June, 2003
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I have created this little newsletter to bring you up to date regarding my studies, insights, and postings at my web site.

I was given two more books to read about Dr. Royal Raymond Rife,  by my friend Dr. D. Kough that add additional insights into the workings of our bodies. Both authors did a lot of work, and have uncovered material that is important to my Rife presentation, which is the current focus of my studies.  My mother Lucy, my sister Mary's husband David, and my sister Jean, would all be alive today if this technology hadn't been suppressed and the researchers harassed.

[ Bookmarks  —  "Royal R. Rife"  by Gerald F. Foye     "The Cancer Cure That Worked"  by Barry Lynes     { E-mail } ]

My presentation, "Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays" focuses on the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.  But, it also includes the work of four other men, and discusses other necessary and complementary "Cure Methods" which are required for a truly holistic therapy program.

These men became convinced, that the methods of orthodox medicine were not working and in fact, when considered in total are doing more harm than good. I must admit, having benefited from our Medical Professionals, that we do have the best micro surgeons in the world and their work is really quite advanced. But, in regards to understanding body chemistry and the workings of nature, most doctors are still in the dark ages.

I interviewed approximately 25 doctors at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN while taking my dad to the clinic in 2002-03, and not one knew anything about Zeta Potential. In my mind, a doctor who doesn’t know about Zeta Potential is like an auto mechanic who doesn’t know about engine pistons – they can’t be seen, so they must not be important. The mechanic can still fix a lot of things on your car for you – even parts of the engine itself – but sooner or later his lack of knowledge may allow him to be inspired to do something that is harmful to the engine, or he may just have to give up and tell you to get a new car. Getting a new body is a bit harder, so maybe we all should get together and figure out how it actually works.

Its not the men who are working to do their best, but rather it is the educational mind-set that is preventing their best from being done, which is the main problem facing us today.

[ The (main) problem is that all educational orientation is directed towards a particular chosen solution.  In the case of MD's it is a purely chemical one.  The manipulation of cell dynamics and physiology through the application of frequencies and pulsed fields is something very foreign to their education.  (However), this is all a developing science!  (The) Past 3 years has seen tremendous growth in the understanding and utilization of all sorts of wavelengths and energies to affect cells. — James Bare — ]

It is well documented, that our current mind-set has taken us down the wrong path in understanding the true workings of nature.  With the "Age of Aquarius" rapidly approaching, we need to ask ourselves; do we want our lifestyle to be based on Love and Science, or Fear and Commercialism?

The main focus of my web site concerns how life works on our planet.  The main goal is not to get sick in the first place, by learning the true meaning of "Health Care".  Our method is to observe nature, to learn, and then to copy Her ways.  We know today, that ALL parts of our bodies are capable of regeneration and renewal.  At "The Tortoise Shell" web site, we study what promotes this renewal and what stops it.

However, we live in an imperfect world, so it is prudent that we also study effective "Cure Methods".  By learning about disease, we gain important clues about how to stay healthy. Also, if we know in advance what our "Sick Care" options are, we can start with the gentle ones, and then move toward the more radical synthetic ones if necessary.

If we put together the concepts, that these five dedicated men have studied – and have made known to the world – in a holistic and scientific manner together with today's current practices, we will have safe, simple, inexpensive, methods for treating 90% of the diseases on our planet. And, the solution for the other 10% would be discovered in a very short time, since the previous knowledge provides the foundation for the understanding of these diseases.  Researchers working independently against all odds, on only shoestring budgets, have made some of our most important discoveries.

The men to whom we are truly indebted are ...

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife; who performed his extensive studies on pathologies and pathogens, during the early 1900s. He developed a powerful microscope that could see living viruses and even smaller living entities.  He discovered that all pathogens have resonate qualities, and just like a crystal glass can be shattered with the correct frequency of energy, disease organisms can be shattered also.

Gaston Naessens; who started in France and then Moved to Canada. He won several court cases defending his work. Naessens independently developed a modern inexpensive and available, high-powered microscope, which can see living pathogens. He studied the metabolism of cancer cells and developed a cancer treatment that helps the body’s own immune system to attack the cancer cells. (This of course requires that you know how the immune system works.)

Dr. Hans Nieper; who did his work in Germany, focused heavily on strengthening the body's immune system to fight all diseases. Independently, he was doing many things similar to the work of Dr. T. C. McDaniel in the U.S., who focused on cardiovascular issues.

