Where Wizards Gather

Where two or more are gathered together in My Name...
I AM playing there with you.        
There is Magic !
        Magic = Science not yet understood.

What exactly is a Wizard ?   –   Why Be a Wizard ?

Because, it is so much ...

Fun !


Being a Wiz !

What do Wizards Do ?   —   They are Facilitators !
Wizards are a Funny Breed. They are Doers. They are Interested in Results. They are always working on something New and Exciting.

Always having Fun !

Wizards are very clever and skillful. They love science, but have a different mind set than scientists. Scientists want to have an explanation, a reason for everything before they publish their data. Wizards enjoy explanations, but, if something will work without one;   What the Heck, Lets Do It Anyway !

Wizards are a lot like engineers. Engineers are doers too, but most are content to work within the narrow limits of their charts and graphs. A Wizard can't stand limits. He always wants to expand his boundaries, discover new possibilities, do new things.

You say a Wizard is an inventor then.

Yes, always yes !   Yet different.

Most inventors are working to find new things to patent. They hope to get rich from their inventions and spend lots of money on lawyers and patent fees. A patent is good for 17 years. Most patents run out before the inventor makes any money. Especially, if it is dependent on the development of something else, to make it work. A good example is Nikola Tesla's turbine design. A great design idea, but, the materials to make it, work were not developed until about 50 years after the patent expired. Nikola Tesla patented computer logic also. Guess who was so very surprised and disappointed decades later, when computer technology became practical.

A Wizard doesn't want to be slowed down by the patent process. He believes that ideas belong to everyone; belong to the Universe. He understands the role and need for patents in the commercialization of devices, but has seen the best ideas and devices get lost because of patent issues. Wizards work in the present. They attend to the needs of the moment. If you want a patent you can't use or publicly demonstrate your idea until the patent is processed. This could take several years, and because of the backlog at the patent office, (they are two to three years behind) someone else could have filed on the same idea years earlier, and there is no way to find out who might be ahead of you. You could wind up spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to patent an idea, only to have someone else get it.

After you get the patent you then have to sell it or find money to develop it. By the time you get it all together, your patent has expired and anyone can use the idea without giving you anything.

Another common scenario, a big company with "deep pockets" will just use the idea and you could spent the rest of your life in court trying to collect.

Nikola Tesla invented radio, but is was not until six months after his death, that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in his favor over Marchese Guglielmo Marconi. (Supreme Court Case No. 369, dated June 21, 1943)

The school text books still haven't caught up.

I bet many of you equate Wizards with Magicians. True, they share many traits in common, but Magicians (please don't confuse with illusionists.) are more of the showman. Hocus pocus and all that. They are out to impress, to wow, sometimes to gain an advantage. I should say here, that there are two basic groups of magicians; "white" and "black". The white group are healers, need I say more.

I think, that its up to the Wizards now, whether or not our planet survives. The dark forces have almost succeeded in their conquest of destruction. That which conquered and rules is about to be destroyed along with all that that assisted in its creation. The Evil One wrote the script, set the stage and produced the show. It is now in its final act. But the play is not over and Wizards know how to ad-lib, and more importantly, ...

Wizards Know How to Heal !

We have reached a turning point in history. Our understanding of technology has evolved to a state where we already have developed solutions for all the problems that we believe we have today. It's simply a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together correctly.

This needs to be a Group Effort.

We now have a choice to use our technology frivolously, destructively or turn our planet into a wonderful garden, a place for all to play and learn. In the minds of our six billion people, we have All That Is Needed. And, Today We Can Link It All Together Here On The Internet!

The first step is to turn our attention from the outer surface of our reality, to the inner life of materials and processes. Understanding the systems that make-up our reality, allows us to make choices and changes that can help us enrich our planetary experiences.

