Bill Kuhl

The Winners

About the Air Hare

The Winners are:  

First Model  -Neil Dennis - Denny Dart II
Second Model  - Ramon K. Katigbak - Skinny Cat
Junior Modeler - Geoff Bower - EZP
Best Duo - Lee Wang and Ben Thomson - Air Hare

Neil Dennis (wombat) Denny Dart 
The bare bones of the original Denny Dart. Denny Dart passing close overhead 
creates neat effect.
Weather was still warm enough for outdoor
 flying in Minnesota.
Close-up shows the eagle emblem and the "Denny Dart" name. 
Denny Dart II on a warm January day in Minnesota.

Yes, it really is getting higher.

Best flight indoors 1:09 - on an earlier flight the plane had become stuck on a high ledge at 44 seconds. At that point I knew that breaking one minute indoors was easily within reach. But it took several more flights before breaking a minute because of bad hits to the ceiling.

Jun From Manila and the Skinny Cat

Skinny Cat flew very well outside also. The hill is farther away than it looks.
Pictures of Skinny Cat that Jun had sent me. Jun got the best performance on 7" prop.
The wing is built flat and tip dihedral is cut into wing after covering. The ribs are a combination of 1/16" square bottom and 1/16" sheet rib on top.  
Wrinkled tissue was used on all surfaces to reduce warping. When tips are glued per plan, automatic washout is created. My Skinny Cat basks in the sun coming in the windows. 

Geoff Bower and the EZP (Easy Plane)

Wish I had Geoff's indoor flying site!

Geoff's EZP from the front.

Geoff's EZP viewed from above. EZP structure before covering.
Adjust wing with enough positive incidence to slow speed down and extend duration. My best flight with EZP under 22 foot ceiling was 1:30.

Air Hare - Ben Thomson and Lee Wang

Generous dihedral seen from this angle.  A couple more turns and it would be rafter banging time.