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The Tortoise Shell was originally started to Organize my Boxes of Notes (Puzzle Pieces), and to share ideas with co-workers (Create a Puzzle Board). It was not meant to be a Public Site at this time. However, the Search Engines found my site. So, here you are! Welcome! Please join us. Ideas and help would be welcome. This site has many contributors.

The history of this site is linked to the history of my hydroponic projects. Here is an e-mail that I received and answered.

An E-mail request.

A few quick questions:

I've had several people ask if you sell hydroponic fruits and vegetables, or do you set up hydroponic sites for people who are interested, or do you just calculate the right combination to make them grow?

Jane Kress

Tommy's Reply ---

There have only been a few years since I was five that I haven't been involved in growing something.

Our family's organic garden was 1.5 acres, and I would fill my coaster wagon and go door-to-door selling produce.

I spent seven of my school summer vacations on my cousin's dairy farm.

Then, there was a brief break for collage, and the "Rock and Roll Circus".

In 1972, I was traumatized by the death of some bean plants that I attempted to grow indoors. This launched me on a study of Hydroculture in Milwaukee WI.

My early hydroponic experiments wound up attracting attention at a near by Milwaukee industry. They were founded in 1896, and used hydroponics to test the effectiveness of nitrogen fixing bacteria.

They had me do some work for them, and I gained access to a wonderful wealth of knowledge.

I set up a larger study project in Milwaukee and had fairly good success.

Next, I set up a little green house in Winona MN and did some more studies there, while at the same time starting a series of soil experiments in Milwaukee.

My adventures next took me to Albuquerque NM, where I met up with Tom Taylor while setting up a hydroponic project in my back yard.

Computers came along, and I started creating files of information.

Through a strange circle of events, I wound up managing a commercial project at an advanced material lab at the University of New Mexico, and became very frustrated that I couldn't gain access to the Internet, because I was part of a commercial entity.

I got my hands on Al Gore, while he was visiting our advanced material laboratory during his campaign.

I returned to Milwaukee just as the commercial Internet got under way and linked up with a friend who wanted to set up his own server with BBN, the original providers of the Internet.

He set me up with some equipment and I started to convert my computer files into web pages using the experience I gained working on a teaching machine project while attending the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. The web browser turned the lowly personal computer into a lovely teaching machine.

My friend also loaned me an expensive book on designing web sites and I started taking notes. I quickly realized that taking notes wasn't going to work so I created a set of pages that embodied the information I was learning to keep track of code tricks.

My friend's project folded and my "web site" was getting too big to fit on a disk, (plus I needed to test the code in different browsers) so I talked my brother into letting me use his "company e-mail address" to post my web pages. This allowed me to start posting pictures also. Several discussions were held regarding the search engines, and it was decided to hold off until the site could be properly edited and a domain name chosen. (I thought I had one for a while.)

I decided to winter 1999 in Albuquerque, and built a computer to give my host as a house gift. I got there and as soon as I was set up with an IP, a flood of e-mail started arriving. There were over 500 pieces sent and received during the six weeks I was visiting there.

I kept asking how they were able to find my "private address" but no one could tell me for sure. They used the search engines, they said.

Late one night, after finishing one of the five radio shows Diego Mulligan "hooked" me into helping with, I decided to enter some test phrases into a search engine to see if I could find my site. (Which I was continuing to work on while in Albuquerque.)

It wasn't hard to find my site under dozens of different phrases. The search engines had found my site at FOUR DIFFERENT ADDRESSES. (Only two of which, are intentional.)

AND --- because I had NOT included the search engine META tags on my pages, (Remember, we weren't dealing with the search engines.) what was displayed in the "description section" of the search return, was sometimes very funny or out of bounds.

My site had about 300 pages at the time, and my poor little web site made a complete MESS of the search engine indexes. Some sites that were happily placed in the top ten, now found themselves placed at 100+.

The real problem was that the robots didn't know which of my pages to lead with, and which pages to ignore in the listing. In a panic I added META tags to my pages. This action, at first, made a further mess of the indexes. My pages now had "keywords" and the robots had fun with those also. Finally, most all the major engines assigned an editor to go over my site, and now my site is listed fairly well.

