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( Real Life Stories are Better Than Fiction. — Tommy Cichanowski —  )
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Winona, Minnesota, along the Mississippi River, 
Birth Place of Winona Ryder and ... 
a Wizard named Tommy Cichanowski.

The Project Setting — "Top of the Hill" — 600 ft. above Winona, MN.
The tower is 405 feet high.

Warning !!

This article deals with and involves subject matter and the use of materials and substances that may be hazardous to health and life. Do Not attempt to implement or use the information contained herein, unless you are experienced and skilled with respect to such subject matter, materials, and substances. Neither the publisher nor the author make any representation as for the completeness or accuracy of the information contained herein, and disclaim any liability for damages or injuries, whether caused by or arising from the lack of completeness, inaccuracies of the information, misrepresentations of the directions, misapplication of the information, or otherwise.

Video Script

V.O. — Today, More than ever, We are aware that What we see as our Material World, is actually a vibrating system, swimming in a sea of fine Dark Matter and Energy. Our scientific instruments are detecting ever-smaller realms of particles that make up the clockwork of our Atomic Reality.

Harmonic Motion, Field Effects, Music Machine. Even more intriguing, are the Field Effects that hold our clockwork parts in place. The resulting interplay of field and particles, Creates the possibility for Harmonic Motion.

Harmonic Motion, as we happily know, Provides us with the means for making music. Since the Universe expresses itself through Harmonic Motion, We can rightly call it a " Magnificent Music Machine ".

The old stories of Galileo discovering Harmonic Motion and the experiments of Maxwell and Faraday, excited the inventive mind of the young Nikola Tesla. His obsessive fascination with Electro Magnetic Resonance, inspired him to invent and patent the foundation for much of the technology we use today.

Nikola Tesla 

Resonates the Polar Magnetic Field. However, his thinking and ideas were not completely in step with the industrial community of his own day. This climate of attitudes, perhaps tempted Tesla, the Show Man, to attempt a Publicity Stunt.

Some believe that Tesla used his Wardenclyfee tower on Long Island to attempt to resonate the Polar Magnetic Field. His Goal was to create a spectacular display in the Aurora Borealis, for Admiral Perry, Who was camped near the North Pole.

What young Tesla had Not Yet Fully Realized, was that under some conditions, a Resonating Magnetic Field, can produce Standing Waves, which can trap and transform, another subtle form, of Not Yet Understood, Energy.

( © Sightings footage: )

Explosion !

V.O. — On June 30, 1908, a remote area of Siberia, known as Tunguska, is devastated by a mysterious force. 2,000 times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. It left no crater or residue, the usual calling card of a mediator or comet.

Russian investigators, who found metal fragments at the site, suggested that the blast was caused by an alien spacecraft, colliding with earth. But, a new compelling theory about the Tunguska incident suggests that a highly concentrated beam of electrical energy, caused the total devastation in this region. And, that only one man had the scientific knowledge to pull it off.

J. W. McGinniss (President International Tesla Society) — Nikola Tesla: I feel that he was the greatest inventor of the past 500 years.

He is a Michael Angelo. He is a Leonardro da Vinci of science.

Ellen Sherman (President Tesla Wardenclyfee Project) — He gave us A.C. power, the florescent light, radio, robotics.   ( A List of Tesla's Patents )

Tad Wise (Author "Tesla") — By 1900, he was the "Emperor of Invention". He had eclipsed Edison. He was one of the half dozen most famous men in the world.

V.O. — Heavy praise for a man we seem to know so little about.

When Tesla immigrated to the United States, from Cro-Asia in 1884, his dream of working for his hero, Thomas Edison, became a reality. But, Tesla's development of a "more efficient" form of electricity, called A.C. (Alternating Current) didn't sit well with his new boss, who had already developed the more cumbersome direct current (D.C.).

Tad Wise — Edison just shut him down. "Its D.C. here ! Forget this A.C. Stuff ! Your working for me. I don't want to hear another word !"

V.O. — But, A.C. was superior, as Tesla's biographer Tad Wise points out.

Tad Wise — D.C. doesn't travel well. It is a power form, that can not be stepped-up (transformed) to a high voltage for distribution. A.C. can, and then be Stepped-down again, safely, for use in a home or school or factory.

V.O. — Tesla's brilliant discovery, so impressed industrialist George Westinghouse, that he enlisted Tesla in his bid to harness the hydroelectric power of Niagara Falls.

Finally, the movers and shakers of the day, were noticing Tesla.

Tad Wise — He became a good friend of Mark Twain's. He met all the millionaires. He made a point of meeting all the millionaires.

