Using "Zeta Potential" as a Healing Tool

Zeta Potential is a measure of the electrical force that exists between
atoms, molecules, particles, suspensoids, cells, etc.,   in a fluid.

Zeta Potential's strength determines the amount of material that a fluid can carry.  Increasing the electrical force in the solution, allows the fluid to dissolve and hold more material.  In this way, deposits can be removed from many things.

Hundreds of industries work with Zeta Potential to control their chemical reactions.  Dr. T.C. McDaniel learned of this, and applied the concepts to cardiovascular disease — his own.  He then prescribed this technology for about ten thousand of his patients with excellent results.   — Tommy Cichanowski —

Dr. T.C. McDaniel

My Goals:   "I desire to get this basic information to professional practitioners, in order to improve our system of medicine, surgery, and midwifery, and to place the same on a more rational and scientific basis."   — Dr. T.C. McDaniel —

Heart By-Pass Operations are No Longer Needed !

A Safer Method Can Be Used.

Have you or someone you know been told that a "Heart By-Pass Operation" is needed?

Thanks to today's advanced science, "By-Pass Operations" are no longer necessary.

It is now possible to remove blockages and mineral plaque from blood veins and arteries by simply administering a series of safe IVs prepared with chemistry that has been approved by the FDA. The IVs are Engineered to change the electrical properties of blood, and in so doing with the help of water, can bring deposits back into solution. Depending on the severity of one's condition, approximately 24 IVs are administered over the course of 2 to 3 months. ( Additionally, in Germany and elsewhere, the pineapple enzyme bromelaine is being successfully used to disassemble the fibrous component of circulatory plaque deposits. )

This technique has been developed over the last twenty years and has produced successful results for more than 10,000 patients who have sought help from Dr. T.C. McDaniel at his clinic in Cincinnati. Dr. McDaniel was inspired by the late industrial chemist Thomas M. Riddick, who developed coronary problems himself, and had undertaken a complex study of blood chemistry.

After a three-day visit to Dr. McDaniel's clinic for diagnosis, tests and health maintenance classes, any Registered Nurse, even in your home if desired, can administer the remaining IVs for you. Each patient is unique and the IVs are individually prepared for the needs of each person, based on blood and urine tests.

If you are willing to make the necessary changes in your lifestyle, additional treatments will not be required.   ( A very large number of people, who have had one heart by-pass operation, often require another after a short time, even when on medications.   Also, Nova's "When Wonder Drugs Don't Work" reports that approximately 548 patients each day are infected by "drug resistant" bacteria in U.S. hospitals. )

Dr. McDaniel has also saved the limbs of patients who were told by other doctors that amputation of a limb was necessary. (usually a leg)*
[ * Diabetes often results in reduced circulation in the extremities. Hands and feet that are always cold, soon can be warm again. This treatment also increases the effectiveness of Insulin, helping to improve blood sugar regulation. Some patients have even managed to eliminate the need for Insulin injections altogether. ]

This therapy is biased on an understanding of the electro–chemical properties of blood.

We are addressing the chemical issues, which result in internal blood clotting and mineral deposits within the cardiovascular system.

Thomas M. Riddick, an Industrial Chemist, is credited with doing the first major study of how "Zeta Potential" controls the chemical processes in our bodies. Using this science, we can reverse and correct many "Blood Plasma Problems".


Dr. McDaniel holds seminars for doctors who want to study this science.

— Dr. T.C. McDaniel —

Voted: Outstanding Graduate of the Century by Eastern Kentucky University ( 1972 )

Past member Kentucky State Board of Health

Past member Kentucky State Board of Medical Licensure (appointed by 4 different Governors)

Past President, The Kentucky Osteopathic Medical Association

Past President, Cincinnati Academy of Osteopathic Medicine

Past president, American Society of Bariatric Physicians

Private practice: Cardiovascular–Renal Diseases, Rehabilitative Medicine, Cincinnati, OH ( 1983 – present )


"The Wheel of MisFortune" – multiple diseases that are out of control.
"Disease Reprieve"
– Living Into The Golden Years without physiological bankruptcy.

Degrees:   AB, MA, D.O.

Primary areas of treatment:   Blood clots, high blood pressure, circulatory disorders, arrhythmia, kidney stones, peripheral vascular diseases, chronic fatigue, Crohn's Disease, ...


"Sometimes We Forget to Inspect Our Foundations"

As Healers, we need to always remember two important concepts.

  1. Our bodies, indeed our whole carbon based bio-system, is mainly composed of Water.
  2. Our body's nervous system and all chemical reactions and relationships require and operate with the " Electric Force".

If there isn't enough water in our body's system to allow the electric force to operate properly, or if the electrical force is out of balance because of excesses or deficiencies in our blood plasma electrolytes, disease can result.

