by John V. Milewski
November 19, 2003
Rev 3/18/04


In the 80's and 90's David Hudson coined the acronym ORMEs. This is a name for what he defined as a new state of matter. ORMEs is an acronym for "Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements". He demonstrated, through his very detailed experiments and multiple testing, that at least 13 of the transition elements (Co, Ni, Cu, Ru, Rh, Pd Ag, Re, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, Hg.), which are in the center of the periodic table, can exist in a heretofore-unidentified state of matter. He claimed that this occurs when they are in a monatomic state.

He found that in this state they are very chemically inert. In conventional chemistry it is believed that all chemical reactions between elements take place because of the action of their outer electrons. Now, what David Hudson deduced, was that when these transition elements exist in a monatomic state and are not sharing or swapping their electrons with their near neighbors in a material structure like a crystal lattice, they become ORMEs elements.

At this stage the outer electrons of these elements form cooper pairs and become whirlwinds of light rotating at super speeds around the atom. Again, as a result of this change they lose all conventional chemical reactivity. Another important change that takes place is that the whirling electrons that have become light set up a Meissner antimagnetic field. This antimagnetic field causes a levitating force against the earth magnetic field and the element effectively loses 4/9's of its weight. According to Hudson, at this same time the nucleus becomes high spin and shrinks to about 1/3 of its original size and distorts to an oblong shape. When in this state as a single atom it should be a very small and very chemically inert atomic gas.


We are postulating that the free atom Ormus form of these 13 transition atoms is a very chemically inert gas. We also postulate that they are very small in relation to their masses and are surrounded by a very strong antimagnetic field. As a result of these properties we suspect that our atmosphere contains a significant amount of these gases. If this is true we would expect them to blend into our atmosphere and be easily mistaken for other gases such as argon, nitrogen and CO2, which might have similar weight and vapor pressure.

In addition to existing as a gas and because of their small size and chemical inertness they would easily diffuse into matter both liquids and solids. It has been suggested that they are captured in water structures and in most crystal structures such as quartz, magnetite and marble just to name a few. We think that their antimagnetic field helps them stay centered in the electric and magnetic fields found in the lattice structure.

During physical and chemical activity of these retaining structures, the Ormus elements would remain invisible to ordinary detection methods.


Gold Grows

In the summer of 2003 I reexamined some samples that had been processed on December 2, 1998 and March 3, 1999. There are four samples that were processed in 1998 in which hundreds of beads of gold (50 to 500 microns in diameter) were produced from container glass along with significant amounts of what appears to be Ormus material.

The gold bead in Photo 1 is about 500 microns in diameter and the string of beads in Photo 2 range from 10 to 50 microns in diameter. (Photos 1 and 2) The report on this will be given later in this paper.

Photograph 1
Photo 1 
Gold Beads

Photograph 2
Photo 2 
Gold Beads

The March 03, 1999 sample was saved, because it also had a small amount of blue Ormus in the glass portion of the sample. It was stored in a sealed polyethylene plastic bag, (Photo 3).

Photograph 3 – 2X magnification
Photo 3 
2X magnification

This piece of glass was melted and attached to a fused piece of magnetite.

Upon this new examination, the magnetite portion of the sample was discovered to have about 50 beads of gold attached to its surface. These beads ranged in size from 20 to 1500 microns in diameter that were not there in 1999 when the sample was stored away for saving. (Photo 4)

Photograph 4 – 2X magnification
Photo 4 
2X magnification

The gold appears to be growing on the opposite side of the magnetite, about inch away from the small spot of blue Ormus glass. A very significant addition to this sample is a small duplication for this gold growing event, where another an even smaller spot of blue Ormus glass is found and about inch away a few small spots of gold are also growing.

Because of its surface structure, I believe that the gold is growing. The surface is not smooth as would be the case in melted gold but it has projections that appear to be reaching out and collection material from the air as can be seen in the enlarged pictures below. (Photo 5, 6)

Photograph 5 — 10X magnification
Photo 5 
10X magnification

Photograph 6 — 30X magnification
Photo 6 
30X magnification

This is not basal growth but tip growth. It is theorized that the gold comes from the surrounding air.

The sample was stored in a sealed plastic bag. Apparently the small gold atoms diffuse through the bag and then were attracted to the magnetite substrate by the energy field set up by the Ormus at the base to react to form metallic gold. For some reason not fully understood the Ormus gold is converted to metallic gold as the atoms touch the surface of the magnetite.

It could be the increased magnetic field surrounding the magnetite or the ability that magnetite has to either give up or receive electrons, alone or in combination with the special energy field sent up from the Ormus gold below in the glass.