V.O. — One of those millionaires was J.P. Morgan.

Tad Wise — And, J.P. Morgan was the fellow that gave him $150,000, probably the equivalent of ten million dollars today, to build Wardenclyfee.

V.O. — Wardenclyfee, was the name Tesla choose for what he believed would be his greatest contribution. A huge transmitter that would provide electrical power to the world, without the use of wires.

Tad Wise — What he didn't tell Morgan, was that he wanted, to send power, to the world, for Free !

( Original Footage: Tower )

Tommy C. — Tesla's plan was ingeniously simple, and actually works !

You just need a

Our Tower that Resonates, 
to power our resonate coils.

  • Tower that you can resonate.
  • An oscillator of moderate power,
  • Some tuning equipment, and
  • a little tweaking,
to get things ready.

Now you are all set, to send out your excitation signal.
An oscillator to Resonate the Tower. 
The source of power for our resonate coils.

On the receiving end all you need is
  • an appropriately wound and tuned resonant circuit,
  • a ground rod of good quality, and
  • one wire going to your light bulb.

A Simple Demonstration of Nikola Tesla's Free Energy System. 
A system of resonate coils.

Yes, there is just one wire connecting the coil to the light bulbs. That's it! The transmitted energy from the tower sets up standing waves in the resonate circuit and the "vacuum energy" "lasers out" and powers the light bulbs. Even this little cardboard mailing tube coil, which is being powered by the AM tower outside, although very inefficient, shows at least, that under the right conditions, this concept of Tesla's, does work!
However, providing free power for everyone did not go over well with Tesla's financial backers. Not after the power station at Niagara Falls was completed.

( © Sightings footage: )

V.O. — Journalist Ellen Sherman believes, that this was the beginning of the end for Wardenclyfee.

Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyfee project, 
on Long Island, New York. 
The metal dome, was powered with several million volts 
of resonating energy.

This was designed to be an international radio transmitter. 

The system used resonate coils.

Ellen Sherman — J. P. Morgan, did not want to back something that was going to give free energy to people. Who, he could put no meter on. He could not get any money from it, what so ever.

Tad Wise — When Morgan pulled his support, he not only ended Tesla's career as the major scientist of his day, but, he made a laughing stock of him, in the eyes of his scientific peers. When that was all pulled away from him, he was a desperate man on any number of fronts.

V.O. — And, that desperation, may have lead him to use the partially constructed tower to conduct a fateful experiment, in the summer of 1908.

Oliver Nichelson (Science Writer) — Tesla was something of a showman. He had lost the backing of his principle financial supporters and he was the kind of person who might try a large public event that would bring attention to his work.

V.O. — Oliver Nichelson has found evidence that Nikola Tesla may have been planning to aim his electrical beam at the North Pole, in order to put on a dramatic light show for Admiral Perry, who was in the misted of his historic expedition. A small miscalculation in distance, could have had devastating results.

Oliver Nichelson — There is Tesla's research station in Long Island, and then I drew a line to Tunguska in Russia, and interestingly enough, that line crossed right near the north pole, and came very close to Elesmere Island, where Perry would be camping over for the winter.

V.O. — Nichelson and others theorize that Tesla's aim was "True", but, he grossly underestimated the effect gravity would have on his electrical energy beam.

A View of Earth's Electric Field from the Moon

Photo taken from moon, showing a strong electric field 
surrounding our planet.   Click for another picture.

The outer band has a charge of +350,000 volts static DC. 
Nikola Tesla's resonate coils interacted with this field 
producing a gravity trap that collected zero point energy.

This photo was taken from the moon by Apollo 16. A ultraviolet camera was used with a lithium fluoride filter, exposed for 15 seconds.

Electronic camera that registers only ultraviolet light

The photo shows an positive electric field, comprised of hydrogen ions, around the Earth brought about by light photons knocking electrons out of their gas molecule orbits. This electrical field has outer layers that are +350,000 volts DC relative to ground, extending 16,000 miles into space. Longer exposures show that the geocorona extends to 100,000 miles.

The dark side of earth is to the right and here you can see a real force potential that we rightly can call "The Power of Darkness."

Although the cause has been only recently discovered, broadcast engineers have had to deal with its harmful effects to radio equipment from the very beginning. Special resonate coils are installed on all antenna towers that are not grounded to drain off this nuisance energy.

Nikola Tesla, the true inventor of radio, writes about his experiences; "... The truth is this. In the air the potential increases at the rate of about fifty volts per foot between the upper and lower ends of the antenna. The masses of the charged atmosphere are constantly in motion and give up electricity to the conductor, not continuously but rather disruptively, this producing a grinding noise in a sensitive telephonic receiver. The higher the terminal and the greater the space encompast by the wires, the more pronounced is the effect ..."