The "Foundation For Good Health" lies in maintaining the proper "Hydro-Electric Properties" in our blood plasma, intra-cellular and extra-cellular fluids. These liquids provide the playing field for all the chemical reactions needed to power our bodies and must be kept in balance for good health.

From the view point of medical intervention, for many diseases, we need to focus on the kidneys and their related systems. One can use a specific conductance meter to determine the total dissolved solids of the urine. This measurement gives one a good indication of the stress load that the kidneys are under and offers a starting point for treatment. Most of the time, the first step is to re–hydrate the patient to lower the "electrical work load" resulting from high osmotic pressures in the kidneys.

When the kidneys are operating in a "safe range", determined through specific conductance measurements, focus can be directed toward fine-tuning the blood plasma electrolytes.

Once plasma electrolytes are balanced, blood pressure will come down, circulation will improve, and arrhythmias will disappear.

Removal of "blood plasma build-ups" and rehydration is quickly accomplished using a mineral enhanced IV with adjusted electrical properties. This method should be considered as the first course of treatment for appropriate disease conditions. It should be obvious that any other treatments won't truly be effective unless these basic systems are balanced first.

Fine-tuning of the therapy can then be accomplished using "blood work–up tests" with due consideration of plasma electrolytes and trace elements.

At home maintenance involves dietary changes with special emphasis placed on drinking enough pure water with less than 10 ppm of dissolved solids. Also, avoidance of aluminum has special importance because of the unwanted electrical properties aluminum has in water solutions. The use of an oral saline solution is encouraged to booster plasma electrolytes until the body is stable, and re–hydrated, and the patient has learned natural methods of self-maintenance.

Many times, simple dietary changes and treatments can have a dramatic effect on health and personal energy levels. Sometimes — many times simple is the best way to go and should always be used first before doing something more complex or using something that has side–effects.

Our space age technology has given us many incredible new measurement devices. These devices can give us a very objective look at human chemical processes. The tools and the understanding of new concepts have evolved together. It is time now to stop and absorb the work of the many diverse disciplines that have something to offer to the field of "The Healing Arts".


It's A Long, Long Way From Los Alamos,
to The Mayo Clinic!

by Tommy Cichanowski

A few years back, our government instituted a "Technology Transfer Program" to help get research information from the "National Labs" into the commercial sector. I have worked with the program commercially in the fields of advanced materials and microwave technology.

Considerable work has already been done and is continuing at our National Laboratories with Advanced Materials. To be able to work in this exotic field of science, one needs to have a complete knowledge of how atoms connect and interact with each other to form molecules in many different situations. This knowledge is also needed in the field of Hydroculture where we need to keep atoms in solution in a water medium.

The science used in this advanced work, also has applications in the field of health care. It is the Electric Force that keeps blood cells from "Clumping" and mineral salts in solution. Understanding how to manipulate the "Silver Balls" we call electrons gives us new options for treating diseases

Health Care issues can be addressed using the "sub-science" of "Colloidals".   Colloidal Science allows us to study the "Electrical Properties" of solutions, like our blood and urine. This electrical property is called "Zeta Potential". Since Zeta Potential is a subject normally contained within Colloid Chemistry, very few health professionals are even aware of it and its potential importance to human health.

Nearly deceased at age 56, now 91 years old, Dr. T.C. McDaniel has learned to use this "Atomic Electrical Knowledge",   Anionic Surfactants,  and the "Power of Pure Water", in the treatment of many different diseases.  He has successfully treated himself and about 10,000 patients. Dr. T.C. McDaniel now conducts a full–time medical practice in Cincinnati, Ohio and is sharing what he has learned from his studies of Zeta Potential with his patients and health care professionals.

Dr. T.C. McDaniel has a three-day Seminar for Physicians, covering the principles of Anionic Surfactant Therapy in great detail, allowing them to incorporate this effective new program into their practice. You should call the office for more details. It will be a call you won't regret.

It is indeed a sobering thought that with proper intake of "Pure Water" ( Reverse Osmosis or distilled water ) containing appropriate blood plasma electrolytes, irregular heartbeats, including Paroxysmal Tachycardia, can be stabilized without electric cardioversion.

Most patients can be stabilized in route to the hospital and expensive procedures avoided. Physicians take an oath "To Do No Harm".   I hope that covers using the simplest course of treatment first.

Learning a few, new simple concepts, will allow Physicians to become very effective in their treatment programs resulting in great job satisfaction.


Zeta Potential / Colloidal Science Overview

"Zeta Potential"   is expressed as voltage —


Mother Nature's Atomic Anti-Collision System

Visualize: "Atomic Personal Space" - Elbow Room For Atoms and Molecules

A place where One can just hang out and be "One's-Self".


