atomic no. 9, atomic wt. 19.00, non-metal, row 3, col. 7A, val. 1, orbits 2-7

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Fluorine. F; at. wt. 19.00; at. no. 9; valence 1. Discovered in 1771 by Scheele. Isolated in 1886 by electrolyzing a solution of potassium fluoride in anhydrous hydrogen fluoride at -231, using platinum-iridium electrodes: Moissan, Compt. rend. 102, 1543 (1886); 103, 202, 256. Subsequent methods of preparation: Ruff, Ber. 69,181 (1936); Henne, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 60, 96 (1938). Does not occur free in nature; the most important source of fluorine and its compounds is fluorspar, CaF2.

Pale-yellow gas; b. –188°; m. –217.8°; d. gas 1.695 (air = 1); d–200 liquid 1.14; d. at boiling point (liquid) 1.108; vapor pressure: log pmm = 9.175–442.72 / T–0.01315T; crit. temp. –129° crit. pressure 55 atm. Fluorine is the most reactive nonmetal; has a higher oxidation potential than ozone; it is the most electronegative element; the normal fluorine electrode = 2.85 v. Reacts vigorously with most oxidizable substances at room temperature, frequently with ignition. Combines, directly or indirectly, to form fluorides with all the elements except the inert gases. Decomposes water, giving hydrofluoric acid, HF, oxygen fluoride, OF2, hydrogen peroxide, oxygen and ozone. Reacts with nitric acid, forming the explosive gas, fluorine nitrate, NO3F; with sulfuric acid, giving fluosulfonic acid, HFSO3. Yields the metal fluorides, water, oxygen and oxygen fluoride when made to react with metal hydroxides in the cold. Reacts violently with organic compounds, usually with disintegration of the molecule. Under controlled conditions, however, hydrocarbon vapors may be fluorinated with elemental fluorine. Solid fluorine explodes when brought in contact with liquid hydrogen. Under ordinary conditions it does not react directly with oxygen, nor does it react with oxides of sodium, potassium or calcium.

Toxicity: Acute: severe eye irritation which may lead to blindness, severe skin burns and respiratory tract irritation, stomatitis. Chronic: bone and ligament changes, anemia, eosinophilia, skin burns.

Max. allowable concn. 1 mg. / cu. m.

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EXAMPLE: Fluoridation

Tooth enamel requires some fluoride for its cementation, which is then incorporated into the enamel mass. As a rule, sufficient fluoride is ingested from the environment, in combination with silicates or in protein from fish. If a little more fluoride is administered, teeth will be less prone to develop caries even if there is a shortage of vitamin D, calcium and acidic foods in the diet, and if many sweets are eaten.*
[ * However, restricting the intake of sugar, then acidic foods, fish and calcium phosphate parent based on observations related to direct wind exposure and wind turbulence (without the administration of fluoride), would have the same result ]

So everyone, and especially children, is given sodium fluoride, because it is a by-product of industry. This compound is, however, highly poisonous, even in the quantities given to children in fluoride tablets. Even a million to one dilution causes mutations, as Dr. Mohamed, at the University of Kansas, has shown. Cancer and leukemia incidence rates increase by 15%, a fact first disputed, and now officially accepted by the British government. The metabolism of the child's brain, which requires a great deal of oxygen, is impaired by sodium fluoride (NaF). Damage to skin growth, hair growth, a tendency towards bronchitis, etc., are part of it.

An American court in Plymouth, near Pittsburgh, studied approximately 150 affidavits on the subject of fluoride prophylaxis of teeth with NaF. At least 94% of these affidavits and publications dealt with the dangers due to NaF.

Nevertheless, this substance continues to be administered to almost all German children.

An American nutritional scientist very close to me, Emanuel Cheraskin, a professor at Birmingham, Alabama, is of the opinion that the susceptibility of youths toward drugs, and their diminished intellectual performance, is to be explained by the preceding damage to nerve metabolism caused by toxic elements such as lead, and above all, fluorine - and not the other way around. First comes the lack of energy, the pale appearance with no pigment and the dry, stringy hair, and then the drugs, and the search for an aggravating situation, in order to "experience" an adrenaline surge.

The administration of sodium fluoride is especially abused in Switzerland. They would do well to consider whether fluoride abuse might not be a contributing cause to those pale-faced youths terrorizing the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zürich and writing "autonomy, not psychiatry" along the lakeshore promenades. It appears that fluoride - as well as chromium and platinum - damage certain metabolic substances from the suprarenal cortex required to correct genetic misprogrammings, such as cancer and the so-called autoimmune reactions. Thus, for instance, multiple sclerosis is very common in the United States (Ohio, for instance), where fluorine and chromium extensively pollute the environment.

The problem of poisonous fluoride effects led to many questions, so I shall include some clarifying comments here. There are symptoms which, in children, invite the suspicion of latent, chronic fluoride poisoning, and can be observed by parents without any medical training. They are: thin, silky and occasionally sparse hair; little browning of the skin, in the Sun; and premature loss of the baby teeth. The first tooth loosening should not start before the age of 5 1/2, and this should occur only on the two lower incisive teeth. Different immune system disorders are typical for latent fluoride poisoning, with the following results: increase in cancer frequency and leukemia frequency by 15% (This has been proven time and again in studies of cities, which initiate fluoridation of their water. One exception is cervical cancer, as mentioned in the chapter on cancer.); and a tendency toward frequent bronchitis and middle-ear infections which are hard to cure. This is especially true for children receiving fluoride-containing tablets. These bronchial infections can occasionally take on threatening forms, especially if they last a long time. Suppression of the fluoride tablets usually has a salutary effect Further observations in connection with fluoride administration are: hyperkinesis in children (constant, spontaneous bodily unrest), deficient capacity for concentration and continuous mental activity, and lack of mental receptivity. In addition, eczemas, neurodermititis and obesity (very important!) have been observed in connection with fluoride administration.

The Canadian environmental authority (Department of Natural Resources) controls damage to the environment in Canada relatively strictly. The toxic effects originate primarily at industrial sites in the northern and northeastern USA. There are thousands of dead lakes in Canada due to acid rain. The most recent communication from the Canadian environmental authority states that the death of the forests - which has taken on alarming proportions in Germany as well - is caused by sulfuric acids, as well as hydrogen fluoride combinations. While the concentrations of these hydrogen fluoride compounds in the atmosphere is small, they are nevertheless very dangerous because they are responsible for damaging the photosynthesis processes of the trees. Incidentally, the damage to trees becomes apparent based on observations related to direct wind exposure and wind turbulence (such as trees on ridges and in lanes, and isolated trees), not precipitation. The fluoride concentrations necessary for this kind of poisoning are no higher than those prescribed to children "for treatment." Thus, a small liquor measure (Jigger) full of hydrofluoric acid is sufficient to kill a large oak tree within a year. Giving additional magnesium to the soil may partly prevent the fluoride damage.

It is very difficult to talk to, much less argue with, those responsible for a possible environmental fluoride catastrophe. This starts with the industries (see, for example, William Kraus vs. City of Cleveland) and continues down to the dentist or pediatrician who controls the children in kindergarten. Not infrequently, those accused adopt very insolent attitudes.

"Sodium Fluoride induced Morphological and Neoplastic Transformation, Chromosome Aberrations, Sister Chromatid Exchanges, and Unscheduled DNA Synthesis in Cultured Syrian Hamster Embryo Cells".

This paper from Japanese authors in the Tokyo Nippon Dental University has appeared in the US "Cancer Research" Journal of March 1984.

Thank God the understanding comes!

On February 26, 1982, a court in Illinois disapproved, in a 37 page(!) long decision, the local fluoridation of water because of the great danger to health.

Quoted from ... "Revolution in Technik, Medizin, Gesellschaft" – Hans A. Nieper – ISBN 3-925188-00-2
English: "Dr. Nieper's Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society" – ISBN 3-925188-07-X
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