Dr. T. C. McDaniel; who having developed a medical condition, that his medical schooling failed to address for him, developed a treatment system that worked for him, and thousands of his patients. He discovered the work of Thomas M. Riddick and added his medical training to the concepts Riddick introduced.

Thomas M. Riddick; who developed a cardiac condition, and being unable to get relief from orthodox medicine, used the tools of his trade – industrial chemistry – to develop an effective treatment for himself and dozens of his friends.

Others who have played an important role in the preparation of this presentation are ...

Frank Hartman; who also discovered Thomas Riddick, and needs to be acknowledged for introducing me to Riddick. He sent me an e-mail with some material about Zeta Potential and Colloids. The two of us then assembled the material into a web page. Dr. McDaniel discovered this page and contacted me, saying that he wanted to meet with me. I introduced Frank to T.C. and the three of us (and others) are engaged in an intensive study of the subject. Many other web sites have found this page and have links to this page and other pages here on the topic. Some have even "mirrored" this web page on their web sites, using this web site as a database.

Dr. David H. Saxon; who discovered my site, liked it, and asked if he could have a link here pointing to his site. I studied his work and science, and then decided that knowledge of his protocol was vital to the goals of my web site. I installed links here for him. He subsequently became too busy and removed his web site from the Internet. I have posted a booklet written by his web designer that explains his work.

Dr. Saxon's work is important because he understands that before you offer patients medical therapy, you must remove the cause of the disease if possible, and all the factors that facilitate its growth.

"The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box"  My web site, is required course work at some schools.  It has a primary study theme.   Here we are ...
"Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes on the Atomic Level".
(Recently we have been adding sub-atomic information.) Thanks to our advanced technology, we are able to study the atomic make-up of all the parts of our body. At this time we have identified approximately 34 different atoms that are needed in our bio-system.

David Hudson; a cotton farmer, who while investigating soil problems on his farm, suddenly made my life very much more complicated, when he discovered that approximately 5% of the Earth's crust is made up of mono-atomic atoms, that normal test equipment can't see. He spent 8.7 million dollars of his own money to acquire the services of the best people and equipment on this planet in conducting his investigation. He was able to determine that plants and animals have a large percentage of these monatomic atoms in their makeup. (Monatomic atoms are not bonded to anything.)

Wearing my "hat" as an investigating reporter with extensive science background and real world industrial experience, I am convinced that if this science was to be studied, comprehended and applied, we can virtually eliminate all disease, or at least effectively and completely treat them, in the next ten years. There is nothing experimental here. Thousands of patients have already benefited from these studies and programs.

Getting back to the new books ...

"The Cancer Cure That Worked" covers the politics of who did what when, in suppressing Dr. Rife's extremely successful work, which cured cancer and most other infectious diseases. It is very good.

Below are some snips that I have worked into my main rife page which are important for understanding the science of this successful process. Since you most likely have read the page already, I am sending these snips so you can read them without searching through the whole web page again. If you haven't read it, you may want to, after reading the summary material below ... www.hbci.com/~wenonah/history/rife.htm#rife


"The Cancer Cure That Worked"  by Barry Lynes   ISBN 0-919951-30-9

The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a State depend.   – Benjamin Disraeli –

Truth will come to light; Murder cannot be hid.   – Shakespeare –

What autopsies show:  "I studied autopsies of ... patients who had been treated with massive doses of antibiotics for weeks before death:  the antibiotics failed to kill the cancer microbes. I saw the microbe in tissues that had been burned with massive doses of radiation ... I saw the microbe thriving in cancerous tissue that had been blitzed with chemotherapy; the cancer cells were destroyed, but the ... microbe remained!  Nothing fazed the cancer microbe: not surgery, not radiation, not antibiotics, not chemotherapy ..." (Alan Cantwell, Jr. M.D., "The Cancer Microbe", 1990, p 115.)

*Rife studied ...

Cancer, Tetanus, typhoid, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococci, pneumonia, streptococci, tuberculosis, sarcoma, carcinoma, leprosy, polio, cholera, actinomycosis, glanders, bubonic plague, anthrax, influenza, herpes, cataracts, glaucoma, colitis, sinus, ulcers, lock-jaw bacillus, and many other virus bacteria and fungi.   [This will also work for AIDS, SARS, Mad Cow, and Salmonella.]

He was successful – using simple electronic equipment – in destroying them all without any significant side effects. The reason he was so successful was that his microscope allowed him to watch the living pathogens while he subjected them to resonate energy.

