Manganese Sulfate
Mn S O4

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Manganese Sulfate: MnSO4 - H2O; mol. wt. 169.01. Anhydrous salt 89.34%, H2O 10.66%, Mn 32.50%, MnO 41.97%, SO4 56.84% (crystallizes also with 5 H2O; mol. wt. 241.08, anhydrous salt 62.63%, H2O 37.37%, Mn 22.78%). The article of commerce is usually a mixture of the 4 and 5 hydrates.

Pale-red, slightly efflorescent crystals; loses all water at 400-450°. Soluble in about 1 part cold 0.6 part boil. water; insoluble in alcohol.

Grades available: Reagent, technical.

Manganese Sulfate - Dried: MnSO4 with about one H2O. Anhydrous salt 89.3%, H2O 10.7%, Mn 32.5%, SO4 56.8%. Pale-pink powder. Soluble in water; insoluble in alcohol.

Use: In dyeing; for red glazes on porcelain; boil. oils for varnishes; in fertilizers for vines and tobacco; in feeds.

Commercially available.

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