I have been consulting and working with many inventors, engineers, scientists, craftsmen, teachers, healers, artists and tinkers. I have gained hands on experiences in almost every area that is important to human survival and growth. From my view point I see two central paths extending before us. One is the road to destruction, ruin and misery. The other route takes us into a future of joy, growth and plenty for everyone. I am not coming from a position of dreaming and wishful thinking, but from a position of craft knowledge and experience.

I believe that we all have come to this planet, one of many choices we have, for a holiday of learning and adventure. Because it is our choice, I further maintain, we each have the right to experience our travel tour in a manner consistent with our original objectives. If a spirit has chosen to come and experience Hell on Earth, he sure has chosen a good epoch to do so and has the right to his experience. Other spirits have come here to experience love, nurturing and to participate in the creative process of the universe.

The main difference between the two for-mentioned spirits is the relationship they have with themselves and the universe. One sees himself as alone and separate, while the other feels himself connected to the totality of a living universe and a participant in a divine dance of creation.

If you look deep enough, you will find that all of our test instruments, all our technology is based on this concept of a musical dance. Atomic nuclei ring like bells when pulsed with radio waves, allowing us to distinguish one from another. Radio waves themselves, use the same rules as musical notes. The concepts of harmonics, overtones and resonance are played out again and again throughout the various branches of science. At its core, the universe is so simple that Only a Child Mind can understand it. The fact that it may seem complicated to some is brought about by the way we use language. I can cite many instances where several words are used for the same thing, sometimes even more than twenty. Each branch of science has evolved its own vocabulary, sometimes intentionally hoping to keep outsiders from understanding the simplicity or nature of the topic.

The astute observer can see the same patterns and themes repeating themselves again and again in the microcosm, macrocosm and the realm in which we physically exist. Rules of electronics apply in psychiatry and rules of psychiatry apply in electronics. Realizing this early, when I was in college, has greatly helped me evolve my craftsmanship in electronics and other fields. The general rules from one discipline apply to the next. Mastering any one craft allows one to more quickly learn any other.

If it wasn't for these simple repeating patterns, there would be no way for a single person to understand the overall workings of the universe. Happily, however, the universe was designed to be understood. It's a relatively simple set of building blocks which have many self organizing properties. The subtle energy of the universe wants to manifest as physical form and it takes very little coaxing to help it along. This is the fundamental working principle behind Magic (Science not yet understood).

Its this creative Magic aspect of energy that truly makes this universe a play ground for children. All that it takes to make Magic work is believing and doing in a spirit of loving play.

The ways of magic comes from the cultural myths. The myth sets the stage, determines the character and sets the limits of the action. The language of the day, along with the current mind-set, determines the mode of interaction. Words form sounds. Sounds instill resonance. The resonance build standing waves, and the wave nodal points attract or repel energy.

Knowing the mechanics of magic may help an engineer create devices, but it won't reveal the personal experience, or personal doing of the process. Watching a device perform, becomes boring and mundane as time wears on. The magic of items like a light bulb is taken for granted as the generations pass. The ecstasy of discovery and new advantages is lost to a age past. The divine magic becomes common place, degraded. Yet, for those who keep the spirit of the magic alive, the experience is always new, alive, joyous. "Let there be light!", and have it be, how wonderful!

So do we relinquish our personal magical powers to the evil magician or power hungry priest, or do we awaken ourselves to our true potential and through self control and discipline become a divine God child, a member of the divine cosmic family. Its a life or death choice, for by choosing not to be our true selves we become shadow puppets of the Dark Side! We become something else, the masses, the consumer.

As a Divine God Child, we are unique, special, creative and powerful. We hold in our hands the true power to make our lives as we like. The God Child fears nothing for he has taken his myth to heart. He knows that, in the end, he will triumph!

The myth then becomes the key. All that is observed can be explained by the myth. It is the outline for all reasons and ...

More ...

A God Child's Prayer

Dear Mother God, Father God, Great Mystery;

Please pour Your Healing Love Energy

Upon this planet and all its life forms.


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