The Gift of the Tortoise

by Lady Smith Black Manbazo

Listen to the story teller while you read along.
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I am Fudugazi, the great old Tortoise from the very southern tip of the African continent.   You may know it as South Africa, but the People who live here, the Amazulu People, call it Mennizmu Africa. This is a beautiful land, a wondrous and majestic place, and a bright blue African Sky, with wide rivers running throughout, and incredible animals living everywhere!

Like huge Elephants, fast Cheetahs, fierce Lions, funny Rhinoceroses, fat Hippopotamus and the revered Leopard.

Of all the many animals here, you may have heard, I'm the slowest. That may be true, but the Amazulu People say, I'm the wisest! They respect me because I am Old, older than any living person! I have lived a hundred and ninety three years, and I plan to have many more birthdays!

Not only do we Tortoises live to an Old Age,

We also know how to Listen — Very Closely !

And have a Great Memory!

From the time of the first people, we have been listening and learning the many Songs that the Amazulues have sung. And from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, they love to sing Together!

Their songs have seen them through Good Times and through Very Hard Times, as they sing about the beauty of their land and the special Love they feel For one-another. They sing in Iszuzl, their language, filled with real life sounds.

And since I have the best memory and know the most songs and stories, the people and animals have chosen me to share them with you. The songs and stories have Magic; close your eyes and imagine the land they come from. Listen, and sing along and you will feel the Magic too. Shhhh, listen. I hear some singing now.

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