In 1942, ... Dr. Raymond E. Seidel began investigating the microscope for an article. At one point, he spent 3 weeks in Rife's Laboratory. In February 1944, the article appeared in the Journal of the Franklin Institute. It was reprinted later that year in the Annual Report of the Smithsonian Institution. Because Seidel was a medical doctor and not a microscope expert, his description was not in the technical terminology to which narrow-minded microscope authorities were accustomed. Microscope experts in the 1980s have sneered at his lack of technical vocabulary. Nevertheless, more open-minded experts then and now were excited by his report. Letters from laboratories came to Rife as much as 4 years after the publication, pleading for information. Unfortunately, by then Rife's laboratory was closed and Rife was slowly selling it off piece-by-piece in order to eat. Dr. Seidel mentioned the 5,682 parts of the Universal Microscope and then described how it differed from ordinary microscopes:

"Between the source of light and the specimen are subtended two circular, wedge-shaped, block crystal quartz prisms for the purpose of polarizing the light passing through the specimen, polarization being the practical application of the theory that light waves vibrate in all planes perpendicular to the direction in which they are propagated. Therefore, when light comes into contact with a polarizing prism, it is divided or split into two beams, one of which is refracted to such an extent that it is reflected to the side of the prism without, of course, passing through the prism while the second ray, bent considerably less, is thus enabled to pass through the prism to illuminate the specimen. ... Now, when the portion of the spectrum is reached in which both the organism and the color band vibrate in exact accord, one with the other, a definite characteristic spectrum is emitted by the organism. ...

"Now, instead of the light rays starting up the tube in a parallel fashion, tending to converge as they rise higher and finally crossing each other, arriving at the ocular separated by considerable distance as would be the case with an ordinary microscope, in the universal tube the rays also start their rise parallel to each other but, just as they are about to cross, a specially designed quartz prism is inserted which serves to pull them out parallel again, another prism being inserted each time the rays are about to cross. ...

Thus, the greatest distance that the image in the universal is projected through any one media, either quartz or air, is 30 millimeters instead of the 160, 180, or 190 millimeters as in the empty or air-filled tube of an ordinary microscope. ...

"Under the universal microscope disease organisms such as those of tuberculosis, cancer, sarcoma, streptococcus, typhoid, staphylococcus, leprosy, hoof and mouth disease, and others may be observed to succumb when exposed to certain lethal frequencies peculiar to each individual organism, and directed upon them by rays covering a wide range of waves. By means of a camera attachment and a motion-picture camera not built into the instrument, many 'still' micrographs as well as hundreds of feet of motion-picture film bear witness to the complete life cycles of numerous organisms. It should be emphasized, perhaps, that invariably the same organisms refract the same colors when stained by means of the mono-chromatic beam of illumination on the universal microscope, regardless of the media upon which they are grown.

The virus of the Bacillus typhosus is always a turquoise blue, the Bacillus coli always mahogany colored, the Mycobacterium leprae always a ruby shade, the filter-passing form or virus of tuberculosis is always an emerald green, the virus of cancer always a purplish red, and so on."

Rife's copyrighted explanation of 1953 describes the Universal Microscope's unique design as follows:

"The prime reason that viruses have never been observed in their true form of their association with a disease is because the best standard research microscopes will not show them; first, on account of the lack of great enough magnification and second, owing to the minuteness of these particles, it is impossible to stain them with any known method or technique using acid or aniline dye stains hence a substitute stain was found. The viruses were stained with a frequency of light that coordinates with the chemical constituents of the particle or micro-organism under observation.

"The variation of the light frequency is accomplished by use of a variable monochromatic beam of light that is tuned to coordinate with the chemical constituents of particle, virus, or micro-organism. Visibility of the particle, virus, or micro-organism is observed by use of the core beams from the patented Rife Microscope Lamps, which provide illumination through a series of rotating quartz prisms in the universal microscope and thence through the slide containing the specimens and on to the eyepiece. Rotation of the light beams in the quartz prisms controls the increase or decrease of the light frequency. With complete control of the illuminating unit, a frequency is created that is in coordination with the chemical constituents of the virus under observation and thus it is possible to observe the virus in its true chemical refractive index. The control of the illumination (in the universal microscope) is a most important factor in visualizing the virus of any pathogenic micro-organism. This cannot be accomplished by any conventional source of illumination. This points out why other research groups have failed to find cancer virus."

The Frequency Instruments were steadily improved from the early version of 1920 to the clinical versions of 1934-38 and then, in the 1950s, improved again to the point where Rife could assert, "they are infallible and simple to operate."