As we can see from the photograph, the energy at night is much more pronounced near the equator. At the above rate, the day time voltage at the top of a 400 foot pyramid would be about 20,000 volts. However at night, the voltage would be a couple of hundred thousand volts around midnight.

Bern Dibner operates an electrostatic generator built in 1805.
(Photo courtesy of Burndy Library.)

Electrostatic motors have been built similar to this electrostatic generator, that have produced one horse power of energy — 33,000 foot-pounds per minute – 746 watts ( absolute ).

Note however, that these systems are good at attracting lighting since they readily emit "streamers" and therefore the system must be designed to handle strikes.

Since lightning wants to move in a straight line, sharp bends and spark gaps are incorporated into the design.

[ Could it be, that Nikola Tesla's resonate coils, interacted with the Earth's electric field, producing standing waves, that created a "gravity trap" which collected "Zero Point Energy?" ]

J. W. McGinniss — Instead of this operating as he though it was going to, there is a tremendous explosion in the Siberian region. Forests are laid flat, reindeer herds disappeared, small towns, completely gone.

V.O. — J. W. McGinniss of the International Tesla Society, is convinced that the Tunguska tragedy is linked to Tesla. He disagrees with those who think that Tesla was purposely building a weapon of mass destruction, on a global scale.

J. W. Mc Ginniss — Of all the great scientists of this country, that went to work with the Manhattan Project, there was one scientist who refused to do that, and that was Nikola Tesla. He did not believe in a general destructive weapon. He wanted to introduce something that was a lot more incisive and certainly indefensible, and that was his death ray.

This thing was so powerful, that it would deliver fifty Million volts, into an area, that was one tenth of a millionth of an inch in diameter (0.0000001 inch). If you put that much pressure in that small a space, there is nothing that can stand-up to it. It could cut a ship in half.

V.O. — While the U.S. government went ahead with its Atomic Bomb strategy, a Secretive interest in Tesla's work, seemed to be at work shortly after his death in 1943.

Tad Wise — The day following his death, the F.B.I. under the auspices of the O.A.P., which is the Office of Alien Protection, broke into is apartment, broke into his safe, and stole or confiscated all his papers and affects. Now, the O.A.P. had no business being there. He had been a been a citizen of the United States since the previous century. So this was a ruse, they needed to get in there somehow.

( Original footage: )

Tommy C. — Just a of couple weeks before Tesla's death, the US Navy had conducted their fateful experiment hoping to make a ship invisible to radar. The Philadelphia Experiment, did for a moment cause the ship to become invisible. Totally Invisible. It then reappeared for an instant, and then having collected enough cosmic energy in the standing waves surrounding the ship, it was teleported more than a thousand miles away in an instant.

V.O. — Our Military indeed, had more than one interest in the possible effects of resonance. Tesla had several times made cryptic statements regarding things that he had seen happening, while he was operating his equipment. "If only you had seen the things I have," he would remark.

( © Sightings Footage: )

V.O. — Recently declassified documents, only hint of the great discoveries that may have been hidden in Tesla's safe.

He had developed a sophisticated "particle beam / death ray", and he had the know-how to successfully transmit an enormously powerful wave of electrical current, through the atmosphere, and halfway across the world.

Could it be, that through his personal papers, our government gained knowledge that should by rights, make Nikola Tesla the father of "Star Wars" technology.

Tad Wise — They realized that, Tesla was always ahead of his time.

V.O. — What amazing discoveries did the F.B.I. find inside Tesla's safe at the Hotel New Yorker ?   We may never Know ! Shortly after their retrieval, the files disappeared, and have not been seen, at least not publicly, since then !

[ Did Tesla really cause the Tunguska explosion?

I have been unable to find any evidence that proves he did not. He had the motive, the means and was in the right location at the time.

A friend of mine, who worked at Sandia National Lab, says the explosion pattern is consistent with what one might expect from a comet. But, the lack of any physical evidence and the unusual biological effects that have been discovered in the region, suggests to me that we need to keep an open mind —Tommy C— ]

( Original Footage: )

Tommy C. — Today, most researchers agree, that a transmitter powerful enough to do what Tesla wanted, would have had potentially serious health effects, even if, these other phenomenon, could have been safely controlled.

In Tesla's day, the high frequency currents needed to use his technique, had very limited commercial applications. Today, the Electro-magnetic spectrum is crammed with users.

