"Systematized knowledge derived from observation, study, and experimentation carried on in order to determine the nature and principles of what is being studied."

A True Scientist is Always Ready to Say ...

" Eureka !!!   ——   I had It All WRONG !!! "

In Order For Any Hypotheses to be Valid ...

It Must Explain All Repeatable Observations and Experiments !!!

It seems that every generation or so, some young mind comes along and upsets our notions of how things are; how things work. Let's hope this trend doesn't, Too Soon Stop.

( Let's face it. Things could get boring. )

The Rules For Doing Science

    1. You Can Never Really Prove ANYTHING !

    2. You Only Need to Do One ...
    Well Designed, Repeatable Experiment to Disprove Something !

    3. It is Impossible to Confirm a Negitive !

( There is alot of bad science, on-going out there. )

Lets All Stay with The Program.

The modern scientist cannot relay on one theory to explain his observations. Often, the best parts of several theories together, gives birth to a unified idea.

Approch Science Scientifically

    A System of Knowledge Gained through ...
    • Observation   { Oh, Wow !   How Does That Work? }
    • Study           { What have other people learned about it? }
    • Experimentation   { I wonder what will happen if I ...? }

        Determining ...

        • Functioning
        • Principles
        • Laws
        • Interactions
        • Range of Operation

          of whatever is being studied.

Why Do Science ?

So we can Invent and Engineer New Toys !

Good Science Gives Birth to Usable Engineering Principles.

Whenever a definite relationship is determined, a mathamatical model can be formulated and used to develop and manufacture useful devices, to help or to amuse us.

Being able to apply the concepts of weight and measure to our world, allows us to create abstract technologies that can produce such things as ...

The Water of Life.

Tommy's  "Quest for a Practical Teaching Machine"
Ancient Tarot Concepts are used as an outline for presenting today's advanced scientific information.

New World of Possibilities

You Don't Have To Be a Rocket Scientist To Think Like One

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