Science = Watch + Look + Listen

Now Try To Make Sense Out of It All !

Science Seeks to Understand All Things by Weight & Measure

For science to be useful to more than just the person making the observations and doing the experiments, we need to agree on a set of standards for doing and talking about science.

The Rules For Doing Science
    1. You Can Not Prove ANYTHING !

    2. You Only Need to Do One, Well Designed, Repeatable Experiment to Disprove Something !

    3. It is Impossible to Confirm a Negitive !

Always watch your Language !

... Be Precise!

... Fully Define How YOU are Using Each Noun!

... Include All Details, Details, Details!

Language is the greatest impediment to understanding and having fun with science. Many times, different branches of science will use a different word for essentially the same thing.

The details of the experimental environment are extremely important, if you want others to repeat your experiment. Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Time, Date, Temperature, Barometric Pressure, Phase of the Moon, Sun Spot Activity, and even your emotional and mental state will influence some experiments.

To Enjoy Science Fully, One Needs To Add A Sparkling Measure of Art.

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