If we want peace, we have to create the infrastructure needed to support it.

" Environments for Raising Healthy Children "

This page will focus on the main theme of this web site — The Creation of Proper Environments for things to Grow.   It will become a "How To Do It" Manual, based on real world experiences, for Growing Healthy People Anywhere.
Remember, we are talking "Real World", a place where you can do 100,000 complex tasks perfectly correct, and yet, if you do the next one wrong, YOU ARE DEAD !!!   {i.e. Space, Deep Ocean, Mixing Chemicals, etc.}

"Tortoise Shell Environments"

The question must be asked, Why the all the Fuss about Tortoises?

It all started with a Chinese story about a tortoise that only requires Sunlight and Air to fulfill its Needs for Growth and Sustenance.

Normal tortoises are already special in several ways. They have a shell for external protection, and a skeleton for structure on the inside. Their shells are mobile and the tortoise can pull himself into his shell if conditions become adverse.

Now add the idea that the whole system, the tortoise included, is powered only with Sunlight and Air.   Is this possible?

If this could be done, might it be a way to provide for everyone on this planet?

Actually, from a scientific point of view, it really is possible.   It is possible in a couple of different contexts.
{Why does Earth have surface life and the moon not? — moon soil grows plants very well, and the moon is in about the same orbit around the sun ...}

When you think about it, Our Earth supports life because it has the right amount of light and an Atmosphere!   Our Planet itself may be the ultimate "Magic Tortoise".

Our Atmosphere moves water and controls the surface temperature. It also carries Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide from one organism to another. All this and even more!

So, can we mimic on a small scale what is happening in the macrocosm?

Today, more so than ever, Yes, Yes, Yes !!!

We finally have tools with the resolution needed, digital interfaces, and computers powerful enough to collect and correlate the information.

So, What are the rules ?


— A Plastic Tortoise Shell Home —

Click on picture to see an enlargement.
Petroleum or Soy Bean Oil ?

It's simply a matter of supply and demand, which you will use to make your plastic resins. Petroleum or Soy Bean Oil.

Fiberglass is made from sand.   We have plenty sand.

Need more strength? Graphite fiber can be made from several organic materials.

The panels are a sandwich construction. Fiberglass on both sides of an insulating foam.

Click on picture to see an enlargement. The inside walls are not connected to the outer skin. (There is an inner skeleton.)

Ten cubic yards of concrete is used to form the floor and footing. Plastic tubing for water heat, electrical, and plumbing is arranged in the concrete along with steel reinforcement.

With fiber-reinforced plastic, you are not limited to conventional shapes. You are limited mostly by your load considerations.

Creating Life Environments
Environment – all the conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding, and affecting the development of, an organism or group of organisms. — New World Dictionary

Domain – field or sphere of activity or influence. — New World Dictionary

Today, we extend the meaning of "Environment" to include more than growing biological organisms.   In the strict sense, our technology creates environments for thousands of "growth processes." We create environments for the "growing" of light photons, electric domains, magnetic domains, petroleum plastics, high strength fibers, crystals, atoms, plants, molds, fungus, animals ... and much more!

If we build the right environment, most things will grow all by themselves.   "If We Build It, They Will Grow."   Sounds a bit magical, doesn't it?


With The Correct Environments You Can Grow ...
    Atoms   Dr. Edmund Storms' Work with "Cold Fusion"   —   {Hot "Breeder Reactors" create atoms also.}

    Crystals   Dr. John V. Milewski's Work with V.L.S. Crystals

    Plants   Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes on the Atomic Level. — Tommy Cichanowski

    Healthy People   Knowing the How of Healing and Staying Healthy.

If We Were Serious About Energy Conservation ...

  • We would have Our Homes Oriented to the sun.

  • There would be ONLY Light Colored Roofs on buildings.

  • Air-conditioner Coils would never be in the sun.

  • Expansion Valves would be installed on all heat pumps.

  • The Heat from Refrigerators, Dehumidifiers, and Air-Conditioners would be used to heat domestic water, hot tubs, pools, floors, etc.

  • We Would Heat Our Structures above the Dew Point to prevent water condensation   {No Dew Here — Without Water, Organic Organisms Don't Grow.}

  • We would recover the heat from power generation.   "Co-generation" – Only 40% of the energy in coal is converted to electricity — 27% for atomic energy.

  • "Economizers" would be installed on every building.   A system of air flow dampers and filters that brings in Outside Air to Heat or Cool a structure when circumstances are correct.

  • "Power Factor Controllers" would be installed on all AC motors.   An inexpensive energy saving electronic device invented by NASA.   (I paid about $10.00 for one made for a refrigerator.)

  • We would remove decorative covers from lights in walkways and workspaces.

Living Without War

Tommy's  "Quest for a Practical Teaching Machine"
Ancient Tarot Concepts are used as an outline for presenting today's advanced scientific information.

A Doctor Who Knows Health Care — Not Just "Sick Care" !!!
He makes solutions that provide solutions ...
  • No Need for Heart By-Pass Operations !
  • No Need for Balloon Angioplasty procedures !!!
  • No Need to Replace Heart Valves because of Plaque Deposits !!!
  • No Need to Amputate limbs because of Poor Circulation !
  • Kidney Stones can be removed in Doctors office in about 6 hours !
  • Arrhythmias corrected in less than 2 hours !
  • Lower Blood Pressure !
Dr. T.C. McDaniel   —   88 years old, and Loving his work !

Using Hydroponics to Understand the Earth's Life Processes
On the Atomic Level

Keeping Ourselves Alive

The Tortoise Shell Hydroponic Reference Center

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