Many of our   " Toys "   have Toxic Potential.

Very, Very Little is Too Much !

Symptoms of Elemental Toxicities

Very small quantities of these atoms can cause serious biological damage !

From the MERCK INDEX – 6
and other sources.

( The human body can be damaged by Too Much of most Anything you can name.
From oxygen to water, toxic elements or even essential elements. — Tommy C — )

LEAD: Mental confusion, visual disturbances, convulsions, loss of cognitive abilities, anti-social behavior, paralysis, anorexia, "lead line" on gum margin, nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, anemia. Uses of Lead

MERCURY: Nervousness, discouragement, irritability, personality changes, Learning Disabilities, muscle tremors, jerky gait, spasms of extremities, inflammation of mouth and gums, swelling of salivary glands, excessive flow of saliva, loosening of teeth, kidney damage.

ALUMINUM: Produces mental status changes, Learning Disabilities, speech disturbances, coarse tremors, and produces an abnormal EEG; Inhibits cell division during the "S Phase"; fosters bone disorders, including fractures; causes a microcytic hypoproliferative anemia; is a toxic agent in the etiology of Alzheimer's disease; kills liver cells. Causes blood to clot at 3–4 ppm, causing strokes and heart attacks.

FLOURINE: The metabolism of the child's brain, is impaired by sodium fluoride (NaF). Damage to skin growth, hair growth, a tendency towards bronchitis, etc., are part of it. Cancer and leukemia incidence rates increase by 15%. Lack of energy, pale appearance with no pigment and dry, stringy hair... Thin, silky and occasionally sparse hair; little browning of the skin, in the Sun; and premature loss of the baby teeth. Bronchial infections, middle-ear infections, hyperkinesis in children (constant, spontaneous bodily unrest), deficient capacity for concentration and continuous mental activity, and lack of mental receptivity. In addition, eczemas, neurodermititis and obesity (very important!) have been observed in connection with fluoride administration.

MANGANESE: Emotional disturbances, sleepiness, weakness, spastic gait, paralysis, languor.

SELENIUM: Nervousness, depression, convulsions, vomiting, cough, dyspnea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, somnolence, fall in blood pressure, respiratory failure & death, marked pallor, garlic odor of breath, sweat and urine; red staining of fingers, teeth and hair; marked debility, epistaxis, G.I. disturbances, dermatitis, irritation of nose & throat. Hydrogen selenide can cause pneumonitis and damage to liver, kidney and spleen. (arthritis; eruptions and yellowish tinting of the skin.)

BARIUM: Convulsions, hallucinations, vomiting, cramps, purging, prostration, paralysis. "The Chloride" - Fatal dose 0.8 to 0.9 grams.

ARSENIC: Sensory disturbances, visual disturbances, fatigue, loss of energy, shock, coma, convulsions, muscular paralyses, blindness, atrophy, kidney damage, ...

CADMIUM: Extreme restlessness and irritability, headache, chest pain, increased salivation, choking, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, tenesmus, throat dryness, cough, pneumonitis.

SILVER: Convulsions, coma, blood dyscrasias, dermatitis, argyria may occur following prolonged use. Heart (especially aortitis or aneurysm), liver or renal disease, gastroenteritis, paralysis, nephritis.

BORON: Boric Acid - Serious poisoning can result from the ingestion of 5 g. Chronic use may result in eczema, localized edema, stomatitis, gray line on the gums.

COPPER: Doctors at Loyola University Medical School in Chicago and the Carl Pheiffer Treatment Center have reported that violent males between the ages of 3 and 18 commonly have elevated copper and reduced zinc blood levels when compared to nonviolent males. Depression and schizophrenia also have links to high copper levels.

( Manganese, Selenium, Boron and Copper are essential elements. They are required at very low levels. —Tommy C.— )

Experiencing any of the above symptoms, is not a sure indication of elemental toxicity. Many symptoms, can be brought on by more than one cause. Seek assistance in forming your diagnosis.

Low Blood Sugar,  also called Hypoglycemia or Sub-clinical Pellagra,

is the introductory stage of schizophrenia, which can produce extreme mental and physical stresses that can also result in anti-social behavior and physical deterioration.
[ pel·lag·ra  n.  A disease caused by a deficiency of niacin and protein in the diet and characterized by skin eruptions, digestive and nervous system disturbances, and eventual mental deterioration.]

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