Tri Lithium Citrate

C6 H5 Li3 O7 • 4H2O

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Lithium Citrate: C6H5Li3O7 • 4H2O; mol. wt. 279.96. Anhydrous salt 74.26%, H2O 25.74%, Li2O 14.37%, anhydrous citric acid 68.60%. For the anhydrous: C 34.66%, H 2.42%, Li 10.01%.

White granules or cryst. powder; feebly alkaline taste; deliquesces on exposure to moist air; loses all of its water at 105°. Soluble in 1.5 parts water, slightly in alcohol. The aq. soln. is slightly alkaline to litmus. pH about 8. Keep well closed.

Use: In soft drinks. Commercially available.

Toxicity: 1 to 5 g. / day, may cause marked symptoms, vertigo, tinnitus, blurring of vision, muscular weakness, and marked tremor. Sodium-depleted patients severely affected.

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