Calcium Chloride
Ca Cl2 • 2H2O

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Calcium Chloride Crystals: see Calcium Chloride, Hexahydrate.

Calcium Chloride - Dihydrate: CaCl2 • 2H2O; mol. wt. 147.03. Anhydr. salt 75.49%, H2O 24.51%, Ca 27.26%, Cl 48.23%. (U.S.P. requires 75-85% anhydr. CaCl2)

Hygroscopic, deliquesce granules. Neutral or only slightly alkaline. One gram dissolves, in 1.2 ml. cold, 0.7 ml. boil. water; in 10 ml. cold, 2 ml. boil. alcohol.

Keep well closed.

Use: A technical grade of the dehydrate is used for antifreeze and refrigerating solns., in fire extinguishers, etc. (a 40% soln. freezes at –41°C.); to preserve wood, stone; manuf. ice, glues, cements; fireproofing fabrics; automobile antifreeze mixtures; to melt ice and snow; as coagulant in rubber manuf.; as size in admixture with starch paste; to increase cementing power of lime for mortars and wall plasters; laying dust on roads; sizing and finishing cotton fabrics.

Grades available: Reagent, U.S.P., technical.

Med. Use: Diuretic, calcium tetany and occasionally for allergic manifestations.

Toxicity: Orally may cause gastric irritation.

Contraindications: Digitalis therapy, renal impairment.

Caution: Not to be given s.c. or i.m. Dose: Orally 1 to 2 g.

Vet. Use: As for calcium gluconate. Orally in ascites for dogs, cats.

Calcium Chloride - Hexahydrate: Calcium chloride crystals. CaCl2 • 6H2O; mol. wt. 219.09. Anhydr. salt 50.66%, H2O 49.34%, Ca 18.29%, Cl 32.37%.

Deliquesc. trigonal crystals; neutral reaction. d. 1.68. m. 30°. One gram dissolves in 0.6 ml. water, 0.3 ml. boiling water, 4 ml. alcohol.

Keep well closed in a cool place.

Use: As the dehydrate.

Grades available: Reagent, technical.

Calcium Chloride-Urea: see Afenil.

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