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An Introduction to AeroLab Created by AMA Education Division

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  3/21/2005 - Glider Lesson for Science & Math by Gary Hinze - Updated 4-6-2010

 Airfoil Testing with Denny Dart II - tests results from flying same plane with three different wing sections. Included are observations and theories regarding the results.


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Flying Outdoors

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An easy to build, rubber band powered airplane for beginners. | See it Fly | Download Instructions


Science ToyMaker Website  - Wonderful website of cool science projects and great video's.

 1 1/2 Phantom Flash Mass Launch Video (5.6 mb)

Flying Wing In Flight (1.8 mb)- see my Tweety Bird model flying indoors.

Guillow's Strato Streak web page - shows simple mods to make this ROG model fly well - several video clips.

Mpeg Video of Rubber-powered Models Flying (4.59 mb) - see several rubber models flying outdoors.

 Results of the "Beginner's Rubber Powered Airplane Design Contest"

Check Out the Tweety Bird flying wing featured on pages 43 and 45 of Scholastic Canada's book "The Sky's the Limit" with my permission. Article, pictures, and plan.


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