The May 6, 1928 Evening Tribune of San Diego described what the Frequency Instrument did:

"Just what this Ray does to the organisms to devitalize them is not yet known. Because each organism requires a different wave length, it may be that whatever befalls these tiny slayers of man is something similar to the phenomenon occurring when the musical tuning fork is set in vibration by sound waves emanating from another fork struck nearby."

"Rife thinks that the lethal frequencies for various disease organisms are, as in the sound waves, coordinates of frequencies existing in the organism themselves. If this is the explanation, it means that the Rife Ray probably causes the disease organisms to disintegrate or partially disintegrate, just as the vase and the glass. Several bits of evidence indicate that this is exactly what happens." ...

"When the ray is directed upon them, they are seen to behave very curiously; some kinds do literally disintegrate, and others writhe as if in agony and finally gather together in deathly unmoving clusters."

"Brief exposure to the tuned frequencies, Rife commented, brings the fatal reactions. In some organisms, it happens in seconds."

"After the organisms have been bombarded, the laboratory reports show, they are dead. They have become devitalized – no longer exhibit life, do not propagate their kind and produce no disease when introduced into the bodies of experimental animals."

"Now, he reported, the mortal oscillatory rates for many, many organisms have been found and recorded and the ray can be tuned to a germ's recorded frequency and turned upon that organism with the assurance that the organism will be killed."

In 1950, after an absence of four years, including two years in an alcohol rehabilitation "prison" from which he finally escaped, Rife returned to his great work. In 1953, his cancer report was published – History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer and Other Virus, Bacteria and Fungi.

Three years later, in 1956, he wrote a letter describing the safety of the Frequency Instrument and also its advanced development:

"I have operated the 'Frequency Instrument' since 1921. I have watched it advance in style and performance with the advancement of electronics."

"In the many years I used this equipment in my research, I have never suffered an injury or any ill effects whatsoever. I found it reliable in performance and efficient in results. The most recent model is infallible and simple to operate."

On May 28, 1937, Dr. Milbank Johnson ... wrote to his friend Dr. Joseph D. Heitger in Louisville, Kentucky, the eye specialist to whom he had sent Rife:

"I closed my clinic on May 28, having been running it for eight months. Our special effort this past winter has been working on cataracts, and while we have treated a number of other infectious conditions (if cataract is an infection), still our principle work has been on the eye. The application of the Rife Ray as we have used it, does, in the majority of cases, restore the full visual function of the eye; that is, the portion of the visual disturbance due to opacities in the lens. How it does it and why it does it, I do not know, but the above statement is an actual fact, supported now by many cases.

How I wish we could get together and go over this work. I believe it will result in epochal changes in the profession’s handling of cataract cases."

[I think Janie’s find regarding nano-bacteria is relevant here ...


"Royal R. Rife"  by Gerald F. Foye     E-mail

 [A] new Frequency Instrument was finished in September 1935 ... Milbank Johnson explained the process:

"The new Rife Ray Machine had arrived at its point of construction, when elaborate tests had to be made in order to synchronize the M.O.R. produced by it with the M.O.R. produced by the old machine. Now, we are in the throes of accurately charting the 14,000 possible settings on the new machine. Our next process, beginning next week, is to test its penetration, the time required in the different exposures, the different depths of lesions. So, take it altogether we are just about as busy as a bear in berrytime."

Rife provided a brief description of his old Frequency Instrument:

"The basic principle of this device is the control of a desired frequency. These frequencies varying [depending] upon the organism being treated.

The frequency is set which controls the initial oscillator, which in turn is run through six stages of amplification, the last stage driving a 50 watt output tube.

The frequency with its carrier wave is transmitted into an output tube similar to the standard X-ray tube, but filled with a different inert gas. This tube acts as a directional antenna.

The importance in the variable control of these frequencies is that each pathogenic organism being treated is of a different chemical constituency, the consequence being they carry a different molecular vibratory rate. Each one in turn under these conditions requires a different frequency or vibratory rate to destroy."

The new instrument was light-socket powered and had an output of 500 watts – [half the power of an average toaster]. Furthermore, it was equipped to deliver two distinct frequencies simultaneously and both variable. [There were two output tubes placed next to each other.] This apparatus proved to be more efficient with decidedly fewer factors of error.


Ben Cullen, the present of Beam Ray, later recalled what happened once Dr. Hamer had his own office:

"Hamer ran an average of forty cases a day through his place. He had to hire two operators. He trained them and watched them very closely ... Hamer was very well known on the Pacific Coast. His case histories were absolutely wonderful.