Colloidal Science:

Unveils answers and concepts, Calibrates meters, Describes new possibilities.

Have you ever wondered why those ever moving, hyperactive atoms don't just crash into each other and form a big ball? Why your hydroculture salts stay in solution sometimes and not others? Why very weak and very strong solution concentrations BOTH tend to lose salts? (precipitates i.e., settles) Why that white stuff collects on your glassware and flower vases?

Whether a quantity of clay, added to a liter of distilled water containing mineral salts, will form an adhesive mass or disperse into trillions of tiny particles, each remaining separate and discrete, depends almost entirely on the electrical properties of the system. Like electrical charges repel each other, and the strength of this Electric Force controls many of the factors of chemistry.

It is this Electric Force that keeps atoms and molecules from colliding with each other, allows them to remain discrete, and it is this "Electric Force" that needs to be overcome when you are endeavoring to hook atoms together to form new advanced materials.

Atoms are very much like miniature solar systems with their electrons in orbits similar to planets and comets. The electrons are moving so fast, that only a blur is seen by our test instruments, and this blurry area where the electrons "hang out" is called the Electron Cloud, sometimes referred to as the atom's "Virtual Electron Shell".

How these shells interact with each other can be observed with the tools used in the field of Colloidal Science. Understanding how to use these concepts, allows us to create a root environment for plants, where the nutrient salts stay in solution at the right concentration and allows us to also, measure and control the electrical properties of our blood and urine, allowing us to resolve most circulatory problems.

This Electrical Knowledge, Anionic Surfactants, and the Power of our world's most universal solvent "Pure Water", allows us to remove unwanted, harmful materials from our bodies. i.e. kidney stones, blood clots, minerals, etc.

The idea behind good health is simple. Wash out the body's toxins, and give the body enough water to fully hydrate its blood plasma so that our bodies can relax and our blood can carry food and oxygen to all of our body's cells, resulting in a more efficient vigorous body.

AGAIN — The foundation of good health lies in maintaining the proper "Hydro-Electric Properties" in our blood plasma, intra-cellular and extra-cellular fluids. These liquids provide the playing field for all the chemical reactions needed to power our bodies and must be kept in balance for good health.


—   Dr. T.C. McDaniel 's  Contact Information   —

2009 Update, Dr. McDaniel has retired

  • No More Heart Attacks
  • No More Infarctions
  • No More Arrhythmias
  • No More Kidney Stones
  • No More Lithotripsy
  • No More Deep Venous Thrombosis  

Take Charge of Your Own Health Decisions !


Dr. McDaniel learned the basic science for his program from this book ...

" Control of Colloid Stability through Zeta Potential "

With a closing chapter on

Zeta Potential's Relationship to Cardiovascular Disease.

by Thomas M. Riddick

The Science of "Zeta Potential" is used by Hundreds of different industries. This knowledge is used to improve many things and processes; from concrete to beer, and much much more ...

Scirus is a powerful new Search Engine for locating scientific information. Searching for "Zeta Potential" on Scirus, returns a count of almost 10,000 different web pages relating to the subject of Zeta Potential.


NOTE:  All Reverse Osmosis units are not the same. You should look for one that can output water with a Total dissolved solids in the range of 5–20 ppm, or a specific conductance of 10–40 microsiemens or less.
Two thirds of the elemental salts used in hydroculture would be Toxic to plants (and humans) if included in the solution at levels of 4 ppm.


The Pineapple Enzyme Bromelaine — "Wobenzyme"

Cardiovascular plaque is comprised basically of two components. There is the mineral component that can be removed using EDTA as an Anionic Surfactant, and there is a fibrous component that some enzymes are able to disassemble.

For over 20 years, the American biochemist, Dr. Steven Taussig, of Honolulu, has been studying the biological effects of the enzyme mixture bromelaine. This enzyme complex — it consists of an entire group of distinct enzymes — is obtained from the middle third of the pineapple root. It can also be obtained from the green, unripe pineapple in large quantities. These bromelaines are able to degrade certain internal substances which may cause infarction (the so-called Prostaglandins E2 and thromboxane), thereby reducing the risk of cardiac infarction and the tendency to heart muscle necrosis, as well as simultaneously eliminating any heart pain. Also, Chinese researchers at the University of Iowa have shown that the supply of bromelaine can mobilize deposits in the blood vessels, and carry them off. Thus, by intensive, long-term therapy with bromelaine, it is possible to "clean out" the coronary arteries from the inside. From the biological point of view, this certainly is a much more intelligent therapy than a bypass operation. In the same manner, it is possible, by supplying larger, continuous doses of bromelaine, to dissolve deposits in the aorta and in leg arteries, as well as thrombosis residues, thus saving many a leg from amputation and even restoring them to normal functioning. The German enzyme preparation "Wobenzyme" is of particular effect in this "pipe cleaning."

