Zinc Nitrate
Zn (N O3)2 • 6H2O

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Zinc Nitrate: Zn(NO3)2 • 6H2O; mol. wt. 297.49. Anhydrous salt 63.67%, H2O 36.34%, Zn 21.98%, ZnO 27.36%, NO3 41.68%, N2O5 36.31%.

Colorless, odorless crystals; d. 2.065; m. about 36°. Soluble in about 0.5 part water, freely in alcohol. The aq. soln. is acid to litmus; pH about 4.

Keep well closed and in a cool place.

Zinc nitrate is also available in the form of fused pieces. In this form it contains only about 20% water.

Use: As a mordant in dyeing.

Grades available: Reagent, technical.

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