The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box

is a collection of pieces to the Cosmic Puzzle, that I have collected over the years on my Grand Adventure of Discovery. They represent the solutions to the many issues that I have encountered in my life as I have lived my own personal "Magical Mystery Tour."

I share them with you in the hope that they might help you resolve your own personal issues in less time than I took to resolve mine.   Agony is not a pretty thing to watch.

This web site proves that Love Does Find The Way.

A Special Thanks to the many people who have helped.
[ "If you become a teacher, by your students you'll be taught." — The King and I ]

— Tommy Cichanowski —

Many of my web pages and audio clips were posted in response to e-mails I have received after the search engines accidentally found my site. This page too, was inspired by several e-mails that I received.

In one, I was asked what my personal philosophy was and I replied that I felt it was well represented by my postings — Love is the Power that brings us what we need, what we desire.

I would like us all to live a heavenly existence here on earth. This web site presents some of the tools and concepts we need to realize that goal.

I am using this web site to share some of the stories I have heard during my Grand Adventure — " Magical Mystery Tour " — and to introduce  "Today's Advanced Science Paradigm,"  that I and many other professionals are exploring. The material I have posted should convince you, that we have All that is needed to have a fun-filled healthy adventure here on planet Earth.

Our Challenge is to Use What We Have.


by Tommy Cichanowski

A bushel a day He gives me,
A bushel a day to share.
So much love to give away,
To show how much I care.

Each day He fills me up,
And sends me out to play.
With all the things, He made for us,
And to help others, on their way.

"The New Frontier of which I speak, is not a set of promises, it is a set of challenges."
— John F. Kennedy —

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000 17:58:31 GMT,
Buck Balimu wrote:   Subject: Heaven

Sorry I couldn't write you sooner but I have been extremely busy. I don't understand your email I looked at "The Tortoise Shell Life Science Puzzle Box" (web site) and I still don't get it.

What I believe is that Jesus Christ died for my sins as well as yours and everyone's and that he is the only way to Heaven, please explain to me what you think, I'm very interested.

Reply:   Jesus' main message concerned the power of Love. Love has the power to bring things together, to heal all. It is a shield against all negative influences. It is a real power — one that can energize and empower. It has vibratory properties and can induce resonances. All of creation responds to the influences of Love Energy.

When Jesus was asked how one can get to heaven, his response was simple and straight forward. "Love Our Creator Above All Else, and Love your neighbor as yourself."

The problem with this message is that it looses its meaning — its power — if one doesn't love one's self. When you love yourself as a divine God Child you come to understand the needs of all that is around you. You see symbiotic possibilities.

When Jesus was asked to elaborate, he said simply "obey the ten commandments." However in my mind, learning to love by "not doing" is a very round about way of getting where one wants to be — totally living and feeling the heaven experience.

The positive theme of "Walking With God" produces much more robust personal experiences. When we acknowledge God's omnipresence and relate to Him intimately as any healthy earth child would do with his earth father, we quickly gain the feeling of being a participant in the "Divine Heavenly Experience" — a player in the cosmic play — a needed part of it All.

All that is really asked of us is, that we be loving to ourselves, and all of which we are a part. Its very important for you to learn love yourself fully. The act of loving ourselves correlates to attiring ourselves in the "wedding garb," which was provided at the door for all guests attending the wedding feasts of Jesus' time. Only those who refuse to change from their "street cloths" into party ware — change their attitude — are sent away.   A wedding after all, is a celebration of love.

Jesus said, we could realize heaven here on earth, by doing as he did — by following his example. He went on to add, "Even greater things than I do, you will do." In one sense, Jesus was referring to the power of two or more loving spirits working together. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, and like two notes played on a piano, harmonic notes are created — notes that have their own personality and power.

This is how Christ can be manifested by the actions of our feelings — through our resonate qualities, our love light, a note that we feel, which radiates out into the world for all to see — to feel — to become a part of. This love energy, when connected to another resonating spirit, is what manifests the "Christ Energy" in the physical world — "when two or more are gathered in my name"   ( Feeling My Love Note ). "Christ" is that which is "more than the sum of its parts." Christ is the  "God Child Mind and Power."

Jesus totally connected himself to this "God Child" aspect. They were one, indistinguishable one from the other. He showed us the way to "Walk With God," — to be consciously connected.

I call the place were "Father God" resides,  "Paradise,"  a "Place" we are all invited to come to, when we have finished our adventure here on Planet Earth. Some people think of this place as heaven, but I don't consider heaven a place. I consider heaven to be a way of life, a state of being — being connected to our "Divine Family."   Heaven is an inter-active state between us, and our Spiritual Parents — "Walking With God Here on Earth."

