Potassium Chloride
K Cl

{Merck Index - © 1952 by Merck & Co., Inc.}

Potassium Chloride: KCl; mol. wt. 74.55. K 52.44%, Cl 47.56%. Contains at least 99% KCl.

White crystals or cryst. powder. d. 1.98. m. 773°. One gram dissolves in 2.8 ml. water, 1.8 ml. boil. water, 14 ml. glycerol, about 250 ml. alcohol; insoluble in ether, acetone. Hydrochloric acid, sod. or magnesium chlorides diminish its solubility in water. d. of saturated aq. soln. at 15° is 1.172. pH: about 7.

Use: In photography; in buffer solns., electrode cells.

Grades available: Reagent, U.S.P., technical.

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