We would go in there and see rectal cancers and stuff of that sort. He cleaned them up completely, absolutely clean. People would come in there with syphilis - not for that purpose - but those that had developed cancers, he’d find they had syphilis or gonorrhea. By golly he’d clean those up completely. Not a doggone taint of it in the blood stream at all. Clinically cured.

I would go down to Dr. Hamer and he would painstakingly pull out those case histories showing improvement day by day of everyone of them."

[In the past, mercury was used to treat syphilis.  This produced horrible side effects and even madness.     www.hbci.com/~wenonah/hydro/hg.htm ]


Dr. Gruner of Canada wrote to Milbank Johnson:

... "Dr. Rife has, of course, the indispensable tool to effect the proofs. To this day the opticians say that what he did cannot be done. The people in London, whom I interviewed last year about it, were very scornful, and brought out the age-old argument about wave-lengths (I think Dr. Archibald quietly is amused at them, too; it is so like the Galileo business) ... The BX may not be ‘ultramicroscopic’, it is just not seen because the light used does not show it up, as Dr. Rife demonstrated in his laboratory that time.

All this goes to show that I myself support Rife’s findings as much as ever. I still think his instrument is of supreme value. But even if it were available in many more places, few there are who will trouble to scrutinize the things they work with. We established that with few exceptions the people who work with viruses never look at their material microscopically; they never look at their tumors except with routine haematoxylin sections; they certainly never examine the living tissues. Even the wonderful cinematograph pictures of the Lewises contain the particles we consider etiological, and they never notice these objects at all - dancing about all over the place, much like BX – but the dance does not interest them!"

This inability to "see" what is right in front of them is one of the reasons cancer researchers have failed to find the cause of cancer (the other reason is the politics involved).


Evelyn Fox Keller describes how Nobel Prize winner McClintock and other first class scientists looked and "saw" in a special way:

"For all of us, our concepts of the world build on what we see, as what we see builds on what we think. Where we know more, we see more ...

What is it in an individual scientist’s relation to nature that facilitates the kind of seeing that eventually leads to productive discourse? What enabled McClintock to see further and deeper into the mysteries of genetics than her colleagues?

Her answer is simple. Over and over again, she tells us one must have the time to look, the patience to ‘hear what the material has to say to you’, the openness to ‘let it come to you’. Above all, one must have a ‘feeling for the organism’.

This intimate knowledge, made possible by years of close association with the organism she studies, is a prerequisite for her extraordinary perspicacity. ‘I have learned so much about the corn plant that when I see things, I can interpret (them) right away’. Both literally and figuratively, her ‘feeling for the organism’ has extended her vision."

Rife sitting in his chair with the microscope for as long as 48 hours without moving demonstrates the extent to which he was devoted to this process of "seeing".


Dr. Livingston-Wheeler in her 1972 book:

"In thirteen years the NCI has spent five hundred million dollars and has tested 170,00 poisonous drugs for possible use in the fight against cancer. The results have been zero except in a few rare types of cancer. Over 100,000 cancer patients have been used as guinea pigs without their full knowledge and informed consent."


* "Royal R. Rife"  by Gerald F. Foye   ISBN 0-9659613-3-8

In the 1950’s, Congressman Charles Tobey enlisted Benedict Fitzgerald, an investigator for the Interstate Commerce Commission, to investigate allegations of conspiracy and monopolistic practices on the part of orthodox medicine. This came about as the result of the son of Senator Tobey who developed cancer and was given less than two years to live by orthodox medicine. However, Tobey Jr., discovered options in the alternative field, received alternative treatment and fully recovered from his cancerous condition! That is when he learned of alleged conspiratorial practices on the part of orthodox medicine. He passed the word to his father, Senator Charles Tobey, who initiated an investigation. The final report clearly indicated there was indeed a conspiracy to monopolize the medical and drug industry and to eliminate alternative options.

The "Fitzgerald Report" was submitted into the Congressional Record Appendix August 3, 1953.


One issue modern, orthodox medicine still fails to accept or take seriously, is "cause" and "maintenance". That is to deal not just with surgery of sick tissue; but to deal with the cause of the problem, to try to prevent it in the first place; and, further, to try to prevent it from recurring!


Rife was able to prove that virus forms could be altered with chemicals. Thus, he could create disease-producing viruses by manipulation of chemical structures. Again, he proved this over-and-over.


Rife studied ...

