One Source — One Force

A Basic Recipe for ...

"Making Something" From "Nothing"

The One Great, Mysterious Energy,
    Divides, into a Complementary Pair,

      this combination, being Totally Unstable;

        the Pair Divides again, Complementarily,

          Forming Four, with many Stable Modes.

These Four Entities, with all their Clones ...
Dance the Dance, that Is Our Universe.

From these, come the "Dance Circles" (Domains) of the sub-atomic particles
which form the Wonderfully Versatile Building Blocks of Atoms.

In Paul A. M. Dirac's "Theory of Particles and Anti–particles", there are four states of entity:
    1. Occupied state of positive energy ( e.g., electrons );
    2. Unoccupied state of positive energy ( e.g., "holes" as treated in Semiconductor Physics );
    3. Occupied state of energy; and
    4. Unoccupied state of negative energy ( e.g., positrons ).

    States 2, and 3, are in a negative energy state, while states 1, and 4, are considered to be in a positive one. From this, one knows that it is necessary to convert the g strain energy into power with "holes" ( the unoccupied state of the electron ). Now in reality, g strain energy is composed of "holes" ...

    P–191 of: "Revolution in Technik, Medizin, Gesellschaft" – Hans A. Nieper – ISBN 3-925188-00-2
    English: "Dr. Nieper's Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society" – ISBN 3-925188-07-X
    © M.I.T. Management Interessengemeinschaft für Tachyonen–Feld–Energie GmbH
    Friedrich–Rüder–Straße 1, 2900 Oldenburg, Federal Republic of Germany

Another Look at the Creation Story
by Tommy Cichanowski

Most of us here on planet earth acknowledge a "Supreme Intelligence" — the Originator of All.

A common story is that He worked for six of His days, and laid awake for six nights, to the point it wore Him out so much, that He needed to take a day of rest and let His creation finish His job.

The story I was told was that He was planning a Big Party and wanted lots of Guests, and a wonderful setting in which to hold the event.

As I recall, the last thing He said before He fell asleep and started dreaming was . . .

      "My children:

      Remember it was I, who brought all this into Being.
      Remember it is My dream, that makes the scheme.
      Remember Me Always, and the rules of the game.
      Remember that this is all, of My Personal Being.

      For yourselves know love, and give to each other.
      Treat all that is around you, like your sisters and brothers.
      Learn who you are, and then learn to Love You !
      Then do to the others, as you would have Me do for you."

    I then saw Him drift off to sleep, and there before my eye,
    I saw an image grow to complete, a body, a soul and a sky.
    It was there in all its beauty, and called me to come within.
    So that from the dream, I might learn, the "Nature of This Him".

    I saw wheels turning, and globes start to spin.
    It was done with such precision, that all I could do was grin.
    And slowly I saw a pattern, a puzzle did begin.
    With many pieces waiting, wanting to be one again.

    And then I was quite startled, as there It did begin.
    A dance of puzzle pieces, It created quite a din.
    The din came to order, and music did begin,
    A sea of harmonies came to be, with little ones within.

    A musical universe, it appeared to me,
    And words then did arise,
    To praise the One Who made it all,
    The Land, the sea, the skies.

Atoms are not the only thing that makes up Earth.   Earth has Several Layers.

A very, Very Fun way to look at Life on Earth !!!   —   Life is a Marvelous "Human Holliday" !!!

*** The Fun Filled " Human Holliday " Radio Play ***

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A Fun Filled British Radio Play about "The Earth Experience".

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New sources of energy —— A Simple Plan To Use Tomorrow's Technology —— 
Tommy Talk Radio - mp3
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