Cobalt Sulfate
Co S O4 • 7H2O

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Cobalt Sulfate. Cobaltous sulfate. CoSO4 • 7H2O; mol. wt. 281.12. Anhydr. salt 55.14,70, H2O 44.86%, Co 20.97%, CoO 26.66%, SO4 34.17%, H2SO4 34.89%.

Red monoclinic crystals; becomes anhydr. at 450°. d. 1.95. m. 97°. Soluble in 3 parts water, slightly in alcohol; more soluble in methanol.

Use: In cobalt pigments used for decorating porcelain; in cobalt glazes; cobalt-plating iron, etc.

Grades available: Reagent, technical.

Toxicity: Inhalation of dust may cause pulmonary symptoms. Max. allowable concn. reported to be 0.5 mg. / cu. m.

Vet. Use: In cobalt deficiency of cattle, sheep.

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