Cancer, Tetanus, typhoid, gonorrhea, syphilis, staphylococci, pneumonia, streptococci, tuberculosis, sarcoma, carcinoma, leprosy, polio, cholera, actinomycosis, glanders, bubonic plague, anthrax, influenza, herpes, cataracts, glaucoma, colitis, sinus, ulcers, lock-jaw bacillus, and many other virus bacteria and fungi.


Rife made a statement that patients who had radiation treatments prior to frequency therapy, did not respond well to frequency therapy. Rife also stated that he could detect radiation in organ tissue up to six months after radiation therapy; and, up to two years after radium therapy.


Rife stated he worked seven years straight and studied 20,000 cultures searching for a cancer virus, finally suspending the search since he had found nothing.

Rife was later joined by Dr. Arthur Kendall, head of the department of bacteriology at Northwestern University Medical College. Dr. Kendall suggested a culture medium [his K-medium – a protein mixture], which proved to be the secret to success as Rife was able to press on and did eventually discover and isolate the cancer virus.

Rife commented that his special illumination (under his scope) reveals the filter-passing organisms in individual, characteristic colors. He stated that no two kinds or forms of organisms have been found to have the same colors. However, one form was found to have dual colors. The center portion of the rod form responded to one frequency (of illumination) while the ends responded to another. This required dual frequencies for devitalization.
(If the two frequencies are used simultaneously or one after the other over the same carrier wave, the patient gets well.)

According to Rife, if a single frequency was applied and that portion of the organism was devitalized, it would release the other constituent. Depending on which constituent was devitalized, either nothing would happen or the patient would die! [His lab animals]

The reason for the above, according to Rife’s explanation is, if the bacilli of tuberculosis is killed, a virus – the ‘poison of Vaughn’ – is released which reacts with the dead bodies of the rod form and produces toxemia and death.

"It was found that by using combinations of these frequencies for different microorganisms that many other diseases could be helped like sinus, ulcers, cataract, arthritis and poliomyelitis."

Each pathogen or virus has a frequency of its own – natural resonate frequency. A healthy cell has a frequency; but, when that cell becomes contaminated or altered, the frequency is altered.

That is one reason why frequency treatment can safely be applied. The correct frequency will affect only the unhealthy cell, or diseased tissue, while leaving healthy areas untouched. Rife proved this beyond any doubt. Still the closed minds of higher medical superiors would like us to believe frequency healing is unsafe.

In some cases, frequency treatments result in virus destruction and rapid recovery. In other cases frequency healing appears to work by alerting the depressed immune system to become more aggressive, thus causing the immune system to attack the disease as nature intended. [This is the same principle used in the formation of devitalized vaccines. The body can determine the "finger print" of the dead virus and create lymphocyte antibodies against the live ones. Lymphocytes are the backbone of our body's immune system.  They must be kept working properly!]


Another intriguing discovery made by Rife was polarization of microorganisms. Under the scope, if polarity was applied, the constituents would separate to the poles; a portion to the negative pole, a portion to the positive pole. Neither would culture individually; but, placed together, they would culture into a microorganism structure. As Rife put it, sort of, "male, female"!


Another important discovery was the pH factor. (Acid-base balance.) Rife stated if the pH was neutral he could not produce a culture. But, if the Ph was altered to either base or acid, it would culture. Based on this information, Rife felt that if the human body remained in a neutral pH state, it was impossible to develop a disease.


Rife stated viruses to be a group of chemical constituents, which could be altered by applying specific chemicals – parts per million – creating different organisms. By applying the proper chemicals, Rife could alter a given microorganism into a specific pathogen, at will, and back again; as long as they were within a specific group, of which Rife had identified about ten groups at that point.

Inoculation of experimental animals had demonstrated the disease causing properties of each virus isolated, according to Rife!


Correspondence from Milbank Johnson to Rife, 1935:

"Now that we have a machine in which we can give two frequencies at one time, it would be easy to treat all forms of tuberculosis both for the tubercle bacilli and Much’s granules."

(Granules in sputum from TB patients, possibly degenerated tubercle bacilli. Re:  Dr. Hans Christian Much.)


Rife:  "I studied leprosy and I isolated a virus which we jointly demonstrated was common to rat, soil, and human leprosy and I found a frequency which would eliminate leprosy."


A doctor in Dayton Ohio; I have used it on several persons with fungus infections of the feet (athletes foot). The results in the fungus cases have been most spectacular.


