Learning Can Be a Fun, Lifetime Adventure !

Knowledge is the Power

For Understanding the Web of Life.
The universe is in fact, at its base, so simple,
that only a Child Mind can truly understand it !

    What could possibly be of more value to a person, than knowledge about his being, and the bio-system in which he lives? To know that, his spirit and body are engaged in a continuous process of renewal, and that one can personally, take conscious control of the processes of ...

Growth and Healing.
We understand our "Atomic World" as a system of building blocks that we now know how, to take apart and put together. This knowledge allows us to manufacture new resources for creating new living environments.

It is possible for us to build a social inter-structure that will provide a world of plenty for all ! We can use our knowledge of natural processes to create an arrangement of environments that can provide for all our basic needs.

If we view our world as a system of engineerable building blocks, we can create vast new wealth for everyone.

We know talk is cheap, so we have created this web site to present you with the information that is needed for you to personally realize this goal in your own life.

When completed, we hope to have "First Source Information" at this site.

This means we will be presenting the research papers that have generated the information and the conditions and criteria used for the research.

We plan to include sufficient details for you to replicate the experiments for science projects and, in some cases, your doctorate dissertation.

Some of the projects will seem like science fiction at first, and not conform to the laws of physics that are taught in our school system. However, these are the projects of cutting–edge science that are being carried out at our national labs and elsewhere. Our future scientists need to be brought up to speed, working with these concepts, and we hope that "seeing is believing" and that many of you will replicate the experiments or properly challenge them. Often a young mind will make connections or see possibilities missed by minds schooled in a "can't do" atmosphere.

Much has been learned about the physical aspects of the human learning process in the last half century. It is unfortunate that so little of this information has found its way into today's learning institutions. Learning is a natural and essential part of human existence and should not be forced. Each skill has an "optimum time" during which a child can effortlessly assimilate the required information. By accounting for this natural tendency, the "teaching parent" can make the whole learning process fun and rewarding. Your child will form a healthy positive attitude toward learning new things and his / her whole life will become an exciting learning experience.

This site is constructed to introduce both parent and child to what there is to learn, how to learn it, and how to apply the knowledge. Words and concepts are presented that allow the child to access the information that he desires.

It is hoped that the parent will work with the child to encourage and guide him through the process of making "HIS" ideas become a reality. It is through these processes, of learning and doing, that make knowledge real and memorable. A child is a person, not merely a play doll. He has the same needs for respect and space, as do adults. The parent's attitude toward the child will, to a large extent, determine how the child will relate toward the parent and the home environment. There is a lot of validity to the saying, "there are no bad children, just bad environments." The parent who provides a home environment that accounts for the needs of the child will experience a positive, harmonious relationship with not only the child himself, but also with his friends and neighbors.

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