The pineapple enzyme bromelaine (not bromelin!), which is absorbed into the bloodstream, can be used without limitation, is as effective eight years later as on the first day, dissolves already existing clots and cleans blood vessel walls, as well as the blood cells already mentioned. "Anavit F3" and "Ananase" are standardized bromelaine preparations. "Wobenzyme" also belongs in this group, even though it must be taken in higher doses. Magnesium, which can be bound to the membranes, such as magnesium aspartate, orotate and citrate, has a strong thrombosis-inhibiting effect. Orthodox medicine, as a rule, does not offer it. Wobenzyme is a very funny invention. It appears most desirable to have pancreatin absorbed into the blood stream since it rather specifically attacks cancer cells, as well as fibrin layers, clots and fresh thromboses.

Unfortunately, pancreatin is not resorbed. It will mainly stay in the intestine for the acknowledged purpose of digestion. Attempts to infuse pancreatin intravenously have largely failed because of poor tolerance and even shock. In contrast to animal-derived enzymes like pancreatin, plant-derived enzymes like bromelaine (from pineapple) are easily resorbed. If bromelaine and pancreatin are administered in a fixed combination, astonishingly, a part of the pancreatin will appear in the blood stream! A possible explanation for this is that the presence of one enzyme (the bromelaine) will neutralize the electrical properties of the other enzyme (pancreatin) and thus transiently do away with the blocking mechanism, which normally prevents the passage from the intestine into the blood.

The pineapple enzyme bromelaine is highly effective in the deactivation of antibodies and prostaglandin E-2 . Thus it is also no wonder that the bromelaine are unusually effective in the treatment of chronic rheumatism. Anavit F-3, and Ananase 100 and Wobenzyme are the names of these preparations. Already in the 18th century, the windjammer captains reported on the excellent antirheumatic-effect of the juice from the pineapple root and the green pineapple fruit. By the way, the juice from green, unripe pineapple is very effective abortifacient.

— Source —
" Dr. Nieper's Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society "

*** Optimizing Our Body's Immune System to Fight Disease ***

Important Information for Those Who Want to Stay Healthy

Twelve Vital Nutritional And Health Topics
By Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D.

"In researching and studying why the chronic degenerative diseases were increasing and what treatment methods could be applied to halt this onslaught on the health of America, I came to several conclusions. Of these conclusions, there were three that were certain primary sources that greatly contribute to the epidemic of cardiovascular and renal disease we are seeing today. My conclusions were influenced greatly by T.C. McDaniel, D. O. of Cincinnati, and published work completed by the late physical chemist, Thomas M. Riddick of New York."

The Perfect Plan for Perfect Health
By Gus J. Prosch, Jr., M.D.

Good Health Requires Bright Light

In order for us to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, we need to keep physically active.

In order to feel energetic enough to keep properly active, our body's Melatonin level needs to be kept low. The healthy way to achieve this is to expose our bodies to Bright Light, even in the summer months.

This is one of the most important things you can do to improve your health !


—  You Must Avoid Aluminum  —

In Your Water, Your Food, and in things you put "In" and "On" Your Body !

Aluminum is used to treat waste water. It is added to waste water to cause materials to come out of solution and settle to the bottom of the tank.

The same thing can happen inside your body. 3–4 parts per million* of Aluminum in our blood Will Cause materials to come out of the blood plasma solution forming plaque on blood vessel walls. It also causes blood cells to clump together, thereby blocking blood flow to organs — causing strokes, heart attacks and other problems!
[ * About 27 milligrams of elemental aluminum in our body's 7 liters of blood will cause coagulation. ]

The reason this happens, is because Aluminum has a strong effect on Zeta Potential.

Aluminum is used in many Vaccinations as a stabilizer, and is known to cause learning disabilities.   It can also STOP CELL DIVISION during the "S Phase".

Aluminum is Especially Harmful to Children !

Mercury Will Destroy Hundreds of Different Systems in Your Body

Any cell or molecule in your body that has sulfur in it,  WILL be attacked, and destroyed or deactivated by Mercury !!!

People with mercury poisoning have wide swings of mood, becoming irritable, frightened, depressed or excited very quickly for no apparent reason. Such people may become extremely upset at any criticism, lose all self–confidence, and become apathetic, often making up for this loss by insisting that their way is the "right way".  Hallucinations, memory loss and inability to concentrate can also occur.

Mercury too, causes cognitive dysfunctioning.   A learning disability that prevents one from seeing patterns in information and deducing appropriate solutions.

Mercury is also used in Vaccinations as a preservative.   It is truly amazing how much damage a very tiny amount of mercury can do.

Mercury is Especially Harmful to Children !

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