However, let us not let the details of Tesla's application, take us from the due consideration of this workable concept. The transmitting tower's power was needed to stimulate the coil. To over come Electro-magnetic inertia, so to speak. It is not needed to make the coil work. A simple local oscillator, just a fraction of a watt in power, is fully capable of setting up the standing waves needed to gather our cosmic energy.

Using this method, I have obtained exciting results. There have been days when I have felt that I had just broken every law of physics that I had ever heard of, and there was a day when my heart stood dead still for seconds, before panic and total Pandemonium set in !!! — Especially after hearing stories like the one above !!!

The life of a researcher sure has its moments ...

The tower of frustration. 

A display of resonate coils that I tested. I was working with a new multi–staged, Tesla type coil, that I had just built at my cousin Steve's shop. Steve is the chief engineer for a number of radio stations and his shop is in one of the transmitter buildings. Getting unexpected, off the scale readings from my coils, I was tuning the coil and adjusting the test equipment when ...
  All the power goes off !

A few seconds later, the backup power comes on, only to be accompanied by a loud audible alarm, that neither I, nor my cousin new existed. I jumped up and started checking the meter readings on the transmitters, to see if they were on the air, and working properly. Outside, all the air raid sirens in town had been tripped and were adding to the din of confusion.

Then, Steve's pager started going off, again, and again, and again, displaying emergency 911 codes;   KAGE - FM, off the air ...   CD Country, off the air ...   Home 101, off the air ...   La Cross Radio, off the air ...   KWNO, off the air ...   KAGE - AM, off the air ...

The whole valley had gone out !   50 miles, up and down the river, was without power. And, that mysterious alarm was still sounding in our transmitter room, only to be out done by the fact, that now, KAGE FM, was now playing eighteen CD's simultaneously, over the air. An hour and a half later La Cross, Wisconsin was still without power.

When one is working with the mysterious and the unknown, can one really know, at a moment like that, what actually happened ?

The alarm, creating standing waves of its own, was not easy to locate. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere. Finally, after a couple of minutes, it was discovered to be coming from a recently acquired typewriter.   One mystery solved at least.

The true cause of the power outage, became known a couple of Days later and I'm happy to report, that, I didn't do it. I'm glad because I really don't want anyone to think, that anything I am doing is truly dangerous.
The American Queen paddle boat lowering it's stacks to go under power lines. 

I'm happy it wasn't my resonate coils.

A paddle boat, the American Queen, had failed to lower
its stacks, while going under some major power lines, and had pulled
them down. No one was hurt, but, one of the boat's pilots had been
interview by our local paper the day before and was saying how much
he loved his job and how he intended to keep at it until he retired,
if he didn't " fuckup ! "     Oops !!!

The pilot had called down to the "Ship's Master" asking permission to lower the stacks, but was told not to. "The river is low enough. You should clear them by about a foot", he was told.

The river wasn't !

As heart stopping moments go, this one even topped the time when I set off a small Hydrogen explosion while doing some advanced material experiments at the University of New Mexico.

Tesla's experiments, on the other hand, often were dangerous. He was constantly testing the limits of the possible. His idea of the possible. There was no one around telling him "It" couldn't be done. And since he invented radio communication, in his day, radio interference wasn't an issue.

Remote microwave tower for Sawbill Canoe Outfitter's new phone system. 
(Boundary Waters, Northern Minn. --- www.sawbill.com) 
Designed and installed by my cousin,  Steve Schuh,  and  Me.

Well today, our radio airways are a buzzen with derivations of Tesla's inventions. Satellites, Cell Phones, GPS systems, air craft navigation and even garage door openers, all require that unwanted radio emissions in their bands be kept to a minimum. Today's world has no place for a bold explorer like Tesla who enjoyed making ball lighting and creating spectacular light displays with high-powered arcs.

Peek back to 1894. Marconi is testing the first spark-gap transmitter. In spite of splattering garbage throughout the spectrum, he causes no interference. With only one transmitter and receiver on planet Earth, "mutual interference" is impossible. Only with a second spark transmitter can Marconi encounter interference. Building the second spark-gap transmitter created the need for "Wave-length Allocation"! — Jeremy Lansman

Consider too, that Marconi's transmitter was only a toy compared to the Radio Frequency Power Emissions produced by Tesla's experiments.

So, before I started my resonate coil studies, I considered it prudent to consider the possible ramifications of my actions. Having worked with electronics for more than 37 years, I had a good idea what I was up against. This included of course, an endless stream of people, who, just absolutely knew "It" couldn't be done. What ever in fact "It" was.

Steve Schuh, is that you? 

A good place to think about resonate coils.

