Mary's Love

Mary's Love is the love of a mother for us her children and the love of Jesus' mother for her Son. It's the pure love which brought up the Savior of the World and which now points us, her children, toward Him. The way to God is through Jesus (John 14:6) and His mother wants to lead us by the hand to her Son, where we will find eternal peace and joy.

It is through the love of Jesus that we experience complete joy (John 15:11). This is the love which does for others unconditionally out of love, with no expectation of return. Jesus' entire life is a testimony of this kind of love. In all that he did, he blessed others and ultimately blessed all of us through His death.

One of the most powerful ways we can bless others is through our prayers. The Blessed Mother prays continually for us because of her love for us and has constantly urged us to pray more. Prayer is one of the most powerful ways in which we love and bless others: prayer changes hearts, heals minds and bodies, brings peace, and even changes what seems predetermined--in essence, prayer works. Although we must always be open to the Lord's way of answering a prayer (because He sees the big picture and knows what's best), He has made it crystal clear that our prayer requests will be answered (see Matthew 7:7-9).

The purpose of this web site is to invoke the power of prayer by allowing those who have prayer requests to post those requests in any form they like so that others may pray and through the use of the internet the prayer needs of a few can become the prayer requests of many. Those who pray can leave notice that they are praying in order to encourage the person seeking prayer. If a prayer request is answered, this should also be posted so that the Lord can receive the glory that is truly His and so that the faith of others can be built up.

This web site began in 1999 to commemorate the feast of the Body and Blood of our Lord, and has been updated and launched again today, June 26, 2011, on that same Great Feast Day! Live, Jesus, in our hearts, forever!

Messages From the Queen of Peace in Song