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"The Best of Hubble"  –  A Wonderful Slide Show of Hubble Images

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FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center Web Site

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Special Places to Visit

Resource Center for Alternative Education & Regular Classroom Teachers
Crook County School District Prineville, Oregon

The Molecule of the Month page
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*** Explore the Inner Workings of Our Bodies or Cars ***

***** Hydroponic Reference Center *****

***** Hydroponics in Canada *****

***** Microsoft's TeraServer - NASA Satellite Photos of Earth *****
Find Your House & School

***** Fantastic Space Voyage *****

***** See What is Flying Above You in Space and When it is There *****

***** "Earth Lights" — The Lights From Our Cities at Night from Space *****

Cosmiverse Solar System Tours

Mars Pathfinder Instruments     NASA


***** Science Hobbyist *****

The Bakken Library And Museum
"The Bakken is a center for education and learning that furthers the understanding of the history, cultural context,
and applications of electricity and magnetism in the life sciences and their benefits to contemporary society."

The Growing Edge Community

The Millennium Education Group TMEG

Nutrition Research Resources

U.S. Radar Composite

Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays

White House Web Site

E - Mail the President

National Library of Medicine

The Library of Congress

Enviromental Protection Agency

Mormon Church Genealogy — Family-history Archive

Greg A. Woods'   Internet Bookmarks
Long winters can produce long lists of interesting and useful links.


Scirus is a powerful new Search Engine developed by Elsevier Science for locating scientific information.

Scirus delivers more relevant search results because it focuses on scientific information, indexes complete documents, searches the whole web including access-controlled sites, and reads non-text files like PDF.

At this stage Scirus covers more than 60 million science related pages from the Web as well as membership sources such as ScienceDirect, MEDLINE on BioMedNet, Beilstein on ChemWeb and Neuroscion. This is only the beginning ? Scirus aims to include more databases in the near future.

Click on "" to do a search and see how Scirus performs.

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The Tortoise Shell Periodic Table

The Internet Periodic Table

Symptoms of Toxic Elements - Hydroponic Salts - Web Site Link List

HTML ANSI Codes - HTML Colors & Codes - Important Bio-Atoms - Top of This Page

The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box Front Page

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