Working with my Cousin, Steve Schuh, was a must! Steve does FCC proofs of performance for several radio stations, so, he has all the fancy equipment needed to monitor the radio spectrum during my experiments. Additionally, most of the experiments were done at an isolated country setting to further reduce the possibility of interfering with radio communication.
Satelite view of the opening image. 

Overhead view of project setting. 

This is where we build resonate coils.
If you look closely, you can see the radio tower.

Getting down to the doing

Wizards' Workshop. 

This is where we build resonate coils.
Now, if energy can neither be created nor destroyed, where is all this energy coming from?

What is the source of the energy?
About 1880, shortly after radio was discovered, the great mathematician James Clerk Maxwell wrote the equation that combined "Electric" and "magnetic energies into his famous wave equation which explains how radio works.

His theory says, that emanating from an antenna — a point source — a wave of energy is moving out into space at the speed of light ( in a vacuum ) and this radiation contains a large electrical component and a small magnetic component. This is what we call Electrical-Magnetic radiation or EM.

This type of radiation is comprised of photons which have vibratory properties. We divide this large electromagnetic spectrum where they can operate into subgroups for convenience of discussion. The spectrum encompasses; Gamma-rays, X-rays, UV, Visible light, Infrared, Microwave, TV, Radio, ELF and more.

This electromagnetic spectrum that we work with daily, represents the solutions to Maxwell's equation using only positive numbers. About one hundred years later, professor Wm. Tiller at Stanford University, decided to explore the properties of the equations using negative numbers — the part of the graph that lies below the "X" axis.

This part of the graph describes another class of light energy that Tiller called "Super Lamination." This solution says, that from infinity — from all directions — into the point flows a "radiation" ( something ), that is mostly magnetic in nature and has a small electrical component. This radiation has a velocity of C2 ( the speed of light squared ) or 10 billion times faster that that of visible light. This energy can possibly account for what we call "The Atomic Weak Force."   ( This may also help explain, why both Tesla and I have calculated propagation velocities faster than the speed of light in our experiments, when normal propagation velocities are expected to average around 80% the speed of light in our coils. )

Tiller did very little with his new idea. He published a few papers and went on to work in other areas.

Now, if one is going to engineer a device that will produce a certain type of output, one should learn as much as possible about the energy going into the device.

For one thing, does it bite?

For many years, I refused to work on TV sets even though I had more than fifteen years experience in the electronics business.

I Don't Do TV's, They Bite !!!     I would respond to a request to do so.

My early encounters with televisions had not gone well.

Not well at all ...

I once found myself on the floor, against the wall, across the room, from a television I was working on, with no recollection of how I came to be there in that strange position. I had two tiny white marks on one of my fingers that hurt a whole-lot, and took months to heal.

This event was vaguely reminiscent of another, where I found myself in a similar posture, up against a fence in a pasture, more than several meters away from a hay wagon, on which I was attempting to load two new born, twin Holstein heifers.

Later, during the time I was setting up Dr. John V. Milewski's whisker crystal lab, at the University of New Mexico, there was an accident at the high-energy lab across the driveway.

Large energy storage devices called "capacitors" were used in experiments.

An experiment wasn't working and a grad-student standing several feet from a high voltage capacitor saw the problem and pointed at it.

His action caused an electrical arc, similar to a lighting bolt, and he was killed instantly.

Since then, signs have been placed on all the doors and windows ...

— Do  Not  Enter —
Under Any Circumstances !

I also had one of those days. —— I managed to trigger a small hydrogen explosion at the whisker crystal lab.

Fortunately, the reaction was chemical, so the university is still there.

When all else fails, throw everything at it !

John Hutchison of Vancouver, Canada, tinkered with an array of simultaneously interactive fields; a combination of electrostatic, magnetic, microwave and Tesla Coil fields. Without predictable warning and with some randomness, these fields interacted with objects. Levitations, thrusted weights, glowing, apparent softening and bending of hard metal alloys, and strange alloy separations were some of the phenomena reported.

    Without predictable warning and with some randomness !!!
    — This is what I call dangerous poking around !!!
    —— Not everyone survives such careless Mixing !!!

So, What does this say about the Nature of Matter ???

Energy Fields have the power and ability to completely alter the nature and properties of matter !!!

===> Taking a Good Look at Gravity <===

More ...

—–    Learn the Basics of Resonance    –—
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A Very Good Reason to Study Resonate Coils !!!
High Temperature Super Conductors Are Now Possible !!!
Super Conducting Materials Can Be Used To Store Huge Amounts of Energy Efficiently !!!

© Tommy Cichanowski,   Nov. 8, 1995–2002

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