This magnetic effect could be related to direct interaction of the magnetite with Superlight (magneto-electric) energy. I believe that Superlight is an extremely energetic all prevailing dynamic Aether. You can read more about Superlight at the following web site: http://www.hbci.com/~wenonah/new/milewski.htm

White Powder of Gold grows

For the past several years I have performed many fire assay analyses. During this process about 90 grams of assay glass is left over after the lead button is separated from the molten glass. This glass was saved and stored in sealed plastic bags. Some of these bags were stored outside in a plastic tray where they were and exposed to occasional rain. (Photos 7, 8, 9, 10)

Photograph 7
Photo 7

Photograph 8
Photo 8

Photograph 9
Photo 9

Photograph 10
Photo 10

Upon examination of these samples after about 6 months of exposure to the elements, I found that they all were coated with a heavy white powder deposit. In about a year and a half about 60 grams of powder was collected after each 6 months period.

I believe that most gold or platinum group metal ores not only contain the ore element as a metal but an even a greater amount of the ore element in the Ormus form. I suspect that during the assay process most of the metal in the ore is extracted by the lead and the Ormus portion of the precious metal stays in the glass portion of the assay liquid. If this is so, the glass portion would contain a substantial amount of Ormus material. I suspect that this Ormus material in the glass is the force that is attracting additional material out of the air and water to form the white powder.

Another source of white powder

I live in Albuquerque, NM near the Sandia Mountains. For the past 10 years I have been hiking up the mountain trails near the tram where there is a service road to the first service tower. The hike to the tower is about 1 miles long where you climb about 400 feet in elevation above the parking lot at the tram home base. In the past few years and more especially in the past 6 months I have observed that there is a significant amount of white coating on many of the rocks along and beside the trail. Many call this substance "Caliche" a presumed calcium carbonated material.

Prior to living in Albuquerque I lived in a town call White Rock near Los Alamos National Laboratories where I worked. The town was called White Rock because many of the rocks around the town were covered with this same mysterious, ill-defined, white coating. The town of White Rock is built on a large lava flow. I believe that the lava contains significant amounts of Ormus glass in its structure and is also very strongly paramagnetic. I believe that these properties help attract the white powder to form the heavy white coating on the rocks and lava beds at White Rock, NM.

Now that I am paying attention, I see this white coating on many rocks in many places in town, around the state and in Colorado also. I have seen it on small pebbles about 1 inch in size and larger nearly round boulders greater then 8 feet in diameter. I have seen it on granite, sand stone and it is especially heavy on the large broken lava rocks that are used on the side of roads and stream bed supports.( Photos 11,12,13,14)

Photograph 11
Photo 11

Photograph 12
Photo 12

Photograph 13
Photo 13

Photograph 14
Photo 14

At first I thought this white material was deposited from underground hot spring deposits, but there are no hot spring around nor have there ever been. In most all cases the boulders and pebbles are free standing on the surface and not attached to bedrocks. Also these rocks are mostly round and have the coating on two to four sides.

Where Does This Coating Come From?

I believe that the atmosphere is the source of the white powder and that it grows on rocks, to which it is attracted, by some force within the rocks. I presume that this force comes from the Ormus glass in the lava rocks that cause such heavy coatings and that the other variety of rocks like the granites, sandstone's, etc. must have a paramagnetic like nature that causes the attraction. The coating material comes from the air and even more so when there is a light rain like we get here in the desert. The rain captures the Ormes on the way down and deposits them on the rocks where some of it is attracted to stay. If there is not too much or too heavy of a rain it does not wash away and after drying up it hardens into a permanent coating of white powder.

Experimental Process For Conformation.

A set of experiments are being started to explore and try to understand what is going on in this coating process.


The Effects of "Magnetic Water"

by John V. Milewski
Revised February 10, 2004

About 6 months ago, I started drinking what I call magnetic water as a means of energizing my body. After a month or so, an unusual effect started to show up.

A friend of mine Bob S first noticed it. I had introduced him to the methods of making magnetic water and he under took an experiment and then went a little further with it than I did.

He processed his water for about 5 days and was drinking 3 cups a day, while I was only processing it for 2 to 3 days. He reported to me that his hair was turning dark, especially in the back of his head near the neckline. As time went on, this effect spread upward and moved more toward the front of the head. Now after about 6 month his hair is about 95 % darker in the back and about 80% darker on the sides and front, and his beard about 50% darker.

John hair change At that time, which was about 3 months ago, I started watching my own hair. Before I started drinking what I call "magnetic water" my hair was about 90% gray, and the hair on my beard and mustache was 100% gray. I did not know the effect this energized water could have on one's hair, so I was not watching for it the first few months I was drinking the water. So, when I did first notice it, the hair on the back of my head had already turned about 30% darker. I have now upgraded my processing facility, which makes it possible for me to have "5-day water".

Five-day water is defined as water that remains in the magnetic activation apparatus for a minimum of 5 days. Previous to that I was only using 2 to 3-day water. My wife and I now drink a minimum of 3 cups of this water a day and probably closer 5 to 6 cups.

What is very unusual about these changes is that the whole length of the hair changes at once from gray to dark. It doesn't just start at the root and grow out, but the whole length of the hair turns darker at once. You may have heard stories about people who have experienced a terrible shock in their life and their hair turns white overnight. Well, I believe this magnetic water has the reverse effect on a person, but to a much smaller degree - it occurs slower. It takes months to see the effect, but the positive effect is there and is real. You might say that this is a poor man's fountain of youth.


