sending "11–11" messages.

The Magic Tortoise also taught Tommy that "If You Only Try, You Will Never Do" !!!

Trying isn't good enough, you must do it, or you will go hungry! You should never try to do anything. If you only try, you will never do. Doing has it's own special rules, and you will never be able do anything, by only trying! The word “try” belongs to the past. You can use it when you are talking about something you failed at, or didn't do. If you want something to be, you must think, feel and say, “I Will Do It!”   Only then will your spirit give you enough energy to make your desire real.

However, words aren't enough. You must put power in your words with your mind and body. The secret for successful doing, is what you are thinking and feeling inside of you. The thought that you picture in your mind and the feeling that is resonating in your spirit is what gives your words their power.

By saying, “I’ll try”, you tell me that you are uncertain about what you really want. Do you really want to accomplish the task? If you do, then you must use words that convey your intent and empower them. Its really quite hard — impossible even — to do something if you don’t have a strong desire to do it.

To become a successful doer, you must tune your Will, your Attitude and your Approach to be in resonance with your goals. You must keep tuning them until they harmoniously work together like the strings on a guitar. When properly tuned and working together, these special abilities you have, will automatically bring into existence correct actions. Actions that will bring to you, what your heart desires.

All things are connected through a dynamic "living spirit" — the "Zero Point" energy field. When you feel something, that feeling creates — or as others would say, is caused by — electrical changes in your body which in turn generates a magnetic field around the body. These fields radiate out from your body in a similar manner as radio waves sent from a transmitting antenna — like light from a light bulb. Your body’s magnetic energy travels out from your body and interacts with the spirit that connects all things. Your body’s magnetism creates a type of sound wave that moves through the spirit — the Zero Point energy — much faster than the speed of light. It travels at the speed of light squared according to James Clerk Maxwell’s equations.

Just like a radio, living creatures can tune in and listen to the feelings that are being felt by you. There is an actual physical mechanism in our brains to accomplish this. Scientists are learning that there are super conducting atoms in specially dedicated neurons in our brains called "Mirror Neurons," that can detect extremely small changes in magnetic fields. The magnetic fields generated by our bodies are like a hurricane in comparison to our brain’s ability to detect a mere whisper of a breeze.

The Sacred Tarot viewed through Alchemy

[ Alchemy — Looking at the world from the view point that
all things can be viewed through the eyes of Chemistry = All Is Chemistry. ]

1.  Mental activity; In alchemy, Arcanum 1 represents the most important of all discoveries, the philosopher’s stone. Tradition informs us that any object touched with this stone is converted into gold.

This touchstone of alchemy is Truth; for when truth is pressed against anything its eternal principles are revealed, and these all-enduring qualities thus obtained constitute the gold of their underlying nature. TRUTH IS CORRECT KNOWLEDGE, and this correct knowledge, if comprehensive, embraces the proper relation of souls and things to all other entities and forces. Thus truth is a freeing and transmuting power, a feeling as well as an intellectual perception. And when fully realized it results in deep aspiration, and an unutterable longing and determination for a more perfect life.

This is one man's view of historical information.   —   Always keep searching for more clues to The Historical Mystery.

This is the Second Part of Hudson's  "David Hudson at the Ranch"  Lecture.

David Hudson's  Background Studies  of the  "White Powder of Gold"
The quest for the magical "Elixir of Life" caused many to go mad from mercury poisoning.
[ These sound clips explain much about the "mental madness" that occurred in Europe and Asia. ]

[ This lecture has been divided and displayed on two web pages, because some of the following material can not be verified through "Standard Scientific Procedures."   Over eight million dollars was spent confirming the material presented in the first part of the lecture. That part is very scientific and has the support of researchers from Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs, with whom I have worked. — Tommy Cichanowski — ]

At first,  forget about the science and listen to the history involving the Middle East.
[ "Ark of the Covenant"  “Philosopher’s Stone“  “Holy Grail”  "Elixir of Life"  “White Powder of Gold”  "Immortality” ]

This picture is a video capture 
of a large screen being imaged by a 
over-head projector. Therefore the 
image is distorted.
Remember that supper conducting materials 
need to be energized. Look at the picture for 
clues on how this is to be done. 
Other Egyptian paintings, not discussed by 
Hudson, explain more.

Part One – mp3   —   Pyramid Energizer ?
<=== Image for this clip

Part Two – mp3   —   "Walking With God"
  "Ark of the Covenant"

Part Three – mp3   —   Related Material
Please Read Special Note:

Part Four – mp3
Mono-atomic elements
are required for nutrition.

