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Have you ever heard the old saying; "Some people are so lazy ...
that they will put out a tremendous effort just to have
a machine or device that will do something ...
automatically for them"?

Much of our technology was produced,
as a result of this type of mind set.

Curiosity, Fun, Laziness and Necessity are the main motivators of Invention.

 ,,, House of Wizards  ,,, 
 Wizards Playing Inside ! 
  --- Please Come In. --- 
 *** Helpers Needed *** 
 High on the hill, above the great river, ...
 Wizards are working their Special Magic.

Important Inventors and Scientists

Our thinking is based on the ideas that we are exposed to. Reading patents on your favorate subject, will almost always stimulate new and exciting ideas.

US Patent Full-Text Database Manual Search

US Patent and Trademark Office

This data base starts in 1976. Patents are good for only 16 years, so anything that was patented before 1986 is in the public domain and may be freely used. Many of the really neat ideas come from an earlier time. You can wet your appetite here and then check out your library's reference services.

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