Flexi-land Arrangements


Over the past few years, my friend and colleage Dr. Rich MacDonald asked me to create arrangments for the annual  WSU Dixieland Workshop based on historic recordings and published versions of some very early jazz tunes.

Flexi-land takes the essential players from traditional New Orleans jazz –the front line of Trumpet, Clarinet, and Trombone – along with a rhythm section of Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drums to create new arrangements for middle to high school level musicians in a wide variety of flexible combinations. Each individual part is written in the style of when it was first performed. When possible, the arrangements are based on original recordings.

What makes these charts flexible? Alto Sax can substitute or augment Trumpet and Clarinet parts, Tenor Sax is paired with the Trombones, almost any combination is possible, playable, and performable!

All 12 charts are really fun to play and offer unlimited opportunities for learning through both the written material and open improv sections.

Sample Score Page (PDF)

Sample Instrument Part (PDF)

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