Jesus tells us that "Father God" is a God of Love, a God of forgiveness, a God who will care for and protect all of His children who seek shelter in His house. A God who will go searching for those who are lost. But also, a God who lets "His Children" personally learn about, and experience His creation, in almost any way we want.   ( Free Will )

[ So we go off and play, and get into trouble, and just when we feel all is lost, Father God, or Jesus comes along and finds us and guides us home again. Mother God will even call for us, if we let "our ears" hear Her voice.   What a World !!! ]

( But the question must be asked, "Does Daddy God Spank?"   The correlation of plagues and disasters to war is quite astounding.   Perhaps, the real truth is we spank ourselves   —   Action–Reaction. )

Jesus is telling us that "Love" is a real energy, as real as heat. Love is a note on the "Cosmic Piano," something real, not just a word, not hormones. When the "Love Note" is played in the cord of life, all disharmonies are resolved, healing is accomplished. You manifest your true self.

The disharmonies that I see around me are merely the result of something being out of its native and proper environment — something that is not being properly cared for. All the entities of creation have a purpose, a job. When each is doing what was intended for it, the system runs smoothly. There is joy and contentment for all — Symbiosis.

Jesus is said to have died for mankind's "Original Sin."  The Sin that caused man to become disconnected from Divine Consciousness — the sin which lead to man being separated from God's Magical Garden of Eden.

A single sin which produced a shift in thinking that cascaded into all the disharmonies that we see around us today — a sin of un-loving.

By "Eating of the Tree... "  man incorporated the concept of good and evil into his thinking and doing — man nourished himself with the fruits of Evil and thereby lost his connection with God.

If All Is God, and Is Of God, how can anything in itself be evil?  Would the God of Love actually create evil himself? God created only the possibility for evil. We are the ones who had to energize it — to Do Be Do Evil !!!

When you call something evil you disconnect it from yourself and thereby isolate YOURSELF from part of God's creation. You are no longer acting symbiotically — no longer caring about "one of God's children," part of God's creation. The laws of Karma ( action – reaction ) insure that this loss will effect you and this disconnection becomes a source of pain that can be manifested in different many ways. Ways that interfere with the Heaven Experience here on Earth.

I'm sure, if Jesus would have keep teaching for a longer time, he would have placed more emphasis, as Mohammed did, on our need to surrender to God.

Surrendering to God — in one sense — means not living in the past. Surrender your feelings of should have beens and could have beens to God and replace them with feelings of acceptance. Accept that the past was the schooling that brought you to the present and focus your attention on the joy that the universe is always providing for our pleasure all around us. Enjoining the spirit of joy makes it quite easy to practice the art of loving. Joy makes it easy to forgive both yourself — which you need to learn to Do Be Do — and others!

Surrender also means not entertaining thoughts challenging why you are where you are at the moment. If you don't like it, you have the power to change things and thoughts that waste time and energy are obviously to be avoided.

By endeavoring to practice this, we remove distractions from our minds that interfere with our ability to listen to our inner voice. It is this inner voice or what many call intuition that connects us to the spiritual world. If our minds have too much traffic in their neural networks, it is not easy to recognize intuitive messages as being such. Also, if you watch, I believe you will find, that the times you have those "little accidents" — cut yourself or hit your finger with a hammer — are also the times when you have high mental traffic. Put another way, you are not focusing on what you are doing. Let this also be a caution for when you are doing spiritual operations. There are spiritual analogies for cutting yourself and hitting something with your hammer that produce unwanted consequences.

Putting something off to a later time also produces mental distractions — distractions that prevent you from fully appreciating the "Earthly Heaven Experience." The thought of needing to do something keeps circulating within your mind's network using up precious processing power and bandwidth.

Body noise is another great source of mental distraction. Those little aches and pains that you are consciously ignoring are still there affecting your mental concentration and processing — being recorded by your mind as being part of the experience.

Surrender means, you accept where you are ...


and your personal power to change things, through empowering your Will.

Surrender also means, accepting the physical rules of nature as God created them and endeavoring to work within them. You always first look at the symbiotic possibilities that are present before doing anything.

Surrender means accepting that you are Totally responsible for the well being our your body and you take active measures to ensure its proper health.

Surrendering makes it easy to Walk With God because you are always interested in looking at things from His point of view. We should endeavor to imitate our divine parents — Be creative, Be attentive, Be loving.

The idea of properly surrendering in the correct context produces great benefits for the acting individual. Occupy yourself with the activities of love and you will experience a heavenly life here on Earth.

Love,   Tommy

P.S.   Remember, Love is dynamic. It is Growing. It is busy Creating.

The Evolution of Love
A musical memory from long ago.
( Motown's "The Messengers" )
A long time ago,
and far away.
We tried to tell a story,
in our own special way.

A story about love,
and how it needs to grow.
A seed that is nurtured,
On our way to know.

The workings of our nature,
as we hope to see.
All we are a part of,
In complete harmony.


Just as all creation,
Is one with the universe.
May we too,
Be one with each other.

Someone needs to stand-up for Love you know.

Let's ALL get Together and give it  "A GO" !!!

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