Calcium Nitrate
Ca (N O3)2 • H2O

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Calcium Nitrate, Monohydrate. Ca(NO3)2 • H2O; mol. wt. 182.11. Anhydr. salt 90.11%, H2O 9.89%, Ca 22.01%, N 15.38%, NO3 68.1%, CaO 30.79%, N2O5 59.31%.

Deliquesc. granules. m. about 560°. Very soluble in water, heat being evolved; freely soluble in alcohol; almost insoluble in concentr. HNO3.

Keep well closed.

Note: Calcium nitrate crystallizes also with 4H2O (30.5%), melting at 45°.

Use: In explosives, matches, pyrotechnics; manuf. incandescent mantles, radio tubes.

Grades available: Reagent, technical.

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