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Doll History of Phyllis Morken
     When I retired from teaching in 1983, I turned to my interest in dolls and took a correspondence course in the repair of dolls. I bought some old dolls in need of repair, fixed them and costumed them. I saw an ad for a doll cruise in 1986 and as I was traveling alone, the cabin mate that was assigned to me was Johanna Gast Anderton, the author of Twentieth Century Dolls. Because of her, I met and sat at table with Shirley Bucholtz, past president of UFDC, Patricia Schoonmaker, authority on antique dolls, Tita Varner, artist, Irene Brown, president of UFDC at that time, and John Clendenien, then the president elect.

     All of these people advised me to join a doll club affiliated with UFDC. Marie Skifton invited me to join WIM Heritage Doll Collectors, which I did in l987. At the Minnesota State Fair that year I entered my first competition and won a blue ribbon for costuming a doll. This inspired me to enter more competitions to seek the thrill of placing.

     I have attended United Federation of Doll Clubs' workshops, Judy Meier's School of Dollmaking, sculpturing by Louis Goldstein and specialty workshops at conferences and conventions. I have attended the Martha Pullen School of Art Fashion in Alabama to learn heirloom sewing. I spent many winters in Florida and while there I missed my W I M doll club members so I joined the Tampa doll club and the Pasco Pioneer Mini Dollars. In those clubs I met and am privileged to count as friends Muriel Kramer, doll artist, and Fawn Zeller, charter member of NIADA, who has since passed away. Muriel and Fawn held a class for our club in the making of an 8" Bru that is still my favorite doll. I have a picture of Fawn holding the little Bru that I made.

Through the years I have attended local, district and national shows, conventions and conferences. At the most recent regional conference in Springfield, IL.

The doll that I made and costumed received a blue ribbon.

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