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My studies have convinced me, that in order for us to have a truly enjoyable adventure here on planet earth, we must address and nurture all the aspects of our being — mind, body and spirit  all at once !

We must fully comprehend the nature of our Planet's Bio–System and respect its needs.

If we do, we will all be able to live in a Peaceful World —  A World of Plenty —  in Perfect Health with Great Happiness !

I invite you to join me on my Grand Adventure of Discovery to learn all there is to learn, and to  Be All We Can Be !

Tommy Cichanowski

The History of This Web Site

"The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box" is a not for profit educational project, that is provided here to help you with your studies. Your contributions ( Material to post – Links – Financial Aid ) would be most welcome. This web site is available on a CD, which is being continuously updated. ( I have about 100 megs on line. )

You can obtain a personalized copy of the latest postings by sending a donation or a mailing label ( If you are hard up ) to ...

Tommy Cichanowski

Tommy passed away in 2005, the site is now being kept active by his sister Mary.


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Let All Who Pass Through These Gates Suspend All Disbelief,

For All That Can Be Imagined Is Possible Here.

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Let Your Joy Flow As You Witness Magic Moments,

Protected Under the Umbrella of Love.

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