In the early swarm of e-mail was a contact in the Philippines, who has corresponded with me for over a year and a half. During this time he has set up a commercial project there. Edwin's complex questions inspired me to create special web pages to answer his many questions. Mostly this was done to present pictures with descriptions.

He in turn, set up a web site to show me what he was doing.

It became obvious that he didn't understand the importance of trace elements in his solution and I needed a way to get the point across.

I remembered a book that I had read in the 70's that had many pictures of plants grown with different mineral deficiencies. I had photo copied the text while I had the book, but didn't get a chance to copy the pictures. When I went back to the library to get the book to copy the pictures, the book had been stolen.

I wondered if the newly formed inter library loan program could find a copy and so I went to the Winona library. The title was found and the book ordered from the University of Minn. When the book came I discovered that it was not exactly what I had expected. What had arrived was the first release of a series of rewrites on an "on going and expanding work".

I realized I had a classic in my hands worth preserving and so I scanned and posted the whole book.

I then went back to the library and looked for a release of the book with the latest copyright possible.

I found a 1951 release and scanned the photos and photo copied the text. I then created the pages necessary to present the 440+ photos.

I have received many e-mails from beginners asking for advice, and I have attempted to help whenever I can. These questions also have helped me develop the format of my presentation.

Next, Frank Hartman contacted me. He sent me some wonderful information on colloids and aluminum and turned me on to Thomas Riddick.

Understanding Colloidal Suspensions     Many Toxic Effects of Aluminum

I embellished his information with what I learned from Tom Taylor and other sources, and managed to find a copy of Thomas Riddick's book, which I photo copied.

I realized that it was getting quite difficult to re-find information in my hydroponic section so I finally created a formal opening page for the Hydroponic Reference Center.

In recent days, I have noticed that my newly posted pages are finding their way onto the search engine indexes in record time. A robot normally comes around only a couple times a year. This prompted me to again "search" on selected phrases. I discovered that hundreds of other web sites have links pointing to my site.

This of course leaves me in a quandary. The original plan was to move the site to a proper domain name when it is able to support itself.

What this whole thing amounts to is a very expensive hobby for which I have no funding. I have happily shared with others that which was so generously shared with me. As you see my efforts have been rewarded with additional help from others. What fun - this Internet.

Bill Gates wanted his operating system on every desktop. When I was in collage, I wanted my teaching machine on every student's desk. ( A longer story )

Be careful how you phrase your requests to the Universe. Lately, I have been earning my income, mostly by installing Internet connections at our local Middle School, High School, Colleges, City Hall, Court House, Social Services, several businesses, and some homes.
[ I said;  "I wanted to build a teaching machine that ... ]

This whole thing is just one grand study project to learn how life works here on planet earth. It is part of a larger project that started with the idea of self-supporting homes - Homes that would be bio-friendly.

Now that I have found a "KEY MISSING PIECE" of our lost history, I believe it is time to put all this study knowledge into physical form. We have the reasons and the methods to make planet earth a wonderful place to live.

On another note, I am very excited with what I am learning from my "Resonate Coil Project" and the progress I am making. This project is consuming much of my resources and time. WHEN this technology is ready, many of our problems will go away and my dream of a self-supporting home can be realized. Indoor gardens will be the rage.

My need to focus on the science doesn't leave me with the time or skills to manage the business side of an enterprise such as this. I really need an angel to help show case all the wonderful technology I have had experience developing. I don't think people will tell me there is "no need" anymore.

I hope this answers your quick questions.

Tommy Cichanowski

As the result of reading the book "Disease Reprieve" by Dr. T.C. McDaniel, sent to me by Jane Kress, I have undertaken to explain how important WATER is for Good Health, and most of all ...

The Role Water Plays In Healing Our Bodies.

As a result of Dr. McDaniel's pending retirement, I am continuing to add doctorial level material on his treatment program.

Using EDTA as an Anatonic Surfactant

As a result of my Sister's Death, I have created a presentation about the work of Dr. R. Raymond Rife.   This is a "Must Read" web page, if you desire to live in a happy world.

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