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Stalker Paintball, '94These are some things from the collective hivemind of 'Rec.Sport.Paintball'. All works credited to their rightful poster, all garble intact. I'll probably make this an easier hypertext module as I go along by keywording stuff in an index... But that's work that's WAY down the road from now. I'm gonna have to see how this goes first. I have added some nifty green paintballs (yah, right) to break up the games a bit, and to show you where the game breaks are. You'll get the idea.


Here's a quick table of contents:

"Durty Dan" has given me permission to post 'S.P.L.A.T.' This is a VERY complete listing of games. Not the end-all be-all, but it has a lot. It's also got an addendum that will be soon posted in an 'rec-ball' article. You saw it here first! Follow this link to get "S.P.L.A.T."!

Nathan Fisher donated several game variants, including Flag Quest, Jailbreak, Terminator, Guardians and Assembly.

Kevin Coughlin was kind enough to sent this in. It's got a harder edge than some players are used to, but it still looks like fun to try!

Robert Giddings sent me this wonderful game that I'd heard of before, and can get quite chaotic. (My kind of game...) It's called Zombie Ball...

"" sent this without a name (send me mail again! I'll paste the name on here! Promise!). It's a variant called "The line of Fire". I've played this variant before myself, and it's a lot of fun if you've got a good sense of humor about it. (It's also known as "El Presedente" as well...)

Paintb6003 sent me a few, One called "DRUG LORDS" and the other called "Batlle of north ans south".

A slower game, all told, Tomijean Wuerstle sent me a nice limited paint scenario called "Sniper".

Speaking of which, "Sniper" sent me a few scenarios. "Missle alert" and "Embassy" These require structures on your field like buildings and such, but you may want to try them.

Chris Jameson submitted "Showdown" A wonderfully sadistic little game... I've seen it called "Mercy" in some circles...

Dan Miller gave us all "Bomber" This is similar to the "President" game in the S.P.L.A.T. archive, only you get two.

Tim Prendergast has a version of "Terminator", a game for pain-loving players. :)

matt skovly Sent a rulesheet for "Every Man For Himself", for 4 players or so. Pretty simplistic, but it's a good variant. Or, on a related tone, there's always "Sole Survivor", submitted by

An intresting variant of "Zombie" above, this has a good flair for roleplayers. Zack sent in this gem, "Necromancer" This will take time to explain to the crew, so have patience.

With a nickname like "Tiger" Bill, I had to include this classic. "Fox and hounds"

More of a strategy game, Mohammed Alo sent in "Paris Island"

NEW on the Game's Page!

Josh Sorvino sent me this game called "Gettysburg". Easy to set up and easier to play.

Christopher Bigelow Sent in a SLEW of games. Including "Fireman Frank", "Find Johnston", and an intresting take on 'teammate' games called "Defiant Ones". Takes some prep, but it's intresting. click here!

Dennis Kulikowski submitted a game called "Food Chain". Probably the most complex game I ever saw, read it through a few times, it does make sense.

Everyone loves a Hero. Especially Jonathan Day, who sent in his recipe for "Hero"

More to come!

Would you like to see your name in lights? Then send me a variation of standard paintball! It's easy! Read what I have here, and if it's not redundant I'll put it onto the page! Anything sent to me remains unedited, and all work is credited to the proper authors (with mail tags, so you can get responses if you wish.)


Because of the nature of this type of a page, some of the game titles will offend politically correct paintball players, ultra-conservative people, and people who enjoy being offended at anything. As a result, by accessing the following FURTHER links you are forgoing your right to flame me. I didn't write anything that dosn't have my name on it. I'm only providing a forum for players to share ideas with other players.

Or, to quote Freud, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Lighten up! Relax! It's only a game, and I think everyone who plays them understands that.

You're the person to look here! Thank you!

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