Special Note:   The Merck Index – 6  doesn't report on the toxicity of Rhodium and Iridium. However, my experience with growing plants, etc. leads me to suspect that they would be similar to other "heavy metals".

I believe that Hudson's experiment used more than 1,000 times what should be considered a safe amount. Therefore, I strongly recommend that anyone working with these materials carefully study these web pages and their links ...

"Symptoms of Elemental Toxicities" and "There Has To Be Something Wrong" 

Hudson Monitored the urine of his subject and reports that 80% of the Rhodium was eliminated by the kidneys — discussed in part four. This tells us something Important !  The kidney's job is to remove EXCESS amounts of anything that is in the blood. This is a very complex subject. Students and "Learners" should start their study here and follow the links ...

Control of Colloid Stability through Zeta Potential

You need to have a complete understanding of Water Solutions and Blood.

An interview with the person who took Hudson's mono-atomic Rhodium and Iridium

Important Discoveries and Information from Hudson's Work

We might scratch our heads regarding some of Hudson's conclusions regarding mono-atomic elements, but he uncovered some Very Important Science that we need to study further.

  1. There exists in nature large quantities of atoms that exist singularly — They are not bonded to anything — "Mono-atomic Atoms."  ( ORME – Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements )

  2. The transition group of elements have a large population of these mono–atomic atoms ( monatomic ) existing naturally in nature.
    [ Hudson found large quantities on mono–atomic elements in the soil of his farm.
    • 6–8 oz. per ton of Palladium   ( 187.5–250 ppm )
    • 12–13 oz. per ton of Platinum   ( 375–406.25 ppm )
    • 10–12 oz. per ton of Gold   ( 312.5–375 ppm )
    • 150 oz. per ton of Osmium   ( 4,687.5 ppm )
    • 250 oz. per ton of Ruthenium   ( 7,812.5 ppm )
    • 600 oz. per ton of Iridium   ( 18,750 parts per million )
    • 1,200 oz. per ton of Rhodium   ( 37,500 ppm )   [ 3.75%  !!! ]

    Since plants contain some of all the elements that are present in the soil in which they are grown, we need to learn the role these elements have in our biology.

    These tests only measured Rhodium and Iridium.

    • 4 oz. Carrot Juice  —  Rhodium: 127 milligrams  ( aprox. 1,133 ppm ) — Iridium: "small amounts"
    • 4 oz. Concord Grape Juice  —  Rhodium: 127 mg — Iridium: 48 mg  ( 429 ppm )
    • 4 oz. Essiac tea  —  Rhodium: 12 mg — Iridium: 120 mg  ( 1,071 ppm )
    • 1 oz. Aloe vera Gel  —  Rhodium: 60 mg — Iridium: 10 mg

    Compare these numbers to a generic hydroculture solution.
    Note:  One part per million of the essential element Boron, in a hydroculture solution, is Toxic to plants.

    ORMUS Effects On Plants

  3. Elements do not display metallic properties until they group into clusters of 2 – 33, or even more atoms.

  4. Most of our scientific analytical instruments are only calibrated to detect the "metallic groupings" of elements and fail to report "high spin mono–atomic atoms" and single atoms (or small groups) as being present in the sample.

  5. Some of these elements can become "High Temperature Superconductors" when their nuclei are in "High Spin State."  ( S-ORME [ A many atom system of ] Super Conducting Orbitally Rearranged Mono-atomic Elements )

  6. Mono-atomic Rhodium and Iridium have been found in pig and cow brains at a rate of about 5% of the dry weight matter.  This suggests that these elements have a very important function in higher mammals ( at least ).   [ Mirror Neurons ]

  7. Many food plants, herbs, etc. can, and do concentrate these elements, when they are present in the soil. This is one indication of an essential element.

  8. Optimal Health most likely cannot be achieved without these elements in our diets — there are more than 34 different atoms involved.

  9. Super Conducting mono–atomic elements show great promise for advanced technology devices such as fuel cells and batteries and also, for the creation of new advanced materials.

My studies have convinced me that in order for us to have a truly enjoyable adventure here on planet earth, we must address and nurture all the aspects of our being — mind, body and spirit  all at once !

We must fully comprehend the nature of our Planet's Bio–System and respect its needs.

If we do, we will all be able to live in a Peaceful World —  A World of Plenty —  in Perfect Health with Great Happiness !

I invite you to join me on my Grand Adventure of Discovery to learn all there is to learn, and to  Be All We Can Be !

Tommy Cichanowski

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