Here is an excerpt of a letter from one doctor to another doctor, dated June 1, 1937;

"We treated the ‘dewy’ cornea condition empirically with the same MOR that we used on the cataracts and the dewy condition disappeared very promptly ... Every case we have treated, with the exception of one which was a traumatic cataract where the lens was absolutely opaque and of recent origin, has benefited. The process of coagulation has been stopped and there has been a distinct retrogression of the opacities resulting in most cases, in a complete restitution of the function of the eye."


Ph:   The pH level may play a role in effectiveness of frequency healing as well as other phases of healing.   [Balanced blood (Electrolytes!)]


Dr. Hett of Windsor, Canada developed a cancer serum from a virus, which was successful in combating cancer. He felt that if the germ theory was correct, then cancer could be considered a communicable disease. (This is endorsed by a number of researchers.)


Disastrous medical bills play a huge roll in personal bankruptcies in the U.S. accounting for about 40% of bankruptcy filings ... SDUT 11/12/2000


Frank Hartman sent me a link to The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices,

There was a link on the page to "The National Council for Reliable Health Information"

"Council Against Health Fraud" – Enhancing Freedom of Choice through Reliable Health Information ...   http://www.ncahf.org/   This is the best example of a Quack site one could hope to find – Condemned by their very own definitions. On some topics, it goes on, page after page making claims and condemning others, without giving a single smattering of science or a single Journal Reference to substantiate their claims.

On some pages, I found Journal articles that were chosen for presentation because they could be construed as supporting their case for non-use. The articles actually are important for complete understanding of the subjects and should be carefully considered, mainly for safety reasons. By speaking out against alternate methods of health care, they are supporting the use of chemicals and practices that have a very dubious track record.

They are most likely part of the group discussed on this page ...



Quackery-Related Definitions

NCAHF's publications rely on the following definitions:

Fraud: "An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing. . . . a false representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of that which should have been disclosed, which deceives or is intended to deceive another so that he shall act upon it." [Black's Legal Dictionary, 4th Edition, 1968]

Health Fraud: The deceptive promotion, advertisement, distribution or sale of articles, intended for human or animal use, that are represented as being effective to diagnose, prevent, cure, treat, or mitigate disease (or other conditions), or provide a beneficial effect on health, but which have not been scientifically proven safe and effective for such purposes. Such practices may be deliberate or done without adequate knowledge or understanding of the article.

[Definition approved and sanctioned by the FDA Compliance Policy Council (letter from M. L. Frazier, Director, State Information Branch, 6/18/93).

Misinformation: "Untrue or misleading information." [Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary, 1972]

Promote: "To contribute to the growth or prosperity of; to present for public acceptance through advertising and publicity." [Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary, 1975]

Quack: "Anyone who promotes medical schemes or remedies known to be false, or which are unproven, for a profit." [United States House of Representatives, Select Committee on Aging, Subcommittee on Health and Long-term Care. Quackery:  A $10 Billion Scandal. Washington, DC, 1984, US Government Printing Office.]

Quackery: "Promoting health products, services, or practices of questionable safety, effectiveness, or validity for an intended purpose." [NCAHF, 1986]

Health fraud/quacks: "Health fraud is the promotion, for financial gain, of fraudulent or unproven devices, treatments, services, plans or products (including, but not limited to, diets and nutritional supplements) that alter or claim to alter the human condition. Those who promote such medical remedies that do not work or have not been proven to work are called 'quacks'." [The Assembly Republican Task Force on Health Fraud and the Elderly, New York State Assembly, June 1986]

Some may enjoy the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices in Minnesota (and a few online exhibits, many of them EM-based). I heard about it on the news but have yet to visit. (The Bakken Library and Museum of Electricity in Life is also located in the Twin Cities, for anyone visiting)...

http://www.mtn.org/quack/         http://www.thebakken.org/

Date:  Sun, 30 Mar 2003 07:51
From:  freshfields@pinoymail.com
To:  tommycichanowski@excite.com

Hi Guru,

My sympathy goes with you my guru. My prayers go with you and your family.

I was talking to a friend via the mIRC the other day and pointed it out to him that the next terrorist, after the real terrorist are those in the medical professions. They suck dry our hard earning cash for curing people. I don't know ... I think the whole idea sounds crazy.

They live or they thrive under the misery of other people, which is not correct.

Again, hope everyday gives you new hope as you gave me new hope in my first two years of gardening.

Your local grasshopper,   Edwin         http://members.tripod.com/aerogreen/

Date:  Sat, 25 Jan 2003 15:04
From:  Steve Lemas
To:  tommycichanowski@excite.com
Subject:  kudos


You, sir, have one hell of a good web site.

I do not recall ever finding a site with either more OR better info.

Steve Lemas

Here is what they say about my site at http://www.growingedge.com/kids/educators/links.html ...

The Teaching Parent Guide to Resources & Services
[This is a link to my Hydroponic Reference Center.]

The Hydroponic Reference Center is an excellent, intelligent, and expansive collection of Web pages. Browse through the seemingly endless series of interconnected pages and store these gems for use in your own classroom or at home.   Follow the tortoise!

Sent:  Tuesday, February 29, 2000 6:59 AM
From:  Martin Lanius
To:  Tommy Cichanowski
Subject:  Your web page

Hi Tommy,

Thanks for this nice web page!

My name is Martin Lanius and I am from Berlin, Germany. I am very much interested in Tesla's ideas after reading the great book from Margret Cheney. ...

Have a nice day!



Sent:  Friday, February 04, 2000 10:28 PM
From:  richard_gater
To:  Tommy Cichanowski

Subject:  Your Web Site

Applause, Applause, Applause!!!

Encore?   If you can find something to follow that!!

One of the most usable informative pages I have seen!!

Richard Gater
Ex Agriscience Instructor
Soon to be Aquaponics Entrepreneur

Sent:  Friday, August 13, 1999 7:58 PM
To:  tommycichanowski@excite.com
Subject:  hydroponics reference center
From:  Michael Parker

Thanks for creating this reference center. The potential use is fantastic! I can't wait to use it!

I have a few little flood and drain gravel gardens that I grow my vegetables in, and I am interested in making a solution that will make my plants very healthy to eat.

I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this. Do you have any suggestions? Most commercial fertilizer mixes don't seem to address this, and I'm having trouble finding out about this at all. I'm also having trouble finding sources of mineral salts so I can make up my own solutions. If you have any ideas, I'd love an email.

Thanks!   Michael

On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 16:33,
To:  Tommy Cichanowski
webmaster@priorityonevitamins.com wrote:

WOW,  I am impressed!!!   Being a fellow web designer I know how much time it takes to build that many pages.   You have a ton of quality content too. ...


Date:  Sun, 28 Apr 2002 06
From:  Elsie Sampson
To:  tommycichanowski@excite.com
Subject:  Link to site

Dear Tommy,

First of all I'd like to thank you for your very interesting Web site.

I don't think I have seen a more informative, diversified and seemingly unending learning experience in a Web site before. It is a wonderful surfing adventure that I never tire of.

I'm writing to request a link to your Web site. My future Web site is related to health and nutrition and is a non-profit, educational site. My desire is to link specifically to " How Vitamins Were Discovered " as I am referring to diseases such as Scurvy, Beriberi, Pellagra and other vitamin deficiency diseases. ...


Elsie M. Sampson

[Links to this site are always welcome.]

Date:  Wed, 20 Feb 2002 07:18
To:  Tommy Cichanowski
Subject:  Tommy hydroponics
From:  Wes


Are you the Tommy of this website?   http://www.luminet.net/~wenonah/hydro/index.html

If so, I would like to thank you for the wealth of information. I stumbled across the site more than a year or two ago – still refer back to it on occasion.

Thank you


Date:  Mon, 25 Mar 2002 15:19
From:  Del
Subject:  cancer

I saw this and thought forum members might be interested.



Positive thinking may be key to effective cancer cure.

Scientists say they have found that one of the body's "good mood chemicals" forces some cancer cells to commit suicide.

They say that when serotonin is placed in a test tube alongside tumor cells of Burkitt's lymphoma the cancer kills itself.

The scientists from the University of Birmingham add, that when the chemical is produced by the body it prevents depression.

Details of their work are published in the US journal Blood.

The Medical Research Council's Professor of Immunology, John Gordon, and an international team of researchers worked together to make the discovery.

Professor Gordon said:  "Serotonin is a natural chemical that regulates people's moods keeping them balanced. Too much serotonin affects appetite and sleep and too little affects the mood causing depression.

"An exciting property of serotonin is that it can tell some cells to self-destruct.  We have found serotonin can get inside the lymphoma cells and instruct them to commit suicide."

The team is now working on a way of using the phenomenon in a form of treatment.

Story filed:  00:20 Tuesday 26th March 2002

If we content ourselves to be something less than our potential allows, unhealthy changes occur in our bodies. By not seeking to be our best, we allow disharmonious influences to inhabit our being.   — Tommy Cichanowski —

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