Potassium Nitrate
K N O3

{Merck Index - © 1952 by Merck & Co., Inc.}

Potassium Nitrate: Saltpeter; niter. KNO3; mol. wt. 101.10. K 38.67%, NOS 61.33%, K2O 46.58%, N2O5 53.42%, N 13.86%. Contains about 99.5% KNO3.

Colorless transparent prisms, white granular or cryst. powder; cooling, saline, pungent taste. d. 2.11; m. 333°; decomposes at 400° with evolution of oxygen. One gram dissolves in 2.8 ml. water, 0.5 ml. boil. water, 620 ml. alcohol also soluble in glycerol; insoluble in absolute alcohol. Dissolves in water with a lowering of the temp. pH: about 7.

Use: In fireworks, fluxes, pickling meats; manuf. glass, matches, gunpowder, blasting powders; freezing mixtures; impregnating candle wicks; treating tobacco to make it burn evenly; tempering steel, hydroculture.

Grades available: Reagent, U.S.P., technical.

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