The apparatus for making this water. The apparatus for making this water is very simple. It consists of using an empty cylinder shape container, like a large oatmeal container, that is about 5 inches in diameter. At the center, an 8-inch long length of a 3-inch diameter mailing tube is placed. In the space between the inner walls of the 5-inch diameter can and the 3-inch diameter mailing tube, the black magnetite sand is poured.

This makes a cylinder of magnetite about 1 inch thick surrounding the 3-inch diameter hole in the center. Into this hole a standard bottle of spring water is placed that is about 710 ml in size - this is about one-pint of water. It fits in very nicely. You put together a minimum of five of these units and allow the process to proceed. Then after five days, you take one bottle out everyday and drink the water and replace it with another.

The apparatus for making this water.

This gives the water 5 days in these units for magnetic activation. The units should be placed at least 6 inches apart to get maximum concentration of the Earth's magnetic fields.


What I think is happening is that the magnetite, which is a strong magnetic susceptor is concentrating the earth's magnetic fields into it's cylindrical shape and the shape effect in turn sets up a magnetic spiral vortex in the core of the cylinder in which the water is stored. This in turn activates the water with this magnetic energy. I think this is the activating force for regeneration changes in our bodies as we drink it. The hair color restoration is the first sign of this regeneration happening. A second sign is that the fingernails are growing faster and stronger and the skin in spots seams to be getting smoother and softer with less skin tags.

A secondary effect is dental improvement. My friend Bob S. needed to go to the dentist to have two molars crowned followed by two root canals. He had been drinking the water for about two months before going to the dentist. The dentist had told him that he was going to have to do two root canals at $475.00 each before he could do the crowns.

When the dentist removed the old fillings he was surprised because he said that where the hole in the root was supposed to be, the molars had filled in calcified! He couldn't believe it! He said he had never seen anything like it. Bob S. was really happy because he saved $950.00! No root canal needed!!!

Another important improvement in the mouth is how it improves the gums. Before I started drinking magnetic water my dental hygienist would measure gum pockets in the 4 to 6 range and my wife's was 5 to 7 range. In six months while drinking the magnetite water the my pockets dropped to the 3 to 5 range and my wife's to the 4 to 6 range then after nine months my pocket dropped to the 2 to 3 range and my wife to the 3 to 5 range now after a year my pockets are all gone, tight gums and my wife's is in the 2 to 4 range. Also, my gums no longer bleed during brushing.

I started a friend of mine on this magnetic water about 3 months ago. To his surprise after a week of taking this water he finally realized that he had stop smoking. He just forgot that he was a smoker and no longer had any desire to do so. He says that for the past 11 years he had been trying to stop but he couldn't do it. Now it just happened on it own as if he never was a smoker. As of this writing - 3 months into the program - he has not started again.

There seams to be some positive spiritual effects also. I know that my intuition is better and my creativity more prolific. A possible sign that supports this idea is that the under side of my big toes have been itching and need of sever rubbing from time to time. If you look at a Reflexology chart you will see that this is the spot for the penile gland. This is your third eye or second site being stimulated. (Intuition maybe?)


I believe that the water activation process results from the stronger magnetic field inside the magnetite cylinder. This field produces clusters in the water producing tetrahedrons and octahedrons molecular shapes. In turn these special sacred geometric shapes act as nesting places for the Orme gases that are always present in the air and water and allow them to stop and nest there (See top of page more information about Ormus gases.)

This in turn brings into the water the special magnetic energies that come with the Ormus atoms. This special energy in turn is food for the soul or spiritual component of man. I believe as many others do that all permanent healing and regeneration first takes place in the spirit and then manifests into the body. So energizing the spirit makes sense.

The Shape of the Magnetite crystal The crystal structure of magnetite is unique and most likely is responsible for these effects. Magnetite is Fe3O4 and it has a basic cubic crystal structure. It manifests as an octahedron structure that looks like two pyramids base-to-base — Sacred geometry?

We see this same octahedron structure in the crystals of the magnetite as it becomes manifested in the clustered water. This then becomes another point or means of energy transfer to the water because both the magnetite and the clustered water have the same basic structure or geometric energy resonance. How convenient! This is just what we want to happen, and it does when we place the water in our magnetite generators.


The good things I see happening from drinking magnetic water are:

  • Hair color returns

  • Teeth self repair

  • Guns improves

  • Skin get smother

  • Hair and fingernails grow faster

  • Smoking stops with out notice

  • Older person feel younger and responses and act younger in many ways

  • Improved spiritual effect i.e. intuition and creativity.

  • This is a poor mans fountain of youth


We have magnetite for sale. We recommend a starter kit of 50 pounds @ $5 per pound, that's $250 plus $1 per pound for S&H that's $50, total $300. This will make 6 units using about 8 pounds per unit. We sell a 25 pounds can for $175 including S&H. 10 pounds for $100 including S&H. 5